Shadow People: Attacks On Humans Increasing

Note: Will it bring men in white coats knocking on my door if I say that I “saw” such creatures when I was a very young child? That doesn’t mean I believe in their existence. Seeing things that aren’t there and can’t be there may be a part of tuning the human mind. But it’s interesting to read that others have seen them. Mr Blake describes one in his Blood of Alexandria. SIG

Second Note (3rd September 2014): I’m reblogging this because people won’t stop looking at it.



Legendary radio host Art Bell’s intrigued by them, neurologists dismiss them, psychologists laugh about them. But now grim researchers are investigating startling cases of the mysterious, faceless entities called Shadow People that are relentlessly attacking unwary humans.

Horror-stricken Australian Anne Williams claims a shadow person attempted to rape her.

The appalling incident started years ago with glimpses of something dark hiding behind trees, darting around corners, or fleeing a room as she entered.

The sightings escalated gradually until they became a daily event and her brief glimpses transformed into full views of nightmarish things.

Then her paranormal experiences began to escalate until they reached a crescendo of screaming fear.

The night the shadow attacked

Imagine cowering helpless in your bed, paralyzed with fear, fully awake, helplessly watching something dark and silent creeping inexorably towards you. That’s what Williams claims she encountered.

Some have dismissed her nocturnal attack as nothing but sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming, but she insists the bizarre attack left her bruised, scratched and emotionally shaken. She swears she didn’t imagine the sinister thing fondling her, tearing back the bed covers, and roughly groping her.

Even as it happened she knew she was being sexually molested and while the experience terrorized her then, it completely sickens her now.

Shadow People often appear when least expected

According to researcher Jason Offutt Williams testifies that “One early morning I felt so strongly that there was a presence standing next to my left as my bed was right in the corner of the wall. I felt as though I was blocked, like something was standing over me or wanted to scare me.”

This is a classic encounter with an entity that appears in the middle of the night.

“As I opened my eyes to see what the hell it was, there stood on my left side of the bed a black cloaked hooded figure.”

The ghastly thing leaned over her, pinned her to the bed and grabbed her neck when she attempted to scream. When she tried to push it away it savagely pinned her to the bed and then began groping her and hurting her.

“I felt that it shoved its arm down [on] my neck and was choking me as nothing came out of my mouth,” she explained. “Like no noise. I could not even hear myself scream, but I was.”

Finally, after what seemed an interminable struggle, the being left. After the attack, Williams felt enraged, soiled, and frightened. Upon learning the details of the incident, Williams’ mother speculated that the entity may have been the evil ghost of a dead rapist.

But the being Anne Williams encountered in her bedroom was no ghostly entity; it was a shadow person.

Photo of a shadow person standing in doorway

Other witnesses encountering Shadow People also describe physical attacks leaving them with scratches, bruises, even burns.

Attacks by Shadow People on human victims can range from being stalked and chased to being attacked with weapons.

On rare occasions Shadow People stalking a victim have been witnessed by friends and family.

Not all Shadow People are the same

Paranormal researcher, Rosemary Ellen Guiley says of the phenomenon, “There are different types of Shadow People. The core, dominant experience is the nighttime bedroom visitor: a tall silhouette of a man, often dressed in a coat or cape, and a brimmed hat. The figure is blacker than black and 3D, obstructing light and blocking the view of objects. There are no facial features or eyes (sometimes red eyes are reported), but the experiencer knows he is being observed with great intensity. The figures do not communicate, but often radiate a malevolent, trickster, or evil intent.”

What are Shadow People?

The perception of Shadow People differs depending on the researchers and their specialties.

Some experts believe that the sightings have little to do with reality, but are simply people’s minds playing tricks. Others think seeing a shadow person is evidence of a neurological anomaly in the region of the brain that governs sight.

Imagination may play a role in some Shadow People experiences, argue other experts, while those with strong religious beliefs assert that the appearance of these things are nothing less than manifestations from the dimension called Hell: demonic creatures sent by Satan to torment and terrorize humans.

Victims often report that calling on God or Jesus to help them wards off an attack.

Although experts disagree over exactly what Shadow People are, where they come from, and how they manifest themselves, strangely witnesses from every culture and throughout history tend to describe something similar. Certain traits repeat themselves.

The most ubiquitous feature present in many of the reports of Shadow People encounters describe a tall, mannish-looking entity that, curiously, wears a wide-brimmed hat.

A faceless entity that wears a hat is high strangeness indeed.

Famed paranormal researcher Heidi Hollis says she created the name “Hatman” to differentiate sightings of dark, featureless entities seen wearing hats. She says those beings are often described as wearing long dusters or trenchcoats and 1940s style, or Hispanic gaucho type hats.

If the beings actually exist, and witnesses swear they do, then the likely source of their origin is a nearby universe or parallel dimension.


  1. Assuming your site wasn’t hacked, I wonder if such posts are best suited to a libertarian website as they may undermine the credibility of other well written and reasonably argued posts?

    • i have seen these things my whole life but recently they have gotten wrose.. one of the times my friend was with me and WE BOTHE saw him now noone belives me when i tell them abblut it. im starting to lose it.. this is really getting to me.
      i need help badly.

  2. @ Mr Ecks “Because you already know such things can’t exist”

    No, because I am not required to disprove an unlikely (or any) proposition. Logic 101.

  3. The fundamental question must be: how would a libertarian polity deal with attacks on life and property by shadow people, moth men, etc? I can’t think of any easy or clear-cut answer to this, and that frightens me.

  4. The answer is that libertarian arguments are based on the assumption of a mechanical universe that operates according to certain basic and invariable and knowable laws. Once you introduce a race of invisible and immensely powerful beings, some of them malevolent, and all of them willing and able to intervene in our affairs – why, libertarianism becomes a dream. Our philosophy was only accepted in the ancient world by the Epicureans, who didn’t believe in Platonic ghosts. It only became important in the modern world after an Epicurean revival had destroyed belief in a universe of powerful essences.

    There is your easy answer. Show me a witch who can stop my hens from laying, and I’ll show you a terrified mob and an all-powerful church and state.

  5. LOL. I thought this was a serious libertarian website, this article reads as being written by the likes of David Icke’s and Cathy O’brien.

  6. I don’t see that that follows. After all, there are plenty of human actors with varying degrees of power from nannying brothers to the POTUS who wish to meddle in our affairs and we don’t just give up and go home.
    I don’t see why a putative shadow person should be any different.

  7. I think it does follow. The power and malevolence of other human beings magnifies the case for libertarianism. However, once you admit the existence of supernatural beings of great power and malevolence, who can be persuaded to intervene in human affairs, some kind of totalitarian control follows as a matter of course.

    At the moment, if I sacrifice a goat to Satan, I may get a visit from the animal welfare bureaucrats, but no one else will think much of it. Few with authority believe in Satan as an active being. Hardly any of them believe he can be persuaded by offerings of blood to give me the power to destroy my enemies. But, let it be granted that Satan does exist, and can be brought into human affairs, and witch hunting becomes a necessary defence of the whole community. You cannot let ordinary people carry on in ways that might be dangerous to the lives and property of others.

    To give a personal example, an old Gypsy woman came into my office when I was a young man to beg for money. I told her to get out. When she placed a terrible curse on my head, I laughed and threw her into the street – this was before the pigs would have come running to her defence. She told me I’d be dead in fourteen days. I felt one or two twinges as the time approached. But I never thought of gathering a posse of friends and colleagues to go after the old woman and torture a retraction of the curse out of her. Suppose I’d believed in the efficacy of cursing, though…?

    The difference between us and our ancestors who burned witches and heretics isn’t that they were stupid or evil, but that we no longer believe certain facts that they thought were obviously true. As I said last night, libertarianism can only flourish in a world from which belief in the supernatural has been banished. This is not to denounce mainstream religion – the churches have contributed much to this state of affairs by accepting God as a First Cause and the laws of nature as secondary causes.

    The article about shadow people is evidence of the continuing decline of rationalism in our civilisation. Apart from that, I have an interest in bizarre superstitions.

