How the Czechs Deal with “Anti-Social Behaviour”

Once you’ve had a good laugh at this, you may wish to consider how other countries deal with nuisances without ASBOs and without turning the police into an army of occupation. The Czechs, of course, nowadays have a greater commitment to personal freedom and responsibility than we have. SIG


  1. I did at first think this was very funny, and in fact shared it on my facebook. However, its strategic objective reveals something more significant.

    In Britain today, there are many places where one might sensibly be able to unrinate on the Public Highways, without the threat of either censure or juridical sanctions: either or both being because either (1) the ordinary passers-by are too scared to confront the urinator (likely) or (2) the “powers that be” do not give a f*** if he does. Specially if he’s “of an immigrant ethnic group of diversity and is also vibrant”.

    However, the penalties here for that – specially if one is white – are exemplary and enormous. I don’t know of an individually-prosecuted case, but I expect there are some, and that what I say is the case. By contrast, the Czech Lands’ solution is clever and humorous and effective at the same time.

  2. Another solution is to build and maintain public conveniences, rather than shut them down. Who wants to write a pamphlet on provision of public lavatories in a libertarian society. “Scatalogical Notes number 1” perhaps?

  3. There are 3 classes of “public” urination.

    1-Those who are genuinely caught short and have taken every possible precaution against being observed urinating. Not at all unreasonable in a country that has closed large numbers of public toilets. No charge should ever be brought against such people.
    2-Drunks –who don’t know what they are doing. Ok –some charge maybe.The Youtube idea seems good.
    3-Scumbags–for whom pissing in the street is “Fuck You” gesture. Penalties –yes. Not abusive ASBO shite tho’. A kick in the bollocks would be a more suitable punishment. Most of this type are yobbo scum anyway.

  4. This one manages to be both risible and sinister simultaneously.

    It is indeed amusing to contemplate errant members of the techie generation being caught out by their own creations and enthusiasms. But part of the unmistakable message here is: “Our society is now so thoroughly surveilled that what ever you do, and wherever you do it, you can be fingered.”

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