Some help perhaps from across the pond

Hello Mr. Gabb.

My name is Drew Warner, a friend from across the pond.

I stumbled across your blog after a night of surfing the internet. Love the gun rights posts, and the chutzpah. I’ll continue to read it.

I’ve been following the issues of overbearing domination by the power of the state on your side of the pond, and thought that some of these videos could provide some assistance. If you already are aware of these, or do not need them, I apologize. I only send them because they’ve helped out in quite a few of my own debates about the rights of free citizens (particularly when cornered by gun grabbers that are only too pleased to share their wisdom with me uninvited).

1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHIQtxLCgrM

2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9npUXVx2pg

If you have any advice yourself for us Americans dealing with the gun snatchers over here, I would appreciate the advice of an old hand. United we stand, and all that.

Good luck Sean. I mean it. Don’t give up, and remember… you’re fighting on the right side of history. Keep it up mate.

~ Drew

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  1. I rather doubt that the late Andrew B. would have been friendly with someone hates the United States as much as Sean Gabb does.

    For example Sean seems to blame both World Wars on Britain and the United States (not the German academic and political elite – with their collectivist ideology [going back to Fichte and so on) and their desire for European, indeed world, domination) and blames the Cold War on the United States (not international Communism).

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