  8. As the inhabitant of an unruly brain, I am a skeptic. Unruly? I suffer migraines, which sometimes induce strange mental states. As a scientific sort of chap, I know that the correct thing to do is to recognise that I’m not quite myself and sit still for a few hours until they go away. I don’t suffer hallucinations (other than the stereotypical auras, which are technically hallucinations but clearly just a visual cortex malfunction), but my perception of the world changes. It is almost impossible to describe the feeling. It is just different to how I normally feel. My sense and reason remain, but I am deeply aware that the functioning of my brain as a mechanical system is awry.

    It is scary at the time (I develop a deep sense of “anxiousness”) but the experience makes me very aware of how unreliable an organ I am (for “I” am my brain; the rest of me is just a life support system for it). I have no doubt that such experiences would be easily explained by less scientific types in the past as the influence of supernatural forces. I wonder how much shamanism and the like developed as a result of brain malfunctions. I have no doubt that different brain malfunctions could and do cause all kinds of strange experiences that appear to be real to the brain’s inhabitant. “Hearing voices” for instance, is easily explicable as an auditory cortex malfunction; the brain has to be able to stimulate that cortex to recall sounds, and “flag” them as internally generated memories rather than actual sounds being heard. It is easy to speculate how a small malfunction could damage the flagging mechanism and make them thus appear real.

    Our scientific understanding of the actual brain mechanism is terribly primitive. As someone who has always been fascinated by it, it makes me sad that I live in a time in which it is so poorly understood.

  9. Sean,

    You seem to believe in an all or nothing type scenario about various supernatural powers to which you ascribe various labels and then argue that the existence of such conjured-up (no pun intended) forces equals death to liberty.
    All I am saying is that there may be (I believe there is ) more going on than there seems to be and a mind set that says “No–nothing to see here” is not helpful.

  10. I thought the article pertinent to the libertarian viewpoint.It can be read as the ‘enemy at the gate’ scenario. So long as people interpret things they cannot understand as something to be feared and beyond their control they will always look to others to protect them from imaginary horrors.In the past it was the church which filled this role. Now it’s politicians who protect us from our naivety; the ‘Hun’-the ‘commies’ ”w.m.d.’s’. The price is our liberty.

    There may well be things going on than there seems to be. But I don’t know of any one fitted up by a ghost,or sacrificed themselves in war at the call of a shadow person.

  11. Whether these things exist or not, people believe they exist and therefore (as with religion in any flavour) they colour people’s perceptions. So whether they are real or imaginary, there is an influence on people’s minds there.

    I have to admit at this point that the wide-brimmed hat does sound all very Freddy Krueger, and would be interested to know if wide-hat-wearers were seen before the Friday 13th films came out.

    As Daisy says, the presence of real or imagined fears leads people to look for protection. The claim that calling upon their particular god makes the things vanish might mean that the things are real and that there is a God. Equally it might mean that imaginary fears are effectively banished by imaginary protectors. It doesn’t matter which is true because there’s not much anyone can do about it either way.

    Things like this do need to be seriously considered by any social group because they can be used by the nefarious to control individuals. Look at how the ‘war on terror’ is used now. If those who see these shadows believe that a shaman can protect them then they will convince others of the shaman’s powers and the shaman’s influence grows.

    If you gain influence over enough individuals within a group, you control the group. As I understand it, that is what libertarianism is trying to avoid.

  12. Whoops. It was Nightmare on Elm Street, not Friday 13th. I always get that whole genre mixed up because they all appeared at much the same time with much the same storyline and made me wonder if there were any teenagers left alive in America.

  13. […] glow paint ball with shadow people would be a real plus for this title. Or a game based around Shadow People VS Libertarians. I would give that an arts grant. I would give that an arts grant so […]

  14. Orgone Energy dispels these creatures from your vicinity. If you are “well-ordered” internally these problems of shadow creatures should not hinder your progress. However, those who have a tendency to indulge in their addictions will realise the sufficient levels of inner chaos which enables these feeders to eat off of them.

    Crystals can be used for harmonic defense as well, if you know how to programme them. Orgone is especially effective at warding off these negatively inclined entities.

    Being skeptical is fair enough, but remaining ignorant is unacceptable.

  15. Glad to see this article. In 1993, I witnessed a hatman shadow person attack my friend (who was sleeping over, we were sharing a room), then tried to attack me! It was THE most weird, unforgettable incident in my life, one I hope never to see or witness again!

  16. After getting back into town after 4 months on assignment, I visited an indepently owned coffee house which I enjoyed; however, it had changed. The atmosphere was no longer cheerful but dark and cold although the decor had not changed. I regreted coming to the place but ordered a coffee anyway. I tried to talk to a young kid about the computer he was using but he could not or refused to talk, and when I began looking around their was a large fat red haired man sitting on a couch on the back wall watching me and grinning with glee and malice. I got my coffee and paid and when I got into my vehicle I remember saying aloud “Damn that place was dark!” and I wasn’t referring to the lighting. When I got home I was working on my computer in my back room when my compact disc player which was playing some classical music began to bang and skip and my noises like someone was hitting it. I went out into the room and said aloud for no reason “What the fuck is going on out here?” and examined the cd player. It was then I looked into the living room and a dark shawdow figure was standing against the back wall staring back at me, It didn’t think I could see it. It was about 4 feet tall and had a hood on. I yelled at it “Get the fuck out of here!” and it bolted out through the wall. It frightened me and I thougt that it might come back so I got I my knees and prayed for protection. I now believe these things are evil and that they can physically manpulate things and that they do enjoy causing people difficulties. I also believe that it followed me from the coffee house to possibly attach itself to someone in my home. Beware of where you go and whom you hang out with….This is the lesson that I have come away with……..If the demons are real then Jesus is real also…..They are the darkness…

  17. sounds like the inorganic beings of Don Juan & Castaneda.
    Also ,John Lash has some insightful stuff online about this.

  18. As Popper says, the problem with the occult is that it’s not occult enough…


  19. I believe in shadow people as I have noticed them for the past three years. They like to come when my house is quiet and when I am either alone or am the only one in the house,but some times they are there when I have a person around me. They like to try to grab me when I am going up the stairs and they watch me from rooms that have no light on, they sometimes do something which makes my ears or ear feel like someone put something in them. I feel afriad when the are around and tend to run from them but I think they like that I run from them. I have people stay in my house and tell me that they felt someone was watching them in bed they dont stay in my house ever again, I like to keep all the lights on in my room and the hallway.They are the most scary things I have ever had happen to me and I had my finger chopped off completely. Beware of they shadow people.

  20. Interesting subject these “shadowmen” or whatever they are. I`ve been reading about them all day today and whilst i have never witnessed these things personally i have witnessed quite a few strange occurances of various types and so would not dismiss anything talked about here.
    @ Louise W, it sounds terrible what you are going through and i would suggest you read more about it and possibly watch the title video which is “Art Bell – The Shadow People” on youtube. A native american attempts to explain his cultures understanding of these shadowmen and other similar things that may be confused with shadowmen. It may give you more of an insight into what`s going on with yourself. They are said to apparently thrive on fear and that may be why i have never seen one myself as i do not scare easily and usually become rather aggressive towards such things. I tend to pursue rather than run or try get away from them. It`s just my nature.

  21. My dad saw these, along with 3 other friends while out one night. They got stalked and chased that night spending it hiding in a phone box. They all saw the exact same things. I remember my dad always speaking of the one with the hat, he described it exactly as the pictures. But back then, there was nothing about these entities anywhere.
    Then we discovered, this was a common thing and found plenty of websites devoted to this subject.
    He said they also had spears and stuff and had a bluish tinge to them.

  22. @louise: that sounds horrible. Most of these evil entities prey on fear. That is their fuel, their food, their power. If, with all that is you, you stand up to them and fight them (not physically, but more spiritually or mentally), they lose their power and vanish. All evil preys on weak.
    Try imagining a forcefield being activated over your body, like a shiny gold blanket or blue, or white are the main ones. Even try shouting all your anger at it telling it to Fuck off. Extreme I know, but it works. You are protected by light as much as you are preyed on by dark.

    Those techniques work well for me.

