1. If the government of an independent Scotland (independent from the European Union as well as England) was led by people such as David Farrier it might be worthwhile junking three centuries if history (and all the sacrifices made for the United Kingdom in that history).

    However, David Farrier would not be the head of such a new government and Scotland would not be out of the European Union anyway…..

  2. The old were not mainly concerned about “pensions” – no one believes in a great pile of investments in the Bank of England.

    The old remember fighting for this country against its enemies – odd that Mr Farrier does not make more of that (the history that actually matters that to real people)

    As for young – they are brainwashed buy the leftist education system and do not yet have yet have the practical experience to counter the brainwashing.

    As for the “Yes” campaign being dominated by people who were a “bit left of centre” and a “bit right of centre”.

    In reality the “Yes” campaign in Glasgow and so on was dominated by hard left people (hard core socialists – very nasty people indeed).

    Does Mr Farrier really not know this?

    Also – Mr Farrier mention of Sean Gabb (without mentioning Dr Gabb’;s anti Americanism, his bizarre opinions on World War II and the Cold War, and his pro big government trade protectionism and view of government health, education and welfare spending) is odd.

    By the way – Mrs Thatcher came from Grantham in Lincolnshire (closer to the north than to London) and did go up to Scotland (even to the Church of Scotland) and try to talk to them.

    It was almost impossible to communicate with “official” Scotland – perhaps Mrs T.s big mistake was to not try and get past official Scotland and reach the ordinary people.

    As for the Scottish Parliament – it has already messed up Scots Law.

    Giving yet more to failed “devolved” institutions is clearly folly.

    And Mr Farrier is (sadly) on the same side as Mr Cameron on that one.

    Their position appears to be – “these institutions have failed – reward them with more powers”.

    Which makes no sense to me.

    The Scottish Parliament is a revoltingly ugly building (almost as ugly as the laws that come out of it) – it should be demolished.

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