The oppression of Emma West : the politically correct end game plays out

by Robert Henderson


The oppression of Emma West : the politically correct end game plays out

Robert Henderson

In November 2011 Emma West was arrested and subsequently charged for a racially aggravated public order offence (


After playing her for nearly twenty months, the politically correct British establishment have finally landed their fish: Miss West has not only been found guilty but mentally ill. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-23128956). She has been given a two year community order for two years and been bound over to keep the peace. The community order is likely to concentrate on probation supervision and “treatment” for her “offending” behaviour (http://www.london-probation.org.uk/what_we_do/community_order.aspx). In addition she has been given a mental health treatment order for assaulting a constable dealing with the case.

This is the best of all outcomes for the British elite, because not only have they avoided a contested trial, her words of resentment at what had happened to her country are now officially deemed to be the result of mental illness amplified by taking two and a half times the recommended dose of the antidepressant Citalopram. In addition, she had drunk one large glass of wine. More on the antidepressant later. .

In addition to these pc goodies, Miss West has been persuaded to make a Maoist style admission of fault, including the truly mind-boggling statement by her barrister David Martin-Sperry that the support she had been offered by the likes of the BNP and NF had “”deeply distressed” his client and, coupled with the pressure of the trial, led her to try and take her own life on three separate occasions.” (http://www.thisiscroydontoday.co.uk/Emma-West-isn-t-racist-s-unwell-says-friend/story-19215366-detail/story.html#ixzz2XsJKooQT). Really, Mr Martin-Sperry? The support of people who share her views on immigration drove her to attempted suicide?

As for citalopram (http://tinyurl.com/Citopramsideeffects), the

common side effects of this do not include aggression. Indeed , the common effects on mental state are more likely to be either sedative (the drug may create drowsiness) or anxiety. Other common effects are problems with concentration and memory. Aggression can be associated with the drug but it is very uncommon (1 in 1,000 takers experience such an effect according to the NHS guidance).

The video of part of the Croydon tram event (

) does not show Miss West either being mentally confused or exhibiting an uncontrolled aggression. In fact, bearing in mind she had her six year-old son with her and was surrounded by many racial and ethnic minority people, she demonstrated a distinct command of herself. To ascribe her complaints, as her barrister did, to the effects of the drug plus the wine producing “unusual ideas”, is dubious in the extreme because her demeanour did not suggest she was in the grip of a drug-induced frenzy. Moreover, what is “unusual” about being appalled by the effects of mass immigration? The drug “explanation” of course fits in with the politically correct idea that no one could have such views if they were of normal mind.

The Killer Fact

The killer fact in the case is this, the authorities did not bring her to trial while she was offering a plea of NOT GUILTY. The not guilty plea was maintained for a very long time (19 Months) until June this year (19 months) when doubtless ground down by the delay and the constant threat of having her son taken from her, she changed her plea to GUILTY. That removed the embarrassment or worse of having a contested trial on the subject that the British elite fear most: honest talking about immigration and its consequences.

Consider what the supposedly liberal , ostentatiously caring powers-that-be were prepared to do to a seriously ill woman to avoid a contested trial . Her psychiatric history is lengthy and severe (she had been receiving treatment for depression since she was 18) and includes suicide attempt. She also suffered the rarity of being “sectioned” (taken into residential psychiatric care against her will) for treatment not long before her episode on the tram (http://www.thisiscroydontoday.co.uk/Emma-West-isn-t-racist-s-unwell-says-friend/story-19215366-detail/story.html#ixzz2XsJKooQT) .

Despite this medical background, she was refused bail when first arrested and was originally remanded for more than a month (she was released after eight days following protests) in the highest security woman’s prison in England HMP Bronzefield (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-16051120). Contemptibly, the authorities tried to claim her custody was for her own safety despite the fact that Miss West had not claimed she felt under threat. She then went through the torment of having her case scheduled no less than seven times before changing her plea to guilty (http://englandcalling.wordpress.com/2013/06/05/emma-west-and-the-state-the-state-has-its-way-sort-off/),

while all the time living with the threat of having her son taken away. Indeed, she is still living with that because the social services may decide she is unfit because she has exhibited in their eyes “racist tendencies”. Furthermore, according to her barrister “There have been threats to burn her house, she has been physically assaulted and beaten to the ground outside her home” It would be interesting to know if her assailant is being prosecuted.

Her Barrister did his best to get the case thrown out:

“[Martin-Sperry] even unsuccessfully applied to the Attorney General for a ‘nolle prosequi’.

This would have terminated proceedings and is most often used where the defendant is physically unfit to be produced.

Mr Martin-Sperry said the Crown Prosecution Service, which rejected all attempts to have the proceedings discontinued, had mishandled the case and was making an abuse of process application when a compromise was reached.