  23. Actually such things do exist I have had a shadow person shoving my bed, wake me up and speak to me. I was 16yrs old on a school excursion and I remember it like it was yesterday. We knew the place may have been haunted as we all got plenty of weird vibes and seen locked doors open themselves and things like that. The place named laural hill had a reputation for being haunted as there was a prison on the land some time before hand. I have spent me life trying to find answers to explain plenty of different supernatural experiences I’ve had. This shadow person stood a head in height and 2 inches taller than the top bunk mattress. I was asleep facing the wall on the top bunk when I was awoken, I rolled over and saw a shadow figure about 2 feet from my face. I realized it didn’t have any facial features but because I was still waking up I just figured it was because it was dark. His voice sounded like a young man even a teenager, pleading with me desperately to go with it because he wanted to show me something.. He was saying please pleaaaase come with me I need to show you something. I kept telling it no I’m not going im staying where I am but they can go.. This went on for about 2-3mins. I looked up and could just see the sun coming up from under the closed blind which made me think it was 4-5 am. I didn’t become startled until he simply dissapeared

  24. I have spoken to many mediums who told me all you have to do is tell them to leave, I am a daughter of god and they cannot hurt me and to leave. They are trying to scare us they feed off fear the more afraid u are the stronger they get, I choose not to think or talk about them because they do scare me because I don’t know what they are, wat they are capable of doing. I’ve been told it would have been standing there watching me for hours before it woke me up that is the scariest part of all. I don’t believe it was a teenage boy I believe because I was a teenage girl it disguised it’s voice to get me to communicate with it, it worries me to think where he would have taken me but I’m glad I chose not to find out!

  25. So i have always seen the shadown man since i was younger. I don’t see him everyday or anything like that but once a year i usually do. Oddly its not a scary feeling or a an uneasy feeling, it has never been….which is weird since i have a fear of most things i don’t understand. My parents who are opposites of each other think he’s been around me since birth..but then again that’s just my own experience with this topic

  26. When I was a child, I saw many shadow people in my house. One night, when I was around 13 years old, I was in my bedroom trying to sleep and felt that was someone near my bed. I thought it was my mom and took a peek. I saw a shadow person, very tall, standing right there and it bent over me e start looking me. I felt like it was trying to figure me out, I don’t know why. I covered my head and tried to use some things I learnt to protect myself and it went away.

  27. I have every day experience with the piece of shit shadow people. They can take many forms & they play on your reactions to what is suggested. They are very quick though they are weak, hence the sneaking from behind etc. when people are distracted, tv etc, they stand behind & suggest lightly enough that you think you are thinking a though rather than hearing a suggestion. They are cruel, normally work in pairs & are very calculative in what they do. They also either take or put something into the human body, is unclear, as that is thier main function. ANYONE who states they are imagination, hullucination or eye problems are assisting these beings & most of the time for financial gain in some way or another & are also more so pieces of shit than the shadow beings as they attempt to fool people they are helping them by trying to hold onto the lie they live.

  28. I have had two experiences with this personally. I remember them vividly as if they happened a minute ago. In 2009 I remember waking up and I was sleeping on my right side facing the clock in my room and the time was 2:22am to be exact. I remember having the feeling that someone was in my apartment and looked over my shoulder and saw a large black human shaped figure standing at the end of my bed, I couldn’t see any facial features I could only make out a body-shape with arms and a head. It was so dark that I could see this figure darker then the open closet I had in my room. Once I saw the figure I became paralyzed, I couldn’t move anything not even my mouth even though I tried to scream for help I couldn’t get anything to audibly come out. I was completely terrified and felt the feeling that this thing was going to do some thing terrible to me. I had never felt that before of being intimidated. I had tears that started to come from my eyes. I was 25 at the time this happened. The entire ordeal lasted about three minutes. After the thing left I woke up again as if I was drained or put back to sleep when it left, I knew what happened to me real, I know I woke up and was concious when I saw this thing. I had never had an experience before this. The most recent or last episode of this happened just this week on monday. I live in a different place now by the way. I woke up, was facing the wall and had the same feeling that I had from the first incident, the only thing that was different was I didn’t shed tears this time but still had the intimidation that I felt the first time.

  29. Hey there, i can describe one time i had an experience with this shadow figure but what happened to me was a little different than what some others here have described, i do not believe these to be hallucinations but real for the simple reason that i knew nothing about shadow people on the web until i saw one. I also saw a black orb at the same time as this shadow man (i would describe the bottom black man picture with hat as the one i saw). This orb thing flew at me and into my face, it then buzzed around my face and left quickly. I remember the shadow man being there too but he was to the right of the end of my bed nearer to the doorway just standing there, im sure he was not looking at me directly though.

    NOW heres the weirdest part that i wanted to share, i am not christian by any means however during this period of time i had a voluntary job at a church down the road for 3 months, i would help out etc. I came to the conclusion that this church was a cult type church, being young i had to figure this out on my own and did eventually. Few weeks before i left i remember having hauntings for a bout a week and one of those nights the shadow man and dark orb appeared. I usually go to sleep with my bedroom lights on (yes i hate darkness) but one time i decided to go to sleep about 7pm which ended up with me waking up around 3am and me seeing this strange figure. I felt alittle scared but on the inside felt strong enough to guard myself if anything happened but the orb and shadow man disapeared. They appeared be there for a few minutes after i woke up.

    I do not understand why the orb flew at me (it had orange energy coming off it too) but i imagined it may have been trying to get my attention or i caught it off guard, who knows if possesion is real either? I connect this though to that church place that i went to, it makes sense that this thing or being was either a demon or something that didnt want me to quit that job or it was a guardian watching over me letting me know i was right to get the heck out of that place. There is definately a connection with that church place though, but i know one thing, i havent seen it since.

  30. No Jungians here? The Shadow Persons are classic manifestations of the collective shadow. The reason these appearance are increasing in number and urgency is human beings are making conscious choices that
    are wrecking the natural balance of the Collective Unconscious. A misunderstood scientific method is being misapplied to the inner universe of the mind to disprove the existence of God. Well, like it or not, this is now the dominant mindset on the collective level. No God. Demons appear. This is an eternal law. Please do not understand this on a biblical level or even a religious one. This is a law of consciousness perhaps even beyond the human mind. Turn towards the “God” Source energy and the darkness of the edge recedes to where it belongs. Deny the existence of God in you and you are turning to face the darkness by yourself. The ancient Taoist were right, balance is ultimate good that can be had in this limited realm of existence, darkness has its place, but if you don’t believe in the existence of light, that does not also deny the existence of darkness. It just leaves you completely in the dark.

    Sympathy to anyone who has felt anything like the experiences reported here and elsewhere. Not for anyone else to say if they were “real” or “in your head.” From Jung’s perspective, either way, you are not crazy, but certainly not well either way also. Next steps? If you can still muster real faith in a traditional organized religion after whatever you have gone thru in your life, look there, buried in the dust of history and deliberate distortion are some real gems of wisdom, and even the Word of God.

    For those who can’t do that, look within. At the core of human consciousness is an inner Sun, what Jung called the Self. Call it a soul if you like or not, but if you carer to look, really search, you WILL feel it.

    Look, for most of history, humans thought the Earth was the center and the sun revolves around it. Today, most people are still trapped by the illusion that their conscious ego (the walking, talking, recording part) is the whole person. So wrong. Find God within or without if you want to live in the full light of the Creative Energy that made the Universe. Restore the balance. Send the shadow people, “ghosts”, psychic echos, etc. to rest.

    Romulus Crowe is close to the truth in many ways: Imaginary but nonetheless real enough to mess you up bad. There is stiff you make up in your head (not real) and there’s stuff that you can perceive in your head (Platonic “forms”, Jungian archetypes real) but not always with your eyes. If its a chronic problem and you can’t / won’t meditate on the spiritual meaning of the intrusions? Get a talisman (the best are Baha’i). But they only work to the degree you have faith in them.

  31. Andy 1 second ago

    The story I am about to tell happened when I was very young probably one of my first memories. I have never told anyone and kept it to myself until I researched it on google and found a lot of people have seen something similar to mine. I do not know if what I saw were shadow people. Maybe someone can help me. I was at a family reunion at a church in crystal city Missouri. My cousins and I always walked around and explored the church. Well I went off by myself and went to the main room where services are held. It was very dark and I was playing on the podium where the preacher preaches. I remember turning and seeing two shadow like human beings moving very quickly ducking and appearing in pews until they were both standing on both sides of me. They pushed me around between them and told me I should not be In here. I could not see there faces and they told me to leave because it was dangerous in here. I left and went back to the reunion and when I turned around they were gone. I was very young and this has always bothered me idk what they were or what. Any info would be great.

