Saturday Night is Joke Night

By David Davis

(I’ll only front-page this for a few hours, honest, for I want to make people laugh a bit sometimes and cheer you all up, even if we’re all wearing sackcloth and ashes over the state of our country.)

I discussed with a good and old Catholic friend and some others, a little time ago, the concept of God. Various of us together consumed much wine and then port later, and we argued and got onto theology, as one does as a scientist arguing with his old mates who were literary and theological gents. I have always been the only scientist in our little company. We even argued about “whether God suffers Pain and Hurt”: we all fairly quickly decided that He Does, but we came to that conclusion from different angles. But then , we wondered what are “Any Three Things that God Doesn’t Know”.

We came to an agreement that…

(1) God probably doesn’t know how many orders of Nuns there are.

(2) He even possibly doesn’t know exactly how much money the Franciscans have. (We were not exactly certain of that one.)

(3) BUT for sure, He really really doesn’t know exactly _What Any Jesuit Is Really Thinking_ .



  1. The wrong premise is that Jesuits are really thinking ?? Nobody can prove the negative … Is to much to ask from God

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