What causes cold winters? Global warming of course. I’ve been waiting for this

by Dave Barnby

 Did anyone watch the pathetic attempt to square the cold winters of the last three years in the UK with ‘global warming’ theory on the State Broadcaster’s Horizon Programme entitled GLOBAL WEIRDING (what a weird name for a programme) tonight? I expect that will be the new buzz word having been unable to make Global Warming and Climate Change stick.

They had to start talking fast telling us that the Arctic had warmed and there was melting ice (which is not true excepting that ice melts every summer, but freezes over every winter as one would expect. In fact ice has been so much of a problem that ice-breakers have been stuck).

BTW: One should note that nothing has changed, as Admiral Peary had problems with melting ice and risked falling through in his journey to the North Pole as far back as 1909.

The gobbledegook was incomprehensible prattle about air currents flowing from the warming Arctic creating cold further south.

This climatologist spoke with this pleading voice but what he said was totally meaningless unscientific invention.

I have been waiting for two or three years for this programme and wondered why it had taken them so long to come up with this explanation for cold weather being due to global warming.

Of course our global mafia has been desperate for this bogie to be put to rest so that they can go on building over the countryside with their windmills providing rich pickings for their wealthy friends at ordinary taxpayer’s expense.

They then went on to tell us how accurate forecasts were after spending ‘n’ billions of pounds on a supercomputer which does 10 to the power 14 calculations per second, yet forecast barbecue summers which never happened. They also failed to predict the cold winters and only last week forecast a hot week which was cool and foggy.

I don’t know how much the Met Office costs us, or how many thousands they employ, but I think there is a bloke on a she-string budget who’s forecasts turn out to be more reliable.

Now they are saying that houses will have to be insulated on the outside with a few inches of cladding. No doubt this will be justified on the rubbish put out on Horizon tonight.

The BBC has sunk very low, but is dangerous, very dangerous.

PS.1: When I happened to pass the Office of Climate Change in London last year, there were a couple of civil servants smoking outside. I suggested that that was going to cause global warming. They replied;

‘You don’t have to believe that tosh to work here’.

PS.2 I noticed that there is no email address for Horizon, so I suppose they don’t want any dissention, after all they’re a broadcaster and are not interested in contradictions.


  1. Horizon used to be an excellent programme but I haven’t been able to watch it for ages, perhaps years… My wife still records them for me (I though you’d like this…) but they are invariably propaganda and I end up swearing at the screen and switching it off.

    The complete lack of science in the shows is invariably made up for with ‘clever’ camera angles and cutting to pointless, irrelevant graphics… smoke and mirrors for the sheeple I suppose.

    See also: New Scientist.

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