  32. So I used to see these figures.when I was 12 ill be really scared we moved never seen them again ever again once I was 17 my dad had told me in the apartment’s where I used to see these shadow thing’s the naighbors had a dispute and the husband killed the wife and took his own life after that but I used to see more then 2 last time I seen one was at my current job till today I work community care facility I seen a shadow looking at me I not feel scared just looked at me like what was I doing could not see no face just the outline like a coloring book

  33. There is a fundamental need to address this issue in the main stream avenue aswell as through liberatarian sites such as this one. Reason being that these “other beings” have been influencing man from the beginning of man. An example of how you may test this is to recognise that many of your thoughts have never been your thoughts at all, eg- the next time you have an idea or thought that is bad remind yourself to think against it. To project the epiphany opposite to it as your will is used by the being near you & by certain technologies & considering we have a connected consciousness we must be strong. Though I am only religious with a few things it does date back to the bible & what is referred to as free will. If, with the aid of digital technology, there is a repetative message bombarding a certain frequency that is subaudible to us we would believe that it is a natural thought. Keep people confused & make them think their enemy is their brother or sister. Mixed with ego it’s a great idea to go & do or buy that etc! I also point out that any Nuerologist may measure certain frequencies of the human brain. I note that there are some previous comments criticising the subject matter & logic. It is far more logically balanced to accept that there are only 3 possibilities causing the subject of “shadow people” to be brought to peoples awareness & I shall point them out rather than quoting some other people with inexperience. 1: They are a being of substance & can only be referred to as multidimensional whether that is their intention or not. 2: Someone or group are using technology to create the experiences a large portion of the population are experiencing. 3: A combination of 1 & 2. The option that the individual experiencing “shadow people” has a mental illness is less likely than the person saying it having a mental illness.
    It is no secret that technology is far more advanced than the general public are aware of & that is based on “human” technology only. It is evident when military documents are declassified after 50 years & they outline subjects that are only coming to awareness in the current time. It also indicates that human technology is more likely around 100 years or more further advanced than the general public are aware of. I address technology in this subject due to my personal experiences with the combination of what some people would refer to as “supernatural” & the very obviously mechanic systematically planned timing of my experiences. Unfortunately involving many of Pavlov’s findings with electricity & effects on muscles etc. None of which were planned by me as they have been more horrible than you can imagine. The original article mentions men in white coats so i shall also address some basics of psychiatry & the obvious undisputable use of it in our health services to experiment on, torture, incarcerate & intimidate members of the public so unbelievably it’s directly infront of us every day in the public system & if someone says it’s happening somehow others say no it’s not. It’s as if you see a dog walking & say ” there’s a dog walking” & the guy next to you says “no there’s not” These are some basic questions & you should wonder why these questions are being asked. Q1: Do you hear any voices? Unless you have a hearing problem the answer is yes as you have been asked a question. Sometimes changed to “voices that aren’t there” which is impossible. Is also changed to voices in your head. Your eardrums are in your head so of course the answer is yes. Q2: Do you see things or people that are not there? It is impossible to see something that is not there if it is not there, unless of course it is somehow an image projected in some way to deceive you. Q3: Are you getting messages from your television? I point out that messages, whether long or short, is partly what television is used for. It is a television! If the question is narrowed to “special messages just for you?” you should wonder why someone considers you so special that they are isolating the signal of your television to send a message to you? Have they got a paper,pen & envelope, computer or mobile phone? The experimentation on members of the public firstly with psychotropic drugs is another issue. According to “doctors” I am a violent psychotic(never been violent) & have multiple personalities(i barely have any personality) & schizophrenia(but i wouldn’t know if I was schizoprenic would I!) & epileptic(never had a seizure). It would seem I have digressed though these are all important factors in the question put forward by Dr Sean. I would need to write a novel to outline all of my experiences & I can guarantee alot of people would say it’s untrue however some of my knowledge is as follows- They form into a solid being, I know this as I have seen them close & accidently him them on multiple occasions. They use a diversionary tools such as tvs, suggestions, tickling & name calling. When they are solid formed they have no body fat, are similar in body structure to us if we are ultra fit, their skin color varies from white to grey to black & I’m not referring to white & black caucasian & african. They use needles to inject liquids aswell as withdrawals. They use our languages. Anyone that believes burning sage(though does help to see if they travel through the smoke) or black stones from spiritual shops stops them is a joke. There are other issues with what they have done to our senses,memories & de ja vu aswell as thier implants however I shall leave it at what you already have.

  34. I’ve seen these “shadowmen” before. But they are faster than lightning and I
    can usually only catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of my eye. I don’t believe that these things are “Minions of the Anti-Cryst” and that they go away through prayer, nor do I believe that they are trying to scare me. I’m guessing that they are either a result of my sleeping problems, or just my every other day/night ghostly visitor.

  35. Did I mention that I’m not afraid of these things, I get a little nervous after seeing them, but I never fear for my life or something like that. I’ve actually tried talking to them before, but they insist on slipping into the shadows and not answering.

  36. Generaly jinn or demons dont ask permision to inter any body,what most of you saying is build on just theories and /or illusion,thier is nothing called human spirit ,when human die the spirit leave to the other diminsion and never appear to the three diminsion world,what you see is always either jinn or kind of demons they are different in how they appear ,yes it is hard for jinn (jinn is kind of demonic entity,some are bilievers and most are nunbilievers in God) to inter the human diminsion or to appear for him although many wich,but in few cases for many reasons like when human give him the thourity or the code or magic or wija board or when human violate his place then he might appear and inter the human dimention,youhave also pure demons wich they comefrom the satan or azzaziel or shaytn or the devil or the diabolo he have many names but he is the father of his pure evil dark race ,they appear mostly as black shadow becz they are made of smoky fire and not from heavy cold electro waves like the jinn,remember dear humans when ever you feel or see any thing real,what ever it is surely it is not good for you in any way,thier is secret word well protect you and make the unseen entity scare or run a way ,i cant say it in publicly to not be used in rong way but thier is wepon in your hand wich God gave it toyou to scare us,i know i breakmy lows and rules when i say it but i hope with this God well reward me and forgive me for what i done before,if any human need help or suffer any unexplainable thing just write me(safty@gmx.ch)sorry for my english,yours zodda

  37. Based on my true experiences with the shadow man. I am 27 years old and love all that is paranormal and bizzare. Ever since a young age I been attracted to the unexplained I rember I must have been 6 years old one night staying up late last one awake turned off the tv now just hallway light on leadi.g to my room surprised to see a shadow moving along the wall leading to my bed room I remeber watching it like what the hell is that as it dissapeared into my parents room next to mine. I seriously remember looking back to see if the tv was on looking at the light it just seemed so unatural even at that young i knew something was wrong. Around that era of my life I would have nightmares one that always stuck on my mind was about waking up in my room going to open my room door only to find a small demonic creature in the doorway. Another wicked experience I have had with this dark creature was only a couple of years ago about 08 this was very intense and bizzare on many levels its something that I believe will stay with me for a long time and please dont feel sorry for im ok and well aware know that kind of stuff makes you tougher if you take it as a lesson well you may know it as sleep paralysis it just hit me like a thunder storm of horror woke up paralysed drenched in fear cant move so I know what time its is and know whats going on not the first time its happened so im thinking im gonna fight back well i was on my side couldnt move an inch im turning my fear into mind control and forced my right arm and side to move and turn my neck and face aswell as part of my upper torso only to see what i was facing it was dark it had a humannoid round head no face very dark it stood out from the night or room as i felt like i overpowered it because i felt like i actually moved and its rare you hardly hear about being able to move when they have you in their grasp i felt like i was winning so im wanting to know what has been bothering me for years I remeber seeing its faceless face and heres the crazy part I touched its face I will never forget the feeling it was the feeling of dry hard leather so at this point i knew I had pissed this hellish creature off because in one instant it grabbbed my throat with the strength of a hundred men with one squeeze it broke my neck felt my self fading away aslike death approached only to wake up in the twisted position i was facing the creature with my neck hurting in the same terrible pain of sleeping on it the wrong way one way i can best describe the way this creature looked like would be todd mcfarlenes SPAWN character some of his drawings spawn looks like hes wearing a one peice leathery suit just my experience with the shadow man

  38. My nephew woke at 3 last nite with a sickening scream and when I went to him he said he saw a man dressed in black with no face the room was dark I told him it was ok n he didn’t see anything as soon as I got bk in bed he screamed again I took him from the room and place him in bed with me he was crying and shaking because he said it would come in my room but it didn’t now I cant get him to go to his room can anyone give any advice

  39. Was walking past the steps that lead to the lower level of my house. I seen a full bodied shadow walk from one side of the room to the other. I actually had to go down and look to make sure no one was on the back porch. This isn’t the first time that i have seen shadows, but it was the first time in the middle of the day.

