Wikileaks: Feeling Rather Anti-American Today

Mario Huet

Regarding Mrs Clinton’s absurd claim that the Wikileaks Scandal is an “attack on the international community”:

 Whenever Americans speak of attacks on freedom or on the world, what they usually mean is that they would very much like to constrain or kill someone. What they invariably mean is that something has upset them by revealing that they are evil and stupid. As they can’t easily say, “We are getting sick of people revealing to the world the extent our wickedness, incompetence and dishonesty”, they must fall back on tired old nonsense about global irresponsibility and its shocking consequences.

Well, if there are shocking consequences to the US, and to other nations who collude with them in leading their own people on a very large scale then that is just too bad. Let us not forget that it was the United States that chose to make a certain country “respect” the UN by themselves ignoring the UN’s wishes and starting a war. Yes, we all saw and heard the nonsense about how Saddam Hussein wouldn’t bend over far enough so the weapons inspectors could properly look into his bottom, but that was hardly a most excellent justification for the subsequent deaths of thousands of people. When not blaming Saddam Hussein for blowing up the twin towers (and for all I know, the assassination of JFK), America went to the most ridiculous lengths to suggest that he he had top men working on the sort of things that would have Indiana Jones crying, “Help! I want my mommy!”

And when not that, it was a moral imperative that they “liberate” the ordinary folk in poor little Eye-rack. Which they did by doing their best to blow them all to smithereens, and removing a strong leader and stable government, and replacing them with a piss-poor excuse for a leader and a bunch of resentful nutters who seem to spend most of their time plotting to kill each other. Peace, stability, human rights: all of the greatest importance to the Great Satan, (and his minions) and all served in the same usual blundering fashion.

When I hear terms like “rogue nation” and “dangerous lunatics”, I am afraid I think first and foremost of the United States. I imagine a frothing mad, but stupid cartoon character who, seeing signs of smoke, cries, “That’s a fire, that is, and I’m just the guy to put it out, I am!” He then runs round for a bit, getting redder in the face and becoming breathless, while shouting things such as, “Bring ’em on!” and “We’ll see about that buddy!”, and then empties a great big bucket of GASOLINE on what is smouldering. And what happens next is that he begins shouting, “Oh, my, this is not good! This is even worse than I thought! Hey folks, you-all gotta take a look over here, ’cause this ain’t just my problem, and I shouldn’t have to deal with it all on my lonesome!”

Perhaps I am just feeling rather anti-American today.


  1. Sarah Palin, the darling of the American Right, thinks that North Korea is America’s ally. She aspires to the Presidency…

    (By the way, I notice that you correctly describe the Twin Towers as having been blown up).

    For a change of pace, today is Latha Naomh Anndra, the national day of Scotland. Raise a glass to the memory of Adam Smith. For the detail savants, the largest ever printing of “The Wealth of Nations” was in China, in Mao’s time. Who says that ideas are unimportant?


  2. I was thinking of saying something about Wikileaks, but I did not quite know what it was. Now, I do!

    What it shows is the wretched venality and wickedness inherent, institutionally, in all Political Enemy-Classes. The American one is merely the most important political-Enemy-Class at this time now, but they are really all the same: they see their task, rightly form their own point of view, as being to f*** th blasted, stupid little people, who can’t even get voting right.

    In time, as the leaks get progressively leaked, I hope we’ll find juicy stuff about how wicked and evil our own British Politicos are and have been, and will continue to be.

    Mind you, I was pleased to see that poor old much-maligned (but rather sensible) Prince Andrew has got some publicity, for the fact that he thinks about these bloody politicos himself, and thinks they are ****s. Pity that the Maily-Wail is majoring (sorry) on this one to the exclusion of the more important stuff.

  3. I would also like to add that I have never failed to defend the USA, in almost all circumstances, as being our Last Best Hope, er, right now.

    It has been very useful that it has taken the correct decisions, sometimes, in deciding to support us against pre-capitalist-barbarian continental tyrannies, which, having got us dead, would eventually have gone after the USA itself.

    I’m not trying to defend the fact that, in both cases, we ended up as the major global debtor, in resolving these struggles to the advantage of humanity as a whole. “Some things are more important than money” and we DID THE RIGHT THING. This was only due to short-sightedness on the part of socialist-leaning-Presidents who happened to be occupying the White House at each time. Nevertheless, the problem would have arisen in each President’s mind, to whit: “If I “give” these embattled guys all the destroyers and all the shells and landing-craft and planes and Packard-Merlin engines they are asking for, rather than charging the list-prices for them, where will I get the money from? On the other hand, most of it will end up sitting on the Atlantic sea-floor anyway, unless I give them what they ask for in the first place…”

  4. Actually, i thought that the Wikileaks ‘scandal’ was rather banal.

    No great evil schemes, no deep dark nefarious doings. Just rather dull and predictable insider chit chat.

    Apparently the worst the British papers can dig up about Britain is that Prince Andrew is very patriotic. Yawn.

  5. “Apparently the worst the British papers can dig up about Britain is that Prince Andrew is very patriotic.”

    Since when was it ‘patriotic’ to brush aside the Rule of Law so as to preserve the illusion that certain ‘Conservatives’ weren’t collecting backhanders for peddling arms to a feudal totalitarian despotism?


  6. Tony Hollick wrote this comment: “Sarah Palin, the darling of the American Right, thinks that North Korea is America’s ally.”

    I was just listening to someone on the radio today talking about this. Apparently if a conservative makes a slip of the tongue, leftists cannot see it as such, but rather see it as “confirmation” of what they thought all the time… or “proof” that conservatives are stupid. So who’s stupid? Or are they merely grasping at straws?

    Regarding the issue of Wikileaks, this same person (on the radio) was remarking how they only seem to leak things which can be used against America and/or Americans, never against the real evil forces in the world.

    I do agree that Mrs. Clinton is wrong to claim Wikileaks is attacking the “international community”. They’re only attacking America, just like their friend here.

  7. Contemporary reports gave figures as high as 20 million UKP when writing about the money paid to leading figures in the Conservative Party to make sure the Al-Yamama deal went through.


  8. You make it a habit of getting the complete wrong end of the stick Tony.

    It was Britain selling to Saudi Arabia. Ergo, it was Britain bribing the Saudis to buy.

    To complicated for you to understand?

  9. It seems to be that you can’t understand the basis purpose of bribery.

    It was the Saudi buyer who required ‘buttering up’ to sign the contract. Bribing British political figures would have been wholly and completely pointless.

    Still to complicated for your mind to comprehend?

  10. You’re reminding me why you’re not worthy of discussion.

    Go read (say) Keesing’s Contemporary Archives, or back issues of the Guardian to see what actually happened, in clear breach of your simplistic boring apriorism.


  11. Ah yes, you are reminding me that you have no opinions or thoughts of your own, simply what the Guardian and similiar leftist outlets tell you to believe.

    How very dull you are.

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