The “Football Association” is now a “Court” – official.

David Davis

A private “Sports Governing Body” (whatever that is for) has set itself up as a “Sondergericht”. It has issued a “judgement – a Fatwah, if you like –  and attached a “fine” – a strange sum: £220,000….Makes you wonder how it was arrived at? No?

When I’m Principal Secretary of State For War, in the Democratic-People’s-English Revolutionary-Liberalist-Party’s*** first government (minimal-statist, conservative, libertarian) private institutions that have previously and triumphalistically-set themselves up as “judges and juries” under the current climate of rampant GramscoFabiaNazism, will find themselves “under investigation”.

I do not believe in amnesties for socialist behaviour, adopted and deliberately pursued with malice-afforethought, and in the face of all empirical evidence that such behaviour was designed on purpose to kill, destroy the effective lives of or otherwise harm as many people as possible.

The FootBallAssociatioNazis will be “hauled in for questioning” by the War Secretariat’s “Operational Services Department Personnel (Domestic Division)”. A version of a reverse-PPI-Claim will be applied to their staffs, who will be “invited to re-imburse John Terry the sum of £220,000 plus interest plus 8% plus a “sum to be decreed” for “damages”.”

I said something similar on Facebook a couple of minutes ago. In case any blogreaders here can’t read Facebook, I have posted the text of my piece there:-

The “Football Association” is NOT A COURT.
For my overseas readers who may misunderstand what’s gone on, a footballer called another footballer, in the pitch, privately, a F****** Bl*** C***, for taunting the (white footballer) about his affair with the “other gentleman’s” ex-girlfriend.

The British Judge, in a “proper” court, threw out the accusation of racism and the charge, because the “coloured gentleman” rightly refused to press charges. (I’ts just one of the things that foot ballists do: abuse each other – they are gladiators after all – and that’s what we pay them for.)

Now, the //FootballAssociatioNazis//, a private institution, have taken it upon themselves to form a “SONDERGERICHT” (google “sondergericht”: your flesh will creep and freeze to the very bone-marrow…) and “find the bugger “guilty”, and have “fined” him £220,000….what an odd figure – I wonder how it was arrived at? Don’t you?

John Terry should give the FootBallAssocitioNazis “some advice which concerns the close combination of disyant foreign travel with the main word for sexual activity.


  1. Well, I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad if England had a football team to be admired. One might then argue that officials at the FA Criminal Court were maintaining standards of behaviour. However, when so many players seem quite incapable of putting a ball past one man in order to score, the FA should not be wasting time with this sort of silly posturing stuff. Sound advice to them would be, to find a few decent young players and then teach them to kick a ball in the general direction of the goal. The FA seem quite unable to get a thing right… other than their wage packets of course.

  2. Private association.

    If Terry disagrees he can leave. He is under no obligation to pay unless he wants to remain a member of the organisation.

    My personal qualms aside, private clubs can do whatever they like.

  3. I believe in the right of private clubs and associations to set their own rules – as long as membership (and exit) is voluntary.

    The problem in this case is that the British govenrment (via its regulations and so on – which also influence the internal workings of the F.A.) makes it very hard for someone to set up a rival football organisation.

  4. I recently attended a meeting with some club football club officials to advise a friend. The portly, white, middle-aged club secretary wore two wristbands, with the respective slogns ‘One Game, One Community’ and ‘Kick Racism Out of Football’, although he managed a team of 9-year old boys. The atmosphere of ‘agitprop’ was all-embracing,

    The FA has voluntarily adopted a ‘progressive’ agenda, no one has to play or watch football, nor follow its rules if thy do play, like the example of the ATP in tennis which supplanted the previous governing body, there is scope for replacement, but not enough people care enough, yet.

    Mussolini was the first poliician to have a Minister of Sport, Honecker had his too, why are we aping them?

  5. So Keddaw, the management of whatever company it is we work for, have the perfect right to go against a legitimate court’s ruling, set up a kangaroo court behind closed doors (in effect), then decide to stop us from working for a few weeks, give us a hefty fine for the non-offence we committed on pc grounds… and if we don’t like this 2nd go at trying to punish us for something we didn’t do (so the legal pros determined), we simply take it on the chin, refuse to pay the fine, then up-sticks and move abroad?

    Just a tad unfair that wouldn’t you say old man; for an employee that’s just been told (by a team of legal pros) that he didn’t have a case to answer in the first place? The FA have become obsessed with their own power. The cash the game generates has corrupted very many previously sensible people. Including John Terry I suspect.

    Oh, if only the England team knew the idea of the game is not to keep passing the ball back to your own goal keeper! Stan Matthews, Tommy Lawton, Tom Finney, and all the other talented lads now playing on that larger park; please send a sign… of some sort!!

  6. Mr Ed – that is a scary (and I am sure true) account.

    I am glad that I am not interested in Association Football – but the people who are interested (the great majority of people) have my best wishes (and sympathy).

    I also fully accept that once corrupt principles take over one branch of civil society – they tend to take over more and more of civil society.

    So even if I am not interested in Association Football (and I am not) these developments are also a threat to me – and to everyone else.

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