A Nanny Looks Forward To 2013

by Dick Puddlecote

A Nanny Looks Forward To 2013 Sorry, I did try but just can’t let this pass without comment.

A government minister has written to magazine editors asking them not to promote post-Christmas “miracle” diets because they pose a “health risk”.

Equalities minister Jo Swinson wrote an open letter asking magazines to “shed the fad diets and fitness myths” in their January editions.

She suggested they “celebrate the beauty of diversity in body shape, skin colour, size and age” instead.

This, from a minister in one of the most guilt-ladelling, obesity-obsessed administrations in history. Perhaps she would be better served sending a letter to each and every one of the 650 MPs in parliament telling them to go easy on their fatty-bashing language, no?

Add into this that unless she sent the letter about a month ago, magazines will almost certainly already have their articles lined up and ready to hit the shops the moment 2013 kicks in. You’re too late, Jo.

Besides, I haven’t seen anyone stating the bleeding obvious on this story yet. What right does she think she has to attempt to place herself between what people write and what the public would like to read? It’s a sad reminder of the level of arrogant over-reach now endemic in political circles.

In other news, still no end in sight for the country’s trillion pound debt.lJXGXLhHwZg


  1. Self-serving crap publicity stunt to try and boost her “career”. In what way can such a useless creature justify the wages/etc that she takes out of our pockets?.

  2. In the terms of the late M. J. Oakeshott – we are in the hands of ministers who believe society to be an “Enterprise Association” not a “Civil Association”, In the terms of the late F.A. Hayek we are in the hands of ministers who believe in “Taxis” not “Cosmos”.

    Or in everyday language – we are ruled by busybody scumbags.

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