  40. I’ve had various encounters with those things during sleep paralysis ranging from a little shadow boy that really seemed to suck all the light out of the room screaming at me to a disgusting old woman. Those things usually occur to me after falling back asleep after waking up in the middle of the night. I get paralysed, I see the creature very clearly before me and very often it screams horrible things at me, then I try to wake up with all my force. Sometimes i wake up for real, sometimes i float out of my body avoiding the creature. Other times i can hear rational conversations of 3-4 people while being paralysed and once even the girl from the movie Poltergeist shouting “mommy mommy, where are you?” through my left ear.
    To me those things seem like the product of the mind that’s still stuck in an REM state as I’ve never had them while being fully awake. It shows how wonderful the brain is in creating worlds that don’t come from our senses

  41. I’ve been seeing shadow people that wear FBI CIA jackets and hats as well as flashing lights from their equipment. Of course I could just be delusional but I believe it’s a program. For years I was tormented by seeing things moving by there selves, stuff just writing by it’s self (even to the extent of writing into steel), myself and my dog being cut open sometimes with things being placed in or taken out of us, then instantly sealed with minimal to no scar. The shadow people that I see have what appears to be key boards and their hands move really fast well typing, they also have other electronic devises that allow them to perform different tasks. They sprinkle something on me in order for me to feel them (it looks like spiders from certain angles) they also put what appears to be snakes in me and my furniture. They can reach inside me and I feel them cutting or fixing me (not sure) there’s a girl who resembles a person a know (she says she’s her magical side). They also seem to have the ability to force thoughts into my head and say that they can control everyone (not sure if they can, if so they erase any memories of them taking full control). Strangely though I have noticed their ability to make people from all walks of life come to me and tell me the same things. I could go on and on but everything that I’ve seen comes off to me as misused techknowledgy that the general public is unaware of. If I’m correct then I’m just nothing more than a lab rat to them that they are murdering slowly by torturing and it appears to be working, my heart failed recently. My trees have many weird things going on in them and in many cases these shadow people appear to be coming/projected from some sort of drones. Up until a few weeks ago none of my friends or family had the ability to look at or hear me out. Not sure if I should be relieved that theres still the possibility of me not being completely Looney Tunes or if I should be planning my own funeral but the three people who finally/recently did all witnessed (saw/felt) many strange things. I checked myself into a mental hospital awhile back and had a few visitors in suits pay me a special visit Re assuring me that I’m not seeing or hearing what I believe to be along with many threats on mine and my loved ones lives that suggested it would be in my best interest to not see or hear what I have.<- (Kind of strange).. I guess if any of it is real though, they are right about having the ability to make me stumble over/slur my words to the point I come off as a spun out paranoid delusional scitso by running me ragged and so forth (not sure about taking control of me but I have seen some videos that I assume were photoshopped in order to creat a psychoses in me that they can.

  42. I don’t know if I have seen one, or I was just hallucinating. I’m sure it was not sleep paralysis or a lucid, because I was awake in the bed for about two hours, I woke up at night and couldn’t fall asleep. I was just looking at the door, it was pretty dark, and I have read about this before. Well, on the wall, not in my direct sight, I could see some black floating balls, but they just looked like eyes were playing with me. But when I looked at the corner, near the door, well…at first there was nothing, but I could make out something strange. As I was looking, shadow got darker, and something like a hat formed out. The colour was too dark just to be a shadow. I couldn’t make out the person/figure/form. I got really scared, and closed my eyes. I didn’t dare to open my eyes till the alarm clock, so it was horrible just to wait for it to turn on, and imagine that there was something, probably there, watching me. Maybe I just imagined it or not?

  43. I see shadow people all the time not every second but I see them. I died and came back to life. after that I see things and them at times They are real. They want out of there rehlm. they are all not bad they want out…

  44. Shadow-people exist. They work for “The Public Sector”. They “deliver services”, in exchange for hoovering up “resources”, prodiced only by the private sector: this is to say: the only place that can generate “resources”.

    When the shadowpeople have hoovered up this stuff, they pretend to “redistribute” it. They can’t of course, because they have used some of in in staying as ZomBunnies, so not all of it comes out again.

    Energy cannot be coreated out of thin air, or even other stuff: it can only be converted or as it says in all the UK GCSE “syllabuses”…”transferred”.

    Then they pretend they’re giving it to you.

    That’s what Sean meant.

  45. Either these things are real, or the anomoly that causes them is common in all humans. I can only say that from my own childhood experiences, this was not in any way pleasant. Terrifying is not a sufficient word. It used to happen in th house I grew up in. It would be at night and I was in what I would believe, a semi waking state. This thing would grab me in bed and hold me tight with limbs wrapped around me. I could hear my parents going to bed, coming up the stairs, talking to one another, switching out the lights and going into their rooms and closing the door. As this was going on, I tried to shout, but nothing but a faint noise would come out of my mouth. As soon as my parents closed the door, the torture would begin.
    I would be tickled under the arms and on the body, paralysed and unable to make a sound or do anything to defend myself. Do you now what it is like when tickling goes beyond fun, it becomes unimaginable pain and terror.
    To an adult this may be amusing, but to me, aged 5 at the time it was not. The attacks were periodic, but went away when I reached about 8 years old and I never saw the thing again.
    It was totally black and humanoid shaped, but was very thin and adult sized. The fingers, it seemed to me to have only three quite long ones on each hand. There was a face, but nothing where a mouth, nose or eyes should be, apart from some strange protusions, as if a face had formed but not completely. Also it felt cold and almost had a sheen to it like scales in the dark.
    Some years ago, my younger brother mentioned that he’d had similar experiences in that same house and my blood ran cold when he descibed similar things to those I’d endured. As a test, we both drew what we remembered. They were more or less identical.
    Now I don’t know what happened to us, was it our minds or something real that just thrives on fear and pain, but I woudn’t wish it on anyone.

  46. I have been involved in the paranormal for many years and spend a great deal of my time doing research on Borley Rectory and other haunted sites, although once i caught a glimsp of what appeared to be a shadow ghost,I am still not convinced as to whether they are a creation of the imagination or a real entity as such, firsly the imagination under certain conditions can create bazar irrational fear, that can lead to hallucinatons, many people involved in such research oftern see shawdow people and ghosts, this is oftern reported and quite common, as to whether it is the mind playing tricks to justify a cold nights research is debateable, but from what I know, they would certainly not be able to produce the energies created by a real entity such as emmissions of powerful EMF, the search goes on, perhaps one day, science will give up it’s secret and the shawdow man will no longer remain a mystery.

  47. What you describe Gavin appears to be paranormal, change in temperature,
    freezing you so you are unable to move, I have witnessed identical entity
    behaviours, once the disturbance stops, you will probably never witness it
    again unless you are a dedicated researcher. Of course I presume you have
    moved from that house. Sleep easy and forget. let this fade into history
    where it belongs.

  48. larry, it might be a good idea to keep in touch with your doctors as things
    appear to be giving yo so much trouble, not saying you are ill, bt sometimes
    they can held in situations like yours

  49. These things you describe are called orbs, I did some training when doing
    my photojournalist pg:dipl and had the good fortune to be included with two
    psychic phographers I wanted to prove my therory these things were
    caused by light in the lens or reflection, dust ect, much to my total amazment
    nothing I could find indicated these were fakes, or produced by faulty equipment or lighting, I was at the spiritualist church when these things
    appeared, they were about the size of a gold fish bowl, the photographer
    photographed them, I also took the camera from him, they were definately
    real in the same position as the medium, they glowed a dull light, they
    were very real, and not caused by camera malfunction, I have taken
    thousands of photographs under all situations and never witnessed anything
    like it before, I still remain unable to explain what these were, they were
    truely amazing, but without proper scientific explinations, these have also appeared
    at other alleged haunted sites, they were like large glowing bubbles, I
    immediately knew they were not caused by camera or lighting, I want to
    find out what they really are and do more research on them, I am sure
    there remains an answer to this unswered phenomena.