He added: “At the back of all this there is a woman who is really now not being prosecuted but persecuted, which is not a word I use lightly.”

Julius Capon, prosecuting, said: “While Ms West has been on bail she has attacked and injured others, including her husband.

“It’s all very well to say that the Crown’s position is intransigent but, while we can look on the defendant with a certain amount of sympathy for her condition, the evidence against her is overwhelming and she has no defence.”

Judge Warwick McKinnon, the Recorder of Croydon, said: “It seems to me that some heads need to be bashed together.

“People are getting in entrenched positions and losing all sense of proportion. This case is in danger of careering out of control.” (http://www.thisiscroydontoday.co.uk/Emma-West-isn-t-racist-s-unwell-says-friend/story-19215366-detail/story.html#ixzz2XsJKooQT).

That report shows exactly how out of the ordinary this case was. The authorities could have reasonably dropped the case on the grounds of her mental health. They could have offered her a police caution , which would not only have ended the case quickly but would have left her without a criminal record. Cautions are routinely given to burglars and even to rapists, so the relatively minor charges Miss West faced (far less serious than burglary or rape) would have been well within the police cautionary remit. Instead she was, in her barrister’s apt words, persecuted for the better part of two years until she offered a plea of guilty. That is how obsessively ruthless the politically correct are when they have power.

But the point is not whether Miss West was or was not guilty of the crimes with which she was charged. Rather, it is that she had committed no crime in any society which calls itself free. For her to be prosecuted because she publicly expressed her feelings about the invasion of her country through mass immigration tells its own sinister tale, namely, this is something that is no longer permitted in a public place. To see how extreme the present situation is try to imagine how any individual or group in England, however reasonable or controlled in their language, could make an unambiguous public protest about the effects of mass immigration and not run the risk of prosecution or fail to be condemned by the mainstream media and politicians as anything but “racists”, “extreme right-wingers” and “fascists” and “Nazis” who are utterly beyond the Pale. Would any group which advocated an end to mass immigration be allowed to march in support of that idea? Frankly I doubt it.

What Miss West was protesting about was the most profound treason because that is what the permitting of mass immigration is. Unlike conquest by force, those who settle through permitted immigration into the country and their descendants cannot be evicted as a conqueror by force might be evicted, either by killing the invader or forcing them back to their own land, with the absolute moral right in the matter resting with the invaded.

Mass immigration permitted by the rulers does not provide any such moral clarity. It is both insidious because it takes place over a long period (which makes it difficult resist initially because the numbers are small) and because allows the ethnic and racial groups which see themselves as separate from the native population or are seen as separate by the native population to constantly chip away at the natural restraints which prevent large numbers of people entering an advanced modern state such as Britain. An ideology such as multiculturalism is encouraged. Ethnic and racial minorities constantly demand more privileges and rights. The liberal elite goes along with the idea willingly for quite a time then becomes a prisoner of their ideology as to admit the policy was disastrous means that the pack of multicultural cards collapses. By the time settlement reaches the level which Britain now experiences , a society has one of two choices: to carry on and eventually sink into ethnic/racial war or to remove of the politically correct elite from power and replace them with people who understand human nature both individually and in the mass.


  1. “replace them with people who understand human nature both individually and in the mass.”

    Ahmen to that.

  2. I endorse every word written by Mr Henderson on this shameful matter. A disgraceful act of cowardice by a corrupted and stupidly short-sighted gang of politicians. They may well be the government but they do not act for the vast majority of people in matters of mass immigration. The people oppose it but they love it and insist on keeping it growing. Almost fifty years ago now Professor Powell suggested that 50,000 was too many, our current leader has set a target to reduce it to ‘only’ 100,000 – plus the hordes yet to enter this country from the EU.

  3. It’s a ghastly tale. The sad thing to me is that every time I watch the video, I am reminded of incidents I’ve witnessed in my past of a similar character- mouthy arguments, lots of “fucks”- in particular, numerous nightbus journeys back in the 80s/90s in London. All we are witnessing is the normal stroppiness of the non-genteel classes, and nothing more. And now, that is a terrible crime.

    But I am also reminded, from an historical perspective, that the persecution of those innocent of any crime other than offending the sensibilities of the ruling class is nothing new. Obvious examples include the routine incarceration of drug users, sex workers and (formerly) homosexuals, all persecuted for doing something considered immoral.

    I have said many times now that the characteristic of the Anglosphere Progressives is a kind of “moral tyranny” or as I labelled it once elsewhere, moral communism. And that what we are experiencing now as “poitical correctness” is a second wave of intensity of the ruling class mindset that, in its first wave, was called “Victorian Values”. It is simply the case that this time they have found a new suite of morals to be offended about, including the Progressivist volte face regarding gays, from being persecuted to protected.

