LA Endorsement: Fly Ryanair

From Private Eye Oct 28 2011

“THE BEST THING you can do with environmentalists is shoot them”, Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary said in 2005. He also called them “lying wankers” and dismissed global warming as “horseshit”.

Recently, however his spin doctors have been trying to restyle the rough-hewn tycoon as a cuddly tree-hugger. Three months ago Ryanair’s head of comms, Stephen McNamara, briefed hacks that the airline would soon launch a “green” marketing campaign to boast about its low emissions. “Ryanair signals brand U-turn with eco claims” a marketing newspaper splashed.

The hack who wrote that story interviewed O’Leary two weeks ago at the launch of the Ryanair credit card and took the chance to ask when the eco campaign would start. “Never” came the reply. But, the startled hack persisted, your very own Stephen McNamara explained to me your intention to promote your green credentials. “Stephen’s just a PR” said O’Leary. “He’ll lie to you. I’ll tell you the truth”.


  1. Brilliant. The time to know that the greenoStaliNazis know that we know that they know that they are lying, and have lied all along, is to see when they start to try to dismantle Ryanair by Statist force.

  2. Calling the bastards bluff.

    They automatically expect everyone to pay homage to the same platitudes that they do. When someone simply doesn’t pretend to care about their obsessions they are dumbfounded.

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