  50. Jay these thngs you describe appear to be similar to the orbs I witnessed
    during an invitation to the spiritualist church, sometimes when doing research
    I have encontered entities, normally they emitt a strong electo magnetic
    field, this can shock the body causing every hair to stand on end, and the
    shock can be terrifying, whilst you try and establish what has occured, I
    was with my dog one night in a haunted location, every hair on his back
    stood up, as if magnatised, beyond belief, he attacked the entity, or whatever
    it was, giving a great sense it was evil, I also felt this and my own hair stood
    on end, the important thing is do Not Let This Scare You to the point where
    you try and run away, you could fall in the panic and seriously injure yourself,
    the best thing is stand your ground, say in the name of god, you do not
    frighten me, I am above you, you have no power to harm me, I am protected
    by the power of god amen, they will back off this, I can assure you if what
    you are experiencing is genuine, you could also obtain an EFM meter,
    the readings will go sky high is this is paranormal activity.

  51. You do realise that this article and corresponding comments make this entire site a laughing stock, don’t you? And I’m on your side.

  52. In Mr. Gabb’s defence, he does state that he doesn’t believe in shadow people and goes on to affirm the incompatability of minimal statism with a demon-haunted universe. It is at worst, therefore, a mild diversion and a subtle plug for a libertarian novel on what is a libertarian variety blog.

    As for the comments, they do not appear to be from regular readers and seem to be from people who lack the presence of mind to turn the light switch on.

  53. I don’t really understand you’re comments, after undertaking a serious scientific examination of one of englands most alleged haunted sites for over 30 years, I don’t think I forgot to turn the light switch on, you appear to have limited knowlege of paranormal research and scientific equipment, whilst I admitt to never seeing a shawdow person ,I have indeed recorded unexplained phenomena via the use of technical equipment, if shadow people exists I am sure science will provide the answers, not discounting physiological causes! There is indeed evil in the universe at any one time.

  54. Of course the word, Demon, Devil or lucifer, has nothing to do with the universe, these are mearly stereotypes created by man, if you read and
    interpret the bible, they relate to the fallen one, what this translates into,
    is the fact, that man can fall to an unacceptable level or existance, judged
    by his behaviour, these terms along with evil, are no more than words that
    are used against people who committ diabolical acts towards fellow humans,
    these words are used to describe a person or persons, in relation to the
    acts they have committed towards fellow man, they are mearly no more
    than the modern translation and acceptance of language that has been
    in use for thousands of years! But are still used as discription.

  55. Of course one cannot discount the demon haunted universe, but in real terms this is mearly language used to describe the behaviour of man and integration with humans around him, ie, wicked bad person, in medical terms, when one claims he has been possesed by a demon, he is mearly stating he has succumb to a serious mental dissorder, using language to describe his hopeless situation nothing more, that explains the justification for bloodclots in white coats, this has nothing to do with the paranormal or universe but is a state of the earthly world in which we live!

    • Well if you don’t tell them how will they know, if you don’t see anything
      now why worry. ust keep quite about it, would you saw could have been
      a result of childhood illness or a number of other factors, there’s no reason
      the white coat brigade should come after you, mind you the least you tell
      them the better, they use any excuse for job creation, just forget what
      you saw it was along time ago, as long as it does’nt still give you any
      problems. thanks for reply.

  56. Sorry unable to email, but don’t think you have anything to worry yourself
    with, lots of people claim to have seen things during their ives it is not
    abnormal or indication people are ill, people see things for numerous
    reasons, forget, concentrate on you life now.

  57. I had an encouter once. It was around dusk and I was looking out of my window being a nosey little kid -about 7 or 8- listening to my cousins speak with my neighbor. While looking out the window one of thes ‘things’ came out of nowhere and grabbed me by my head and tried to pull me out of the window. I pushed on the inside walls and broke free. It was the freakiest thing that ever occured in my life. I’m not sure how much time later, but I recall having a dream of a man coming to get me who looked like the picture of the shadow man with red eyes and a hat.

    • Would not worry to much about this just a dream, sometimes childhood
      memories can become distorted over time, all people dream, you’d probably
      seen something on TV and them dreampt about, we all do that.

    • Well looking at the number of director ships at westministers, i think they are
      all moonlighting. I did once work at Harrods you know.

  58. I think he’s got a new job as an envoy for the middle east, will let you know
    if I find out for certain, bit like moonlghting.

  59. I can vouch for this…I was a victim of a shadow person….this piece of shit always attacked me in my sleep and it would always choke me and prevent me from yelling. The last time I encountered it…it almost cost me my life I felt it was sucking all the air out of me until my beloved late german shepherd saved my life by scratching on my bedroom door whimpering for me to fight it off…when I broke loose I remember I was gasping for breath and my dog was with me the whole night guarding me….these piece of shit shadow people are real no lie!

    • I am not saying you were not a victim of something, but may not have been a shawdow person, you could have experienced a very bad nightmare that
      seemed real to you, were you suffering from any social trauma at the time, could have been a traumatic nightmare that can happen when people are understress, I remember having a heart attack waking up in the night gasping for breath, I actually initiallly dreamt in a semi concious state someone was trying to kill me by sitting on my chest, when I awoke, I.. thought there was someone in the room, mearly imagination. I have studied the paranormal for many decades, a person convinced he has heard a ghost can be no more than a noisy pipe, where someone claims and object has been thrown on the floor can be traced to a vibrating circuit board in a TV or appliance, I won’t discount this is alway’s the case, I had a box containing the ring of a U boat officer, throw it’s self on the floor with no explinations, I have also witnessed, other phonomea at Borley with no logical explinations, personally despite my best efforts I have never seen a Ghost, or shawdow person, I know many people claim to see things, but until I do, I reamain, a sceptic, shall we say, you dog, could have been alerted by the distress you were in at the time, hence why he came to your door, to establish what was wrong, dog’s do do this, I Know after living with them for over fifty years, and I have had a few to say the least, people claim to have seen apparitions all the time, as well as hear voices from beyond the grave, until I see real evidence for myself it reamins an open case, I hope my reply has been helpful, but alway’s consider this there could be other more earthly explinations to your experience.

  60. Of course another important point, genuine paranomal experience is in the
    main repetitive, reported by many different people over a long period of
    time, ie, independent witness accounts, none connected to each other or
    known to each other, If you reflect on your experience, you may reach a
    different conclusion, I have to say, I do not live in the world of the Woodentops, but base every thing on proven fact. Good Night Lionel,
    I’m off to bed now, interesting to hear your feedback.

  61. I was looking at the last picture and when I was 6 years old I saw that exsact thing walking infront of my house two weeks before my dad passed away in a car accedent. And then two weeks ago now that I’m 20 I saw the same thing as w was dreaming. It was a third body expereance and I saw myslef sleeping but was doing everything I did when I was awake at three in the morning then I looked at my wall while walking back to the bed room and I looked behind me and he was there behind me. I fell to the ground and was screaming but I couldn’t hear myself and no one could h ar me. I got up after closing my eyes and stopped looking at him. I jumped back in my sleeping body and I woke up with cold sweats can someone please tell me what’s going on.

  62. Firstly, get a grip on yourself, what you state is not unusal, many years ago I worked for an undertaker as a driver, I have spoken to many people who lost loved ones, many have claimed they saw figures walking past thier window or in thier gardens before a relative died, when my mother was dying, a few months before she passed away, I was laying in bed, the house was empty, suddenly I heard an organ playing in the living room, very loud, I got up and quickly went to investigate, it sounded exactly like a church organ, when I got into the living room the music suddenly stopped, I could not believe what I had heard, I thought I was tired and payed no more attention to it, until the day of my mothers funeral, the organ in the church sounded exactly the same and played the exact hym, I think my mind must have somehow seen a glimps of the future that day, that is my only real conclusion about what happened, after the incident in the house, something told me my mother would be dead in 12 weeks, I saw myself sitting in the funeral hearse, wearing a black overcoat, this is exactly what came to pass. The thing you describe is a nightmare, you must come to terms with this, and accept it is nothing other that that, You lost your father in tragic circumsatnaces, this was a great shock to your nevous system, these things can take a long time to recover from, you just had a nightmear try and forget it, don’t keep thinking about it, try doing something different for a few weeks to take your mind off things.Some people discribe what you saw as a premonition of the future.