    The use of “mental illness” and a moral “disease model” is nothing new either; the idea of “treating” people for transgressions against the code. Last time around we had terminology like “delinquency”, which was used to excuse massive amounts of incarceration in supposedly corrective, therapeutic institutions. There was an appalling tale a couple of years ago of a woman discovered in an asylum who had spent her life there, incarcerated by a single doctor’s signature, for supposedly stealing a small sum of money from him (the culprit turned out to be someone else, but in the asylum she remained). It is well known that many such souls were thrown into the asylum system, their lives lost to them.

    So this sort of approach is nothing new. It remains terrible, and a crime against humanity (at least, from a libertarian perspective). But it is a disease which has afflicted our polity for a long time.

    • I’m going to be using terms like ‘moral tyranny’ as often as possible now.

      The various progressive ‘isms’ often represent more of a militant new-age spiritual belief system than a set of solid political arguments that can be justified rationally.

  4. Emma West was grossly abusive and insulting. She used abusive and foul language in a public space in which small children, including her own, were present. Robert says “she had committed no crime in any society which calls itself free”. Unprovoked aggressive verbal abuse is a crime in any civilised society. She disturbed the peace to which all travellers are entitled.

      • Agreed. What a load of rubbish. If she’d been a big man with a bottle in one hand and a club in the other, there might have been excuse for an arrest. This was something that, until a few years ago, would have been ignored.

      • “Unprovoked aggressive verbal abuse is not a crime in any civilised society.”

        There, fixed that for ya. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words are not force.

        Assuming that West meant the things she said, she’s an idiot. But being an idiot isn’t a crime either.

        • Abusive and insulting behaviour in a public space most certainly is a crime, the crime of disturbing the peace. I agree that she is an idiot, but her behaviour was culpable idiocy.

  5. Of course the immigration figures I mentioned earlier are immigration figures per year.

    In response to Paul R’s comment I’d say this: We can now be fairly certain that Emma was suffering from some kind of low level depression when she bordered her train. Once inside, no doubt instead of hearing the familiar chatter of English people – which might have lifted her spirits – she heard nothing but seemingly endless foreign chatter. That probably deepened her already low spirits which then caused her to snap.

    One might also successfully argue that she additionally suffered a degree of agressive visual abuse. Something which sometimes disturbs people in any civilised society anywhere in the world. I boarded in train in Moscow a year ago and was very disturbed when finding myself alone with the biggest, toughest looking bunch of men I’ve ever seen. I recall thinking to myself that if they were criminally inclined I was in deep trouble. I’ve felt the same way whilst taking the A train late at night in America. Agressive visual abuse – imagined of course but not if you get a good beating.

    • No John, she was not suffering from mild depression. We cab sure fo that because she had been sectioned not long before. It is very difficult to get yourself sectioned, not least because of a chronic shortage of in-patient places. She must have been pretty ill.

  6. Yes Robert I do realise that. What I was trying to do was take it from a level that might apply and affect anyone at anytime. It was written that way for the benefit of people like Paul who have taken a deliberate placed pc bait hook, line and sinker.

    On the occasions that I’ve felt in danger when surrounded by strangers (foreigners!) whilst travelling abroad, I’ve never once thought they were to blame for me being there. My duty I considered to be getting myself out of trouble, perceived or not, in the most sensible way I could. To hear a lone Russian voice arguing – about whatever – on a train full of people none of whom could talk back to him in his own language, he’d have my sympathy from the word go. I wouldn’t even dream of taking photographs in the hope of seeing him punished by the Russian state; not that that would ever happen of course. If a knife was pulled that would be an entirely different matter.

    The entire thing is crazy. Better yet, it’s precisely what IanB says it is, ‘It’s a ghastly tale’.

  7. The majority of people I know – ordinary ones, not “conscious libertarians”, of which we here commenting form a very large proportion of those in the UK I now fear – are privately very angry about “immigration”, and are on what Legiron of http://underdogsbiteupwards.wordpress.com/ calls a “fast simmer”.

    He thinks it will boil over, and the “Righteous” will lose. I think not, and I also think it’s too late now to do anything, and that we are lost, and our civilisation – glorious though it was, and which Did The Right Thing so very very often at such cost on Blood and Treasure, is now over.

    It’s a shame, really. In 1917, 1945 and 1989, we just…well…slept, instead of working on.

    But to get back to what ordinary people think:-
    When “ordinary people” think that nobody’s listening (I don’t count here) they say what they really think. I’m not certain that the British Political-EnemyClass would like to know what this really is.

    The main trouble is, the British Political-EnemyClass has control of all the MSM, which people refer to as “but it said on th telly…” , and also control of all the guns. The guns they consciously don’t have control of are the ones owned and touted about by scumbags, scallies, assorted criminals and drug-dealers. These are deliberately allowed as a justification for an astonishingly large Police Establishment, fit for some Godforsaken country occupied by, say, Imperial Prussia.

