Declare OPEN-SEASON on British GramscoFabiaNazis: “Practical tips for liberals in Britain”, no-1 in a series.

David Davis

The continuing BritishPolitical-EnemyClass tactical-assault-strike on UKIP is something I find increasingly annoying and , well, not even “low” but actually rather worse. (I say “Low”, as the Warnock-droidette once said about Thatcher – “just “low”) but, well, simply Nazi. It’s exactly what Hitler used to do in the press and in speeches and in his “apparitions”, to his enemies.

It’s only a “tactical assault”, for what it tries to do is boot over UKIP’s milk-pail each day. A “strategic assault” is the EnemyClass’s _effort to kill the cows_ … But I don’t think this has begun yet: wait a few days more.

So something has to be done. Since it seems to be open-season on UKIP, with the media hysterically and furiously trawling all social media going back for the last 100,000 years, for any slightly-non-politically-correct-stuff that some _nobody_ said about something five hundred years ago, I suggest a new smear-campaign.

It’s called


And the people can sing and chant to this one:- If you smear your-five-a-day…lefty bastards will all say…”let us now all go away.” Chorus: “UT! UT! UT!”

It’s slightly hard to know exactly what to do about this. But there ought to be a way to very (very) widely spread scurrilous rumours and allegations about prominent GramscoFabiaNazis inside the British-PoliticalEnemyClass, without fear of libel-litigation, Police “measures” (that is to say: reprisals and terror-beatings in-front-of-your-neighbours, trumpeted in your own local papers, which of course would spell death) loss of your computers, phones, bank-account-access and children, and so on.

There’s some sexy, rockstar leftoid economist who’s [apparently] been caught beating-up his girlfriend in 2009 in Paris. Typical Pol-Pot/Saddam-type behaviour, so it doesn’t surprise me one little bit. It’s their job, the fellas, so it is, it’s atavism, it’s what socialism does… The DM happily got this to me, so I wonder what more could be made of it? the trouble is nobody who is remotely normal, or who leads a usual busy life, really gives a f*** who this fella Picketty is – and I doubt if more that about 463 people have every heard of him in his utterly oxymoronic “left economist” capacity.

Then there’s this fellow, against whom some allegations may have been made (that’s good enough for a witch-hunt, isn’t it? No? So the masses can’t go and spraypaint his house then yet?) who has the dubious benefit (unlike Cyril Smith) of being alive.

I don’t “do” “Twitter”, for it seems that everyone who says anything important or interesting gets arrested immediately, or publicly lynched at the very least. On this basis I’d last about four hours on Twitter, in return for slightly upsetting some LibLabCon PoliticoNazi or other. So as a recipe for disaster, I’d suggest that Twatter is the way to go.

But I’m sure some of you people that are cleverer than me will think of some plunning can.


  1. You don’t have to research much. I keep plugging the millions of stolen money the LibDems refuse to give to those it belongs to.

  2. One thing for me is the need for channels of ridicule. There are two potent ways to destroy people in our society. One is to show them to be immoral- since we are an intensely moralist society- but since The Enemy control the public morality, this is not very fruitful.

    The other one is to make them look ridiculous so that, over time, expressing their values causes immediate mirth in the public sphere. To do this, one needs however some “popular” entertainers to articulate this ridicule, which is why the GFNs waged a campaign to take control of the humorous media in the 1980s and which I, sad to say, like many others, fell for at the time.

    I am currently on “pre-moderation” at the Guardian’s “Comment Is Not Free” section. This appears to have been a direct consequence of commenting on an article about a “lesbian transwoman” comedian who, in the USA was briefly jailed over an immigration problem (“she” overstayed “her” visa) and supposedly had “her” rights infringed by being put in a male prison. I pointed out that a person of male form, with a penis and a girlfriend, who this person fucks with his or her penis, is not a *woman of any kind, but a man in a dress, and thus went to the right prison.

    Such attitudes as they display would, in a society of generally plural media and speech, be easily reduced to ridicule. It is finding channels for that ridicule, and notable persons to express, that needs to be done. But at that point I am left admitting that I do not know any way to do that either.

    So, this was a waste of a comment then. Sigh.

  3. No it wasn’t Ian, it was a great comment.

    You’ve much reduced the problem. For instance, now we can all forget about the niceties of why, stress with certainty the urgency of when, whilst leaving the thinkers among us to concentrate upon the who. Simples.

    Let me think now… who can we best rely on to get out get on and do the job?

    Ah, that man Blake, the novelist chap, he seems seriously ambitious and daily gains in notoriety. He’s ripe for getting out and mixing it with ’em surely.

    I hear he’s very firmly on freedom’s side.

  4. You may have to forgive me whilst I laugh at all those more hardened UKIP supporters out there who used to happily throw the BNP under the wheels of the bus to save themselves, thinking that if only they steered clear of certain things and could hold themselves apart from the wicked nasty parties, they would not get the same treatment!