  63. My boyfriend saw the tall black figure man with his black hat in the corner of my room, he left saterday night to go home, sunday night I went to sleep, my boyfriend didn’t tell me he saw this man. So I went to bed, I had this dream of this tall man with a black hat and black coat, he grabbed my hand and I was screaming and crying let me go it burns. I woke up monday morining with this red burn on my left hand. I went to see my priest and he said its not from a hand mark from a human. .so I asked my boyfriend if he saw this figure and he said yes friday night. Ever sence this happend I heard whispers and the feeling of being watched and seeing faces in objects in my house stairing at me .please tell me what is it?

  64. I don’t really know what to suggest, firstly, part of this is you had a very bad
    dream, you clearly state this, I need to think, see if I might be able to suggest
    something, at the moment this is disturbing you, so you need to get some
    help. let me think for a few hours!

  65. Sheila, I have been doing some thinking and read into what you say, do you think someboby could have got into your house and did this to you, I don’t undertsand why your boyfiend went home after seeing someone or something in your house, he should have stayed. Firslty this experience has clearly distrubed you very much, I think from what you describe, the problem started saturday night, this nightmare or whatever it was has triggered the following problem so it seems, pehaps it would be better if you had a friend round with you for a while, the problems about hearing wispers and seeing things could be a reaction to the incident causing you anxiety, I can’t comment on this point, as I have not heard of anything like it before, first thing, I would do is have a freind round, write it all down and go back to the priest, give him the details and ask what you should do, if he can’t held, and the problem continues you will have to ask your family for advice or friends what to do, obviously it is causing you problems effecting your everyday life, It pay’s to keep doors locked in this day and age, could someone have done this to you when you were a sleep, it sounds as if the marks are your your hand were caused by some physical contact, rarther than anything else, go back to the priest and get some advice, he should know what to do in such circumstances, hope this has helped you, best I can think off!

  66. Sorry for my bad english. Only to say that I´ve experienced this perturbing phenomenon from young till now ( on 50´)…I´ve saw the creepy ” hatman ” some years ago…Only to said that I can explain this. But is real.-

  67. Well, I’ll let you know if I see one, to date I have never seen any evidence to
    collaborate the reality of these hat men or shawdow people, perhaps it’s just me, I must be missing out. there’s a large pool of people who claim to have
    seen such things.

  68. i have 100 shadow people but i dont call them that there my protectors and the keep me from harm ex. demon ,people trying to kill , me gost that want to kill me … back to wa=hat i want to say they dont harm unless there
    bad please dont take what i said the wrong way im still young and dont know a lot but know that they wont harm me

  69. great post, best information on the subject I seen so far. Granted I have just started looking into the subject but none the less thank you for taking the time to write this for us.

  70. Thanks but I didn’t get to say what I want they got mad so shortened it srry if I missed spelled any thing

  71. Oh befor I forget that pic at the top isnt wat I see it an all soild black the shape of a humman some times they change but they dont change shape when i see them even tho they can love them there there part of my family lol I going to get yelledat later oh well

  72. It was. Like 3 or 4 years ago. I was sleeping. And i woke up I couldn’t move, talk, was very wear, I felt something on my back pushing me I wouldn’t move

    and. Today 04-09-13. I just saw the movie
    Shadow People………

    Omg! I can’t belive. It

    it hapend to me . I was shaking the nite
    I can’t explain.

  73. I have been studying paranoral research for many years,there is a condition called “Sleep Paralysis” it takes place during the REM phase when going to sleep, during the encounter people are unable to move, they can hallucinate, and suffer tempory delusions there is some one in the room, it is not a mental health condition and many people have been known to get sleep paralysis, or report it at some point, it does sound like a discription of many other cases I have read about. There is also a condition that can be caused by high does of EFM, that can cause hallucinations, when I was a teenager I joined a well respected and well known US paranormal society and did three years of study on science, high levels of EFM can cause visual hallucinations, that can be wrongly interpreted as ghosts, I can not go into depth on these subjects as they are very complex, but you could investigate this further, it does fit the indetical discription to cases studies I have read.

  74. That’s happen to me but only sec ocne he knew I was being choke he got what ever was doing that off ever sice thencthey wont leave me in that room at my grandparents alone

  75. Last year I looked at the bottom of my bed and I saw a shadow person……..and it didn’t harm me……..I’m scared because I saw a similar man on tv….and I’m confused because people don’t know what it is…………

  76. If it didn’t harm u it may be someone there to waching over u or but what u mean when u said u saw same thing on tv
    Telitha carelse what happend when u saw him/her

  77. To kearl fenn has the man said I want to kno but hear something to tell DONT TALK TO HIM if u want I could send see if one of my perticers can whach over u but if its as strong as I think it is I can’t and will not let them be put in a life and death place case whatever happens to them happens to me
    I have100 something shadow people whach ing over me

  78. I’ve been having visits on & off for a while now! They bolt out of the room when spotted, but linger when they think you haven’t noticed them.
    I’ve come to the conclusion they are Black Ops “Shadow Warriors”!
    Remote viewers are so last century!
    Some beings are most likely non human multi-dimensional, but the one’s I’ve encountered are way too …….”human”!
    The simple fact that they assume I have not noticed them, but bolt when I turn around and say “HELLLOOOOOOWWWWWW!” proves to me they are not multi-dimensional non human entities, but very human! That and since this began my computer HDD has been obliterated by not 2 but 3 cyber attacks! Some one does not like my collection of saved websites and pdf files, & a truck load of ‘strange’ videos & documentary’s I saved from Google Videos/youtube.
    I also had photos from a friend of strange marks and scratches on their back that they believe came from a ‘milab’ after spotting a diamond shaped orange ufo 1 night. All the good stuff I had is now gone, but the visits still occur.
    One time my milabed friend & I where discussing the ‘voice of vrillon’ incident when there was a flash of yellow light across the room! Like someone waved a giant light saber at waist height through the walls!
    I burst out laughing….he bricked it….then started having a go at me for laughing!
    I’ve also had my house ‘Buzzed’ by black helicopters! The neighbors are now afraid to talk to me!
    The funny thing is, I have no fear anymore. Faith in the ‘source of all things’ keeps me strong.

  79. I have experience a shadow man before, but he was not wearing a hat or brim , I mistake him at first as my father just watching me as I slowly open my eyes, it was about 3 am but when I realize it was not my father my fear made me jump up out of my bed and go straight to the light switch. I kept my eyes on him the whole entire time, as I got closer to the light switch he started to almost dive toward the top right corner of the wall like if his bottom half of his body turn in to a ghost with no legs, but while he was sitting in front of I could see the shape of his legs and when he stood up I could see the shape of his legs and when to shot to the top right corner of the wall no leg and just ghost like flaring sharp edges. When I turn the lights on he was gone and I was creep out of my mind, never had I been as scared as that night and I truly in the afterlife because of this experience and I also woke with weird marking on my right side of my body. There where triangles and squares and circle light brown in color but these shapes were no bigger the 1/4 of a inch, but were so close together and so many that I when to see a doctor, he said they look like tattoos and could not tell me what it was.

    Well three days later I had receive news that my younger cousin had past away In Iraq do to a land mine and was blow to piece, I. Was not sure and and still not sure but I do hope it was my cousin who was in my room that night. It was the same night he had past , the army took a few days to report his death to us for investigation purpose . It really did seem he was just there watching me,my cousin or not . The markings disappear about a week later.

    P.s forgive my grammar just trying to tell my experience not for grading a essay. Thanks

  80. The first time I saw this very same vision was at 4 years old. I am now 39 and I have experienced sexual assaults from an unseen source. It isn’t sleep paralysis when your awake typing this and something is near you watching you. The government is well of these attacks. I have been attacked while living in Section 8 housing breaking the United States amenents.
    I think the Government is involved and so is God. For it is written that he sees all things and does nothing against it. I say this out of anger towards him
    Sexual attacks are intentional to try to break the soul and put fear in
    a person. It has enter me to the point where it attempted to cointrol the circuits in mys brain.t tried to attack my whole nervous system. It attacks you in ways that make you spend money to go see a doctor because you think you have some physical problem.