    The logical conclusion of this sad business is that there must be, and will be, an uprising. This will come mainly from those who have obviously the least to lose, which is to say: the disaffected and disenfranchised Old White Lower Classes, These classes have been “dissolved” on purpose by making them effectively politically-impotent, throught mainly confining them to “estates”, and using them as the testbed for authoritarian/economic control measures such as smoking bans, hiding of tobacco products in shops behind doors, throwing them outside, closing their pubs consequently on purpose, and interfering with their diet via “healthy eating initialtives. News “classes” have been elected in their place, such as “immigrants of ethnic origin”.

    I remember being boredly asked, about twelve years ago, by some bored young woman ticking boxes…”Are You Of Ethnic Origin?” I really didn’t know how to reply on the spot, so I said “no”, which must have pleased some GestapoNazi somewhere else in a remote office. I think it was in a police station (don’t worry though…)

    I’m not convinced yet that British Army regiments, or even the Navy or the RAF, would agree to open fire on their own people if ordered. Not yet anyway – but notice how when “cuts” take place, it’s always soldiers that go. Not bureaucrasts. But the Police are another matter: you only have to look at the buggers these days, tearing around in increasingly male-female-couples in their Z-cars, to wonder if “the Policeman is your Friend”.

    I’ve said enough for one night. But although people are really (really) angry, I think it’s too late to do anything, and anyone who tried would just either get cut down in a hail of H&K fire (probably a merciful way to leave this place of Hell) or have his entire life (and all the fabricated bits too) dragged through the MSM, for some days or weeks, until he is dead. (Less merciful IMHO.) And, lots of people will be “praised for their bravery in coming forward” to denounce him after the event.

  8. We each need to think of ways we can do our bit to take this country back, when the time comes, the traitors at the top number only in the hundreds, we are Legion. For now, keep waking up the sleepy masses so we’ll have the support.
    Work offline, don’t broadcast your intentions (like me, I already know I’m being watched )

    Unite, Prepare.

    • It’s too late to take it back now, Adrian. At least, that’s my humble opinion. We’ll just have to let them have it now, until there’s nowt left, and perhaps when it’s a husk, they’ll all also have died of starvation. Then if there are any survivors among us, we might begin again.

      Sorry: I’m rather pessimistic now.

      • But Mr Davis, if we take the Hans-Hermann Hoppe model of ‘hundreds of thousands of independent free city states’ then we could allocate a UK city or two for every culture and all be free, autonomous and live happily ever after.

        One day we may even thank the multiculti prats for unwittingly making our dreams of global libertarian conquest a reality.

  9. Mental illness is often used by authoritarian regimes to marginalize the inconvenient. If they’d just said “well, she’s stupid, but that shouldn’t be a crime,” they’d have both been giving up a claim to power and putting themselves in the crossfire of both immigration authoritarians and “don’t hurt anyone’s feelings” authoritarians.

    • It’s worth noting at this point that there are some among our opponents who consider libertarianism itself to be a kind of pathological mental disorder requiring correction.

    • It is. My post above is basically saying that; we’ve had a Gulag Archipelago for a century or more.

      I was musing on this recently, watching the Amercian TV show “American Horrory Story: Asylum”. The reason we have this popular trope in horror stories and movies is for precisely that reason; dissenters from the socially acceptable norm were dragged off and abused in institutions. Supposedly for the good of themselves and society. Hmmm.

      But there is I think a sense of denial about this; we miss the point as to what was horrific about this. It wasn’t so much that sometimes terrible things occurred in them; the spartan regimes, quack “treatments”, physical abuse, sexual abuse etc. It was the legal frameworks that incarcerated these people in the first place.

      And this is something that as Libertarians, I think, we really really need to get pinned on the perpetrators- the “scientific progressives”. They have written a false history in which the blame is placed on others for their crimes against mankind- on “conservatives”, and on (particularly) the Catholic Church (the TV show above follows that trope).

      It was the labelling of innocent people as deviant- as “socially delinquent” or “homosexual” or “feeble minded”- that was the core of the problem and ultimate source of the abuse. This was Progressive Left ideology, and it still exists today and has indeed returned for a second, virulent, phase. This is an angle we very much need to pursue.

  10. I blame the Frankfurt School. Thank heaven we’ve got the Libertarian Alliance and its expertise in free speech to explain who its chief enemies are and how best to oppose them. Quid pro quo custodiet ipsos custodibus?

  11. not a good result. Emma was persecuted to the point of being bullied into submission resulting in a guilty plea. For all her abuse, she is still entitled to her right to defend her country. I refūtāre her plea of guilty. NOT GUILTY

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