Thinking about witch-burning

David Davis


It does not usually fall to me, to comment on such matters: this is because of today’s PuritaNazi “guilt by association” meme, as in what used to happen to people that even just _/looked at/_ Witches that were on their way to being burned.

I’m not sure that I ought even to be opening my mouth here, as any sort of comment can be so dangerous, and taken the wrong way can lead to death.

I’m hoping that I shan’t get dragged by the happily-screaming-mob into the fire-tumbril merely by referring obliquely to the bound-and-gagged man, as he is drawn past me on a ground-hurdle, spat on, and pelted with dogshit.

Being alive and a young man in the 1950s, 60 and 70s meant this thing, amoong others. You _knew_ (we all knew, we weren’t stupid you know) that to simply _be_ a disk-jockey, and (specially) _on the radio and the telly!_ was to be able to _get_ all the girls that you could possibly handle. They literally _threw themselves_ at these people. Being Men Of The World, we’d advise our teenage female counterparts “not to go with that fella” (I’m not implying here that it would have been DLT himself so as not to prejudice the case) and “not to queue up with the dozens of other girls” outside his dressing room after TopOfThePops.

You and I both know that we all did this out of personal jealousy. We all knew that we could /not pull our girls/ for anything more than a shallow snog, as we had no money and no cars, and that the DJs could (pull our girls). So we buried our sorrows and played bridge with each other instead.

Came and went the time….and now, the last taboo left standing is “older men fondling younger women and girls”. Speaking as I am as a teacher, of course this is not acceptable. I have far too much of a solid reputation to lose by even _leaning towards a female student_ , let alone “touching” her…(I’d be killed in the local paper and then elsewhere.) But showbiz was, is and will be always different, like Formula-1 ( I bet you 5p, just wait till the stuff in there comes out to dry, in a few years’ time when Bernie Ecclestone is dead and “can’t induce women not to come forward” with better offers than the Police can make.)

(I think that “coming forward” is a “Police Expression” for “because we mean to prosecute regardless, we are actively looking out for fantly-plausible-stories, vaguely-correlatable in time, that might back up our hypothesis”: I’ll be treating it like that from now on. Sorry to be so cynical about the British Police, but really, they have become wall-eyed-PC-goons and therefore they will pretty much have to go. Non-Anglosphere-nations don’t seem to have this specific Police-problem.)

So where does this leave us? 30/40/50 years ago, if you were a girl (or even, tell it not in Gath) a “woman”, and you went to gig of a famous DJ, and you either queued up outside (or _accepted an active invite to go into_ ) his dressing room “after” …what we we now after all these years to think?

If we are all so outraged in the 2010s, that young women used to get “touched” (and maybe more sometimes, I do not know – but they didn’t object at the time when it was already a crime) by these people, here’s a solution:-

Look up all the ticket-manifests, all the guest-lists, all the lists of “hospital inmates” and all the lists of “studio guests” that peple like this man _might have possible ever met_ . Trace them. Find them.

There can’t be more than one million as this is physically impossible. A million girls didn’t go through Radio Caroline,TopOfThePops, RadioOne and the rest. Therefore the top-ceiling for automatic compensation, without the spectre of witchburnings, is £100 billion or much less, if we offer £100,000 cash to each and every one of them or their estates if they are dead. If we leave the EU now, we can save that and more inside four years. It’ll take at least that long to sort out the vast queues of many millions of angry and impecuneous middle-aged-women “coming forward”, most of whom will not be on the afforementioned manifests and lists.

So we don’t need these trials and witch-burning spectacles, we can dispense with the mob-hysteria, Britain can leave the EU, and the money can go to all the “claimants”, 99.99% of whom will be happy. And old DJs who only did what they did “because they could” (like a dog can lick his own willy – because he can – ) will die in obscurity.

On the cash envelope, it will say:- “Look, things were different then. Girls chased showbiz dudes because they could, and showbiz dudes took chasing-girls because they could. Nowadays we frown upon that, and throw the book at people. Take the money, remember your mis-spent youth which will never come back, and live with it.”


    • In my experience, that’s not what women do. No woman has ever asked me for sex, nor “chastely put her hand in mine”, silently. When I got it, I had to try fo it or actively say that was what I desired.

