Sean Gabb v Sunny Hundal on BBC Radio 5

I did this on Sunday the 3rd July. It is in response to a Guardian-writing journalist called Kia Abdullah, who claimed on Twitter to have smiled at the death of three white, middle-class youths. I went on against Sunny Hundal, an Indian lefty, who tried to defend Miss Abdullah.

My points were –

  1. If Miss Abdullah were being done over by the authorities for her remarks, she could count on the immediate and uncompromising support of the Libertarian Alliance. Since she is not being done over, I can ignore her right to freedom of speech in the abstract and comment on her use of that right.
  2. Her comments, as reported, show a most unusual degeneracy of character. No normal person would ever laugh over the accidental deaths of these young men, or seek to increase the private grief of their parents. I hope that Miss Abdullah will be shunned for the rest of her life as a moral leper.
  3. There is a further consideration. If a white journalist had made similar comments about the death of young men with names like Leroy Jones and Jesmond Akimbo, he would have been crucified at once. There are people in this country capable of finding racism in a bus queue. How will these people treat Miss Abdullah?

I obviously caught Sunny Hundal by surprise. He was reduced to feeble irrelevance. A question I could have asked, but chose not to, was whether he would have been so eager to go on air to defend a white journalist who had laughed at the death of black people. His presence in this debate, and his general conduct, could be seen as one of those acts of ethnic solidarity he and his friends have made virtually impossible for whites.

Even if there was no racial aspect in his defence – even if he were simply defending a fellow lefty – he deserved the good kicking I gave him. Since time out of mind, these people have been telling us how much better they are than everyone else. Well, here is one of those occasions when the mask has slipped, and what these people really think is not pleasant to look at.


  1. Very nicely done. Sunny’s response that you couldn’t judge someones character on the basis of what they say unless you are a psychologist was so feeble that I wonder where he had given any thought whatsoever to his defence before he went on the programme.

    A very successful ambush, well done. Always good to hear a leftist filthy piece of total scum being knocked off his perch of fake moral superiority,

  2. I have always said that these people are so co-ordinated and their thoughts and activities so synchronised – and that the careful and relentlessly progressing take-over of public media and also what Sean calls “the terms of public discourse”, is so obviously like a planned military offensive – that this is what it must be.

    If something looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck.
    This therefore imparts a large degree of moral culpability to all the ground-operatives as well as the few dozen western university dons (mostly white and now mostly dead) who authored this Gramscian assault. If they know the plan, then they are not “merely following orders”, and are evil and wicked.
    I would be slightly less forgiving to most of them that many libertarians, including Sean, would.

  3. I only just heard the discussion on YouTube and noticed Sean Gabb bigging himself up in the comments with a link to this site. And when I get here after listening to a very pompous Sean Gabb bang on about crass comments by Kia Abdullah I see some pretty unpleasant language aimed at Sunny Hundal (who isn’t “Indian” by the way, well, maybe in your definition). Sunny Hundal wasn’t the person who made the remarks and clearly condemned Kia Abdullah’s comments many times yet two of the three posters say he is “filthy scum”. Perhaps you’d like to issue an apology?

  4. The 2 words in the first paragraph that stand out are ‘claimed’ and ‘tried’. I don’t know exactly the background of the premise to this story, but from the tone of this article it suggests a rather strong, even extreme resentment of people on the left, or people of ethnic minorities. Sure enough racism does exist on both ends of the spectrum, but here you seem to want to fan the flames further. Anyone laughing at someone’s misfortune deserves condemnation, but to drag race into the equation underlies your actual feeling and motive as is fairly apparent.

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