  81. VeIt mocks you! I hate it! And I am not spreading hate but God isn’t doing anything about it. People have been pleading with God to do something and through the years it seems the stories are staggering. Even children are affected. How can we destroy it? Why God of Jesus don’t you destroy it?!

  82. My heart goes out to people who have had extremely intrusive, abusive attacks on their person from what I term dark entities. I am not an expert in these things, I am just a simple person, but I have had 3 experiences in my life which I know were not the result of my imagination. These petrified me in the moment so anything more harrowing than this is beyond comprehension in terms of the fear it must have caused people. It is not important whether I am believed by anyone, in my heart I am aware that I was genuinely being attacked.

    Trying to apply some kind of logic to what happened I thought about what I was doing each time these things happened. The first time I was reading a book about magic – not aloud, out of curiosity, without any intention to use it or even believe in it. I think on that first occasion it drew something to me via a book. I was in bed and I know I was not asleep as I remember saying to myself silently and in my mind how thirsty I was and reached for a glass of water by my bed. At that point I could not move to do so. It did not immediately sink in that I could not move, but after trying and trying I realised that I was paralysed, I tried to call out for my mother and my mouth was fixed and I could not produce any sound. I then tried to move my entire body and could feel myself struggle with all of my might. The fear I felt was like no other experience I had ever had before. Above me a black figure resembling a human body, smooth and without facial features floated from my feet up to my face looking at my body as it moved along the length of me. I sensed that is was male for some reason. Thankfully it just left me alone and went away. I was about 18 or 19 years old at the time which would have been in 1998/1999.

    The second time I was watching a video on the internet about the London Underground train system and how it is one of the most haunted places on earth. As I am from London I thought I would watch it out of interest. When I went to bed that night I remember lying down and being relaxed (I believe this is a time when certain things try to reach you when your guard is down) and this time something straddled me with its legs either side of me on its knees. The thing that petrified me was the fact that my bed actually sunk down as if there was a weight on the mattress, As I turned my head to the left of me, I saw my mattress sink down as if a real person was there. Then I looked back up and could sense a person and for some reason it felt male and it was putting gradually more and more pressure on my chest. I have asthma and had and irregular heart beat at the time and still do. It was if it knew this – I know it sounds weird – and was playing with me. I could not breathe very well and as I started to struggle I could sense enjoyment from ‘it’. Then I could see the feint image of a mans smiling face which was barely there, but there. Again I know this sounds weird. I had to fight hard and as I struggled I said to myself, “just relax and be calm, do not worry, you will be okay” Positive thoughts got me out of that second experience. I was so scared I had to get my two dogs to sleep with me and kept the light on. This was about 2011

    The third time was literally a week ago 2013 when I was watching an amazing documentary called “Age Of Deceit” I was understanding and seeing very clearly what was being said. I agreed with the content on a deep level and it was informative and comforting in a way to watch due to the feeling that people were willing to openly acknowledge the fight between good and evil which in society is such a taboo. I am sure others may feel differently on watching the documentary depending on their personal views and beliefs.

    I am not a person who attends church or feels the need to do so. I always believed in good and evil. I have never denied the existence of God and Jesus Christ because instinctively and in my heart I felt this was the truth. I have friends who are atheists and agnostics and church goers. I judge no one, I just feel the way that I feel. One episode in my life confirmed to me without doubt that there is an afterlife.

    I grew up with two boys during my childhood. We are very close and their family and home was like a second home to me. This was all the more important as my family was strange to say the least. I was sexually abused within my home for many years form a number of relatives and I believe with the knowledge of my mother 100% and possibly my Dad, but blocked this out until my mid 30’s. I believe that in my case God did this to protect me and events occurred to reveal the truth at a time when I had the strength as an adult to fight through the trauma.(I was not the one who spoke out, but my partner did through spite). It devastated my life but at the same time revealed some uncomfortable truths about my mother in particular and me as a person and the strength that was required to heal my past. All of my family have turned against me and even harbour a hatred for me, A triangle made up of one of my abusers, my mother and father.

    When the father of my two best friends died of Cancer I felt tremendous guilt every day for a couple of years and I had a dream about him. In brief: We were in his house and I was playing guitar and he was listening. He was a jazz drummer and loved music as I did. We loved films too and he was a great person. I missed him a lot and still do. Music is very important to me and life events have prevented me pursuing this love but now I am getting closer to this. In the passed I have excelled in this area and know that this is a gift I have been given. I feel strongly that God wants me to continue in music composition and piano playing due to the happiness and healing it gives me. The room we were in was covered in light and at the end of the dream he looked at me. He didn’t say a word but just looked at me and in his eyes he told me not to worry about him anymore and that he was happy and pain free. He had a look of complete peace and it was the single most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. I sat up in bed and realised I had been contacted by someone I cared about very much from Heaven. Then I knew. Not only had he seen me worry about him, but came to give me a message to end that worry, but in doing that also showed me that there is an afterlife. That changed me forever and I was so grateful for this knowledge.

    So back to my last experience. At this point I have come to realise many new things which have woken me up. My belief is solid and a great source of strength and comfort amongst the terribly unjust and disturbing events being played out in this world by the NWO.

    The documentary is very long and I was so tired I fell asleep and had a very strange dream which in brief: featured the house I grew up in, the room where most abuse occurred and through the floor something angry pushing up through the wooden floor boards – it was my mother – this was so so strange. Then I was in the house of my best friends looking for the bathroom, but everytime I thought I was there it was a different room, but eventually I found it – to cut a long story short my past was obviously the theme and my mother appeared 3 times as if something was telling me that she was in fact evil – again I know this sounds totally totally odd.

    So at this point I wake up and try to watch the documentary as if I had never fallen asleep at all. On doing this I felt this incredible pushing sensation 3 times in the back of my neck, so hard that I felt like I was being pushed but without physically moving forward. It was totally bizarre. Something was trying to get through my skin. My boyfriend was in the other room and I tried to call out for him and unlike the first time where I could not make a sound this time my memory went blank as if it had been wiped. I could not remember his name. I struggled to remember, I tried so so hard, then I stopped trying so hard through a kind of exhaustion and then it came to me. I called out for him but he didn’t hear me but the fact that I could do so gave me comfort. I could feel this thing was still there and a fear came over me. It is so hard to describe. You feel completely alone with something that you know is dark and evil. This time as the fear got worse my mind took over and I spoke to myself silently saying that I am not alone and that my belief and love of God and Jesus Christ means that I am on the side of what is right and that I will be ok and as soon as I said that it just left.

    I got up and went to my boyfriend very freaked out. I don’t care what anyone says, my experiences were real and I do not disbelieve anyone who has similar stories. There isn’t anything to gain from lying about this kind of thing. In fact you are more likely to be ridiculed for it.

    My best wishes go out to people who are attacked and even though you may have experienced pain in life and are the focus of other peoples hate regardless of how kind or good you are, there is always Gods love there surrounding you if you reach out for it.

  83. One thing I forgot to mention. When this happened a thought came into my head, a very strong thought, that my 3 dogs were not in the room. Every time this has happened my dogs were somewhere else. I could be wrong but my instincts tell me that when my dogs are sleeping with me this is less likely to happen.

    I have two Rottweiler pups brother and sister 11 months old and also looking after a Staffordshire Bull Terrier which may be a permanent addition to our household as they both love her and she is happier with us than with her previous owner. My two Rotties when younger seem to see things we could not see, often in the hallway outside our bedroom and would growl deeply and aggressively as if to warn something off. This really freaked us out as it happened quite a lot. As they have gotten older it happens less thankfully. They seem to sleep at the threshold of our bedroom door or in the bedroom all of the time. If they had their way they would be on the bed but they are too big for this now. When I am on my own though especially late at night I do like to have them to cuddle up to.

    Does anyone have any feelings about this? It would be interesting to hear other peoples views on this and the above.


  84. mar whatever ur name is I belive god has lifted his protection on the wrold and your parents

  85. even so u just run in to the bad people then dont think that ther all bad becase they arnt I got resonsto say that that’s one resons that he cant get read of them case some portect people

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