Libertarian Alliance in The Seoul Times

by Sean Gabb

Our reach is truly global. I suspect we’ve had dozens of hits this year in the local and foreign media. Sadly, I lack the time and search tools to find the details.


  1. Perhaps some more media in the Asian Tigers will pick us up. There is therefore hope yet that Western Classical liberal civilisation can be repaired, from outside itself by converts, and socialism can be finally destroyed.

  2. I’m inpressed. How did you get in a Korean paper?

    The East Asian perspective on Libertarianism must be interesting, considering their difference cultural roots and values.

  3. You need to be friends with those working for them, and to have a reputation for delivering what is wanted on time. Meet those criteria, and it’s really very simple.

  4. And what is wanted in Seoul?

    Are they interested in Libertarian analysis of Western crisis?

  5. Decline is a choice.

    The Ancient Romans choose to accept any sacrifice, to lose generations of their youth, to lose their lands, crops, silver and gold. To lose their slaves. To watch their land burn and to see vast armies repeatedly destroyed and yet not to accept defeat by or any compromise with Hannibal.

    Later Romans, with more wealth, more men, more and better weapons and fortifications, choose to open their gates to the Goths and other invaders. They were stronger than their ancestors, the invaders were weaker than the Carthaginians. And yet they were defeated.

    Decline is an internal choice, not an external happening. And as a choice, the West can still choose to not decline, it can choose to make the sacrifices, accept the loses, take the pain and face and overcome its problems.

    If the Koreans are wise they will take great care to learn the painful lessons of Western decline. They might even benefit from a quick perusal of von Mises, but barring that, the occasional column by Dr Gabb would be a good start.

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