      • I’ve suffered a great deal of “aboose” from women. Some have touched me without me asking first. One dragged me into a bed although I was so blind drunk that I almost immediately passed out. One who was much my senior, when I was a naive handsome young man attempted to forcibly debag me.

        Since I am hardly Brad Pitt, I cannot believe that these are particularly unusual occurrences. Problem is, when I woman does it, it’s just a bit of fun, man up, grow some, etc. Double standard much?

  1. So far as I can tell the term “vulnerable” in the Newspeak Dictionary is defined as “a person who was alive at the time”.

    The whole grisly spectacle is too depressing for words. This is what happens when mad people with a conspiracy theory take over the State. Libertarians tend to blame “the State” for everything in an essentialist manner; but what counts is who has the reins of power. All those millions of Jews didn’t die because of the German “State”, but because a crazy man with a conspiracy theory and his friends gained control of the State. The State is the mechanism. It’s the crazy fuckers with control of the mechanism that turn it on its citizens to grind them to powder.

    Currently, our crazy fuckers are (among others) the Feminists. How we defeat them, I do not know. But defeat them we must.

    • One way would be for _all men_ to refuse to shag _all women,until further notice_ . It won’t quite succeed, for some fellas will break ranks and run for the nearest pleading woman on her back with parted thighs, and others will go coolly to the nearest “ladies of the night”, who will stay operational because they need the money.

      But it would be a good try.

      There’s another solution involving “special treatment” for feminists, but I can’t name it on here.

      • A more achieveable solution might be for us all to say we’ll “just use the internet” for a while. Which is why they’re trying to shut down all the “male interest” parts of it.

    • These people are to be defeated as they have always been – to keep laughing at them, until the important people can be tempted into joining in. It worked a treat after 1650. The totalitarian despotisms of the last century were spot on when they tolerated common crime and even solemn critiques, but made jokes into serious crimes. Our despots are getting there, but probably won’t quite get there.

      • I think you’re right Sean. I’ve been thinking about all this a lot lately; we all (I’m very very very guilty of this) spend time intellectually deconstructing their theories, arguing the toss about the history of them, and so on, and that has the side effect of implying that they are in some way credible people, whereas the really important thing is to destroy their credibility.

        It’s that thing that it doesn’t matter how right you are, if people are laughing at you, you’ve lost.

        • My new novel, The York Deviation, is just that – a satire on the new ruling class. As is my last novel, The Break, and The Churchill Memorandum before that.

          • Good stuff Sean.

            I’ve thought for some time though that the problem is a lack of an MSM outlet; I remember discussing this over at Counting Cats. Satire needs to be seen, and when it’s mainstream it can be very effective as we know, the constant ramming home of left-wing messages via things like Spitting Image during Thatcher’s years, etc.

            Think of a newspaper, or TV channel, run by libertarians. BUt showing ordinary stuff, dramas and comedies, or thenewspaper would be running cookery, gardening, sports etc. Except, where appropriate, a libertarian outlook would be presented rather than a statist one. I’d love to have the money to do that.

  2. Speaking as I am as a teacher…” hopefully not of English, anyway.
    Other than that, fair comment.

    • David actually speaks a strange and incomprehensible private language which is unintelligible to other people; a troop of trained monkeys who live in a nissen hut on a diet of brown rice swarm around him, arranging tiles into sentences on the floor which are then transcribed onto the blog.

      It is a most remarkable phenomenon to observe in the flesh.

    • The monkeys bashed it off in real-time first on my facebook for me, in under five minutes: then I dragged it bodily over here, but failed to properly edit everything.

  3. “All those millions of Jews didn’t die because of the German “State”, but because a crazy man with a conspiracy theory and his friends gained control of the State.”
    Well, Hitler might be regarded as a ‘crazy man’ now, but that is with the benefit of hindsight. I have long held that if Hitler had been run over by a bus in, say, 1935, he would be mourned today as the greatest statesman and leader the world had ever seen. Even up till, say, 1941, the man was rightly regarded as a genius in Germany, and the German culture of obedience held that if the Fuhrer said something was so, then it was so. I am of the opinion that most Germans either believed that if Hitler blamed the Jews for all of Germany’s ills, he must be right, as he had indeed been right about everything so far, or else that when news of the atrocities leaked out, they believed that the Fuhrer was not aware of them, and that if he were, he would put an end to it.
    I think I myself would have supported him up till the 9th of November 1938 at least.

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