And Hitler made the trains run on time too

David Davis

Here you can view Red Ken Livingstone‘s “Nazi-propaganda-style” “party”-political-broadcast, which made him cry of course, as he loves children, vulnerable people and the old of all races and creeds. He is truly “The Father Of London”. Glad I don’t live there any more.

(Also filed under “lying Nazi scumbag Fabians”.)


  1. According to Guido, the “Londoners” were all actors. And I have to say that, for supposedly “ordinary” people they all seem very at ease with a camera staring at them.

  2. Also, I think the trains ran on time in Germany anyway. It was Mussolini who was supposed to have achieved that feat on behalf of the Italians. He didn’t.

  3. Sorry about that Mr Ecks…I did wonder myself, but so many young people I educate tell me that they are told by their teachers that “Hitler did do some good in Germany for the German people, he created full employment and made the trains and buses run on time”, that I thought I must have been mistaken about old Musso.

  4. Vote for Livingstone, he will be a river to his people and shower them with free gifts. All free, no bills, a super Father Christmas. Because isn’t that what politics is all about? How much free stuff you’ll get?

  5. The “good” thing Hitler is said to have done was build a lot of motorways, using cheap labour with a kind of conscription labour force (‘Arbeitsdienst’), thus “reducing” unemployment at the same time (taking a leaf or two straight out of Keynes’ book).
    Decades later, a German TV-comedian (a total lefty BTW) told a brilliant joke about this that made the Greens’ blood boil: ‘What the Greens say about Hitler: “He wasn’t all bad – but he really shouldn’t have built all those motorways.”‘

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