Big Brother State UK: Sean Gabb v Alex Carlile

Libertarian Alliance News Release
Contact Details: Dr Sean Gabb
07956 472 199, sean
Monday 2nd April 2012
Immediate release

On Sunday the 1st April 2012, it was revealed that the British Government wanted to pass an Act to let it to monitor the calls, emails, texts and website visits of everyone in the United Kingdom. On Monday the 2nd April 2012, Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, debated on the BBC with “Lord” Carlile, the British State’s security oversight figleaf.

Dr Gabb made the following points:

  1. Every year or so in England, a new “anti-terrorism” law is made. Every time, we are told how this is absolutely needed to protect our way of life, and that it will be used only against terrorists and other very bad people. Every one of these laws is mostly used against ordinary people. The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, for example, is largely used by local authority snoops to see if people are following the recycling rules or living where they claim to live for school allocation purposes. The American extradition treaty is mostly used to deport men who have broken no law in this country to stand trial in some of the most corrupt and depraved jurisdictions in the common law world. There is no doubt this law would be used to enable persecutions of men who are, by no stretch of the imagination, terrorists.
  2. The police state that has been built up in England is almost uniquely incompetent. Any data about our communications acquired by the British State would certainly be put on unencrypted memory sticks and left on railway trains, or stolen by or sold to organised crime gangs and foreign security services. All promises of confidentiality should be regarded with the contempt they deserve.
  3. We are already living in a state of “anarcho-tyranny.” Criminals who should be caught and locked away are kept out of prison, or undeported, in the name of human rights, and are given lavish financial support at our expense. The rest of us get taxed and regulated and spied on, and generally treated like the slaves of an absolute and arbitrary police state.
  4. We are told this new law is needed in a year that will see both the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth the Useless and the Olympic Gravy Train. Since the law will need to go through Commons and Lords, it cannot be ready in time. The stated excuse for the law must be a lie.
  5. In general, we are told that our masters need a police state so they can fight the “War on Terror.” Really, they need the War on Terror as an excuse for the police state they have wanted since at least the 1970s.

This law will be made or not made. Whatever happens, we the people shall have no say in the matter. If the law is made, it will be as illegitimate as all the others.


  1. apart from Lizzy not being useless to everyone… arrows straight to the heart Sean… but tell us please, just how did the leary gentleman reply?

  2. Looking on various Tory blogs there is universal opposition to this and widespread understanding of the EU dimiension.
    This is not a done deal, EU or not. I shall write to my moronic MP–I don’t think I will be alone in so doing for once.
    Sean–somewhere in your writings you say that there is an EU directive that prob means the UK handguns ban is illegal under EU law. You mention this to illustraite that the UK ruling class still calls the shots and ignores EU crap it does not like while “blaming” the EU for stuff it is happy to have nodded thro’.(actually that is not true of the Coags–they are such euro-traitors that they will accept all blame and allow themselves to look double-dumb before they will see their EU masters in the spotlight.) If you could find what number that EU firearms directive is it would be good ammo to use against “we must obey the EU” tripe. Any chance?.

  3. The whole concept of “Terrorism” within Britain is a fantasy, created by successive Parliaments using the old Hegellian dialectic to further subjugate us all.That Britain has sacrificed some many decent lives in many wars intent on retaining our freedoms, and then to allow any government to even attempt such draconian measures is an abomination!
    As Benjamin Franklin once stated “They who would relinquish essential Liberty, to obtain temporary safety,deserve neither Liberty nor

  4. I like the Daily Mash’s take; it’s “Paedo 9/11!”.

    This is incomprhensibly assinine behaviour, and it doesn’t actually seem to be EU related contrary to popular belief. The EU directive being fingered is dated 2006. It seems to be home grown; our own security apparat need something to do, the mutaween want it made easier to go paedofishing, and so on.

    What is mystifying is why the government seem to be so ignorant of what they said before the election as to think nobody will remember it. They probably are so tone deaf to the voters by now that they’ve underestimated how many of us really wanted a rollback of the State, and how many traditional conservatives have the scales falling from their eyes over Law’n’Order; the Tories have traditionally been able to bring in authoritarian stuff by appealing to the hang’em’and’flog’em brigade, but as the laws have now started to seriously affect the middle classes and middle class concerns, they’re even losing that constituency too.

    Anyway, this seems to me to be another AngloStatist problem, not really an EU thing. Very GramscoFabiaNazi, as David would say, emphasis on the “Fabian” bit with their century-old passion for “you can fix everything by collecting more data” ideology. The Webbs were very much of the belief that every problem can be solved by more full filing cabinets.

  5. The whole idea sounds horrendous,though I don’t know why we should feel so surprised. After all this the party that wanted a referendum on the new E.U. Treaty, but then didn’t give us one.
    There have been some concerns raised though, so I expect it will be watered down. If I was really cynical I would say watered down to what they wanted all along,allowing us to feel we had stopped the march to ‘big brother country’
    Has any one heard how people in other countries have responded to these plans as it will affect those out side the U.K. too?

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