    I am not a member of the BNP, but they suffered this relentless ambush for years. In recent weeks we have seen the “ANTIFA” types crawling around for any dirt they can find – because it is their strategy, their way of doing things, and yes, it is usually very effective and that is why they do it.

    Now that UKIP are challenging the main parties, the heat is upon them. The Labour, Liberal and Conservative backed “Hope Not Hate” and all the other such communist front organisations like Searchlight and UAF will have devised the strategy used to keep the “far right” at bay all these years and are trying to do the same with UKIP.

    Did you see how some student union had banned UKIP from speaking there because it was extreme or could cause offence or something? Or the way the entire media and establishment parties jumped on perfectly normal immigration posters and all had the same chime that they were “offensive”, “ignorant” and “racist”.

    To assume it is some kind of natural reaction, off the cuff, based on their honest and deep thought assessment is laughable. I reckon they knew what they were doing before the posters were even aired – as that message of “fear” and “ignorance” and “racism” is they key meme they wanted people to associate with UKIP.

    You may also have to forgive me when I laugh at some of the nativity when it comes to the mainstream media and their backers, and the notion that any real outsider that could change anything will ever, ever, get fair treatment from the establishment mechanisms.

    Hell, even UKIP is generally part of the same ideology and mechanism – it is not that far from the tree as people like to think on almost all “givens” about social life, morals, virtues and the rest of it.

    To me, they only stand out because they mildly challenge the more further absurdities of it all that gets on many people’s nerves.

    On the other side are those “leftists” I describe, who are blind to their own fascism. They are using some of the smear words for effect, rather than what is really up their nose.

    I heard it from the horses mouth the other weekend, from somebody who is standing as a Labour councillor in my area and who organises those kinds of mobs that bleat outside of venues where political meetings happen, shouting “Fascists”, “Nazis”, “Loons”…..

    The said person is actually a “caring” and “nice” person who genuinely believes they are morally superior to any kind of “conservative” or “bigot” like myself, but who in my view is a bit of a “useful idiot” for the bigger machinery beyond that of local party politics and local issues.

    I do not share their views, to say the least, but it is their right to hold them.

    They were briefly explaining to me why they were attacking UKIP like this, and it stems into matters of them being “anti-women” for wanting restrictions on maternity leave/pay, were against “equality” and were “more Tory than the Tories” when it comes to taxes, finance buddies, and so on.

    Obviously, Labour is generally a socialist-communist party at the core, big spending, big debts – and desires more state control over everybody and everything, whilst I think UKIP is based on small government and freedom from the state wherever possible.

    The two are bound to clash.

    After all, they (tamed) secured victory from the Conservative Party decades ago, the Liberal Democrats were always that way out, and Labour was the primary pusher of radical social change that has led to the kind of degenerate and collapsing country we dwell in today.

    Unfortunately, when you play the establishment and their lackeys at their own game within the confines of the rules they give you, you can only win by ever slowly conforming to their ideologies in order to gain “widespread” acclaim and support, given they control what you see and hear and control what the “mainstream” perception actually is.

  5. CB, well put. I’ve experienced much the same thing in my conversations with dozens of political types (Ken Clarke being one) over the past few years. Especially those types who consider themselves to be somewhat ‘intellectual’ and therefore naturally better able to run our short lives for us – they unfortunately have a tendency to assume that of course.

    Whilst enjoying reading what you say (always the most important reason a man can have for reading another man’s words) and endorsing almost every word you’ve written with regard to the ever growing problem, we remain left without even a hint of a solution in regard to fixing it. In point of fact, you’ve put it in such easily understood language that I’m beginning to feel even more sad about my poor children’s future.

    Bullets, bullets, bullets. Lately, I’ve begun to think, and worse, assume, that these wee pellets will be the tools that will, yet again, settle differences. What desperate progress?

  6. Both NuLabour and BluLabour are leftist scum who subscribe to corporate socialist tyranny and their media stooges are doing what they can to attack UKIP. Shite like the Guardian has a small readership–and the Daily Mirror is toilet paper for the “my Dad voted Labour” crowd–but the rest of the tabloids–supposedly those that cater to “ordinary” people are just as much organs of the enemy class and peddle the same leftist shite (without any of the pseudo-intellectual drivel that the guardian carries). Whatever nonsense is on the agenda, from Yewtree and Saville=Satan to anti-eeuuuwww articles followed up by “but we should stay in anyway” leaders–they are as bad as each other. The truth is that we are reaching–via the Net –all those who CAN be reached–there is no point in reaching to try and convert the dim and unthinking to reason and sense. Only economic collapse and disaster will have any impact. All the leftist shit have captured so far is the surface. They are after the young and that is the danger–youth being raised in a climate where socialist tripe is peddled as the default setting. But even there the problem of red-scum is that their crap doesn’t work. They had eastern Europe under their control for half a century–did they produce many converts?. It is the rich and part-free West that has produced the bumper crop of socialist vermin. Mostly from well-off or rich backgrounds.

