1. Either this is a wind-up, or it is wicked. In the first case, the writer will be arrested for harrassment with threats.

    In the second case, the writer will be booted at gunpoint off the first penal-boat of convicted GramscoFabiaNazi criminals, 1,200 yards off “shore” from the South Sandwich Islands, in the clothes she stands up in. I presume that, from the signature, the writer was once a n ordinary normal woman in real life.

  2. No parent with any balls would take this.
    Also–has it been sent to islamist parents or only white, (nominally) Christian ones?. If not so sent it is discrimination. If it has been sent to all–what will happen when the muslims refuse?.

  3. David Davis – sadly, in our heart of hearts we know that those responsible will suffer no penalty because their actions were made under the protective pc umbrella. Politicians have not been jumping up and down about this. That tells you where this is going.

    • Sadly, I agree with Robert. These people have tyrannised over us at our expense, and they will enjoy their pensions at our expense. When they die, they will be buried and lauded at our expense.

  4. Has she got any ideological ‘form’ for this kind of thing, or is it, as I fear, that the general people this country have just become so utterly brainwashed that people like her are just fulfilling an objective and parroting out this kind of mentality like an automated robot?

    These robots have no idea that they have been programmed and are thus empty shells who probably cannot even comprehend of there being another ‘program’ that is possible to be loaded into this world.

    It is perhaps like the whole “what do you mean you won’t give money to charities like Oxfam who help feed starving African babies?” kind of viewpoint…..where anybody not aligned on their outlooks (or doing what they do) are deemed disgusting and nasty (or even ‘racist’) for doing so.

    That people might have a wider issue with doing such things, that they might think it is lunacy or not really helping to make things better in the future, or that they might have grave concerns about the actual use of aid money and charity in general, well, it completely bypasses them as their heads are so filled with their own sense of self righteousness and ’emotionally tied’ constructs.

    Useful idiots and drones of the ‘PC World’ we now live in are in abundance, but when it comes down to a real deep seated ideological drive, well that takes it up another notch for me.

    Some of these people have a real form for this kind of thing. I am not yet sure if she is one of them who is wilfully and dedicatedly ‘that way out’ or not.

  5. Sadly this is no wind-up.

    Rather it is a kite-flying exercise by the ruling elite. If no one had reacted, they would have pushed things a step further.

    Now that there has been a fuss, they will step back, regroup, then plan their next move…

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