  7. Thanks for your reply John, not least because it is always good to know I am not entirely alone in my cynicism and concerns for the future.

    I am not sure what the solution is – or if there is ever going to be one, considering the milieu of converging problems.

    Perhaps necessity is indeed the ‘mother of all inventions’, and the first key to finding a solution (and having the will to carry it out) will be to create a clearer and much more concise view of what the problem is and why it should matter to people.

    This would have to be one cutting through all the ‘topical’ and cyclical news items, all the spin, all the dancing around the edges.

    Maybe when people actually come to care more about what is going on and to grasp what the issues are really about, and why they may be important to act on, we may see some changes.

    At the moment, many people seem to be paralysed with falsehoods that they parrot out rote fashion whenever difficult subjects come up.

    Regarding immigration, we will all be familiar with the “We are a nation of immigrants”, “we need people to come to pay our pensions”, the NHS would collapse if it was not for these people”, “your objections are based on fear, ignorance and hatred”…..lines of thought.

    It is the same for other aspects too, whether meritocracy, patriarchy, the relentless pursuit of equality in all fields for all peoples…..

    At the moment, I think that those who care about what I care about need to disregard continuing with the rules and games of the established order, set ourselves aside as only being semi-attached to it where necessary, and start to lead our own futures instead of being led by the nose by others.

    There are plans afoot to get a counter-force going along these lines, but whether the grande schemes are realistic and fruitful has yet to be seen.

    This may be a poor example, but it could be a bit like what the Pakistanis and Muslims have done in this country as an “organised minority”.

    They lived amongst like-minded people, only shopped, employed and traded with their own folk (where possible), expanded the base of their geographical command, agitated for their interests (often using the Judo principles of using your opponents tools against them), have gained “entry-ism” into all organs of society and all political parties (therefore by de-facto controlling councils in many areas, no matter what the colour of the party) – and as recently discovered, have got into the school system in order to ‘vet’ them to be along their wished lines.

    These people have an agenda and are organising themselves in soft ways to try and achieve those agendas for their own peoples and religion for the very long term future.

    It is ridiculous to me to suggest they would be doing anything else.

    Our own people have lost all concept of working for their own future. They have lost interest in building for it long term. They flap around in the wind across a whole spectrum of issues and attitudes.

    It is therefore my opinion that those who are organising something and have an agenda are always going to win over those who do not. The wider British public are not doing this yet, and actually, in some cases, recoil at the very idea of it.

    The more dedicated amongst us will hopefully get something moving, at the least to have somewhere to go in the future if times get bad, and at best, to give those wider public something to cling to in a few decades to come when the reality really starts to bite (if they should even care then!).

  8. To Davis, Warren, Badger, Ecks, Ian, CB, Gabb, and others: As an American who likes Britain and much of its history despite the growing pains and mistakes (fewer than most countries), I am heartened to see Brits who have noticed that there are problems that need correction, and are willing to discuss the issues. Much of what I have seen and heard generally from Brits (though not so much in LA) in the past has been comprised of mere complaints without analysis or proposals for solutions. All too often the statements have been self-destructive and self-loathing, apparently as a result of the Leftist, anti-Western takeover of the British education, culture, politics, and nation.

    I have little direct personal contact with the British culture, its media, and its legal mechanisms, so I will not presume to tell you how to run your show. However, I think it is a good trend that you now have at least a couple of entities (UKIP and BNP) that are willing to state some apparently obvious truths, even if they are wrong in some particulars. Even though those entities are subject to a constant barrage of smears and criticism, they have at least been able to conduct some education and outreach without being shut down legally. They also appear to outsiders to be growing in strength. It has been my understanding that the govt. and media in UK can mute many voices through legal means and news manipulation/blackouts/censorship.

    If I were in Britain I would probably try to contact the leaders of those seemingly pro-British entities and provide them with research and assistance in their efforts to reach a wider polity that would like to defend British values, assuming they can do so while being able to defend themselves against libel, slander, and public derision. I do not know how knowledgeable the UKIP and BNP are in the fields of civil confrontation, public education, and awakening decent fence-sitters, but they seem not to be very sophisticated, so that may be worth examination. It might also be worthwhile to see if you could work your way up through their ranks to provide better leadership, strategy, and tactics.

    I will end this post with one concept: the single best thing we have done in the U.S. regarding self-defense and firearms ownership is the tactic of explaining to the voters how OUR principles are not at war with the goals of the polity, but are in fact the best way to improve everyone’s safety. Couching our arguments in terms of the audience’s SELF-INTERESTS really can reach even people who have been propagandized and brainwashed by the media and the educational system. It does not reach everyone, but it works better than any other system I have seen.

  9. Randy-

    The BNP are as far from Libertarian as can be. They’re anti-immigration statists (I’m loathe to use the “F” word, but their policies are generally similar to those of national greatness collective regimes of the 20th century).

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