I’d like to tell you how nasty the “greens” are, but someone else can do it better than I can

David Davis

I think I’ll just send you to read this Christmas Story. It actually really rather scared me badly, and I had difficulty sleeping, thinking my car had been towed away in the night and without a tax disk or an MOT. (It comes to me often,, this dream, I being a Londoner, but this was worse.)

In the end, the GreeNazis are arguably the single or multiple-greatest threat that Humankind faces in the next 100-150 years.

It will probably take that long to (a) get rid of the effing bastards, all their “university departments” (that’s the simple bit – you just close them down) and  – worse – have to cleanse educationally-speaking all their families and those associated with them that got tainted at the same time and cannot be “turned”, and (b) BURN ALL the books (happily mostly in British State Schools so it won’t take long) and delete all the websites (and there are lots, even in enemy-countries) that contain leftoStaliNazi AGW stuff, purporting to the the truth.

It’s a terrible pity really, and it didn’t need to come about, if we had been more vigilant in 1945.


  1. Yes David.

    As I am fond of saying….

    If a man made global warming theory (basically “C02 is evil”) people are sincere as some (such James Lovelock the “Gaia man”) actually are sincere, they will support a massive expansion of NUCLEAR POWER.

    If they do not support a massive expansion of nuclear power (and most of them do not) – then they are people who just oppose industrial civilisation, and what to take us back to a time when life was “nasty, brutish and short”.

    • Paul, I think that James Lovelock has matured with age and has perhaps seen reason. Unfortunately I don’t think the same can be said of most of his disciples. And he’s old., and will die soon, and the GreeNazis will contrive to “have him disappeared”.
      As a scientist, I know that this planet within the functional statistical lifetime of human civilisation on it – which cannot (for other reasons unrelated) now exceed 100-200 million years at the very outermost) will never run out of “nuclear fuels”.
      Uranium itself is not actually that rare – it is more commonly found than Gold by two or three powers of ten, almost like silver, and even natural Plutonium is now being found with some Uranium ores, which was unprecedented a couple of decades ago.
      And Man has not even begun to scratch the surface of the planet’s crust.

  2. Never thought I’d find a ‘libertarian’ website advocating getting rid of people, cleansing (educationally speaking), ‘turning’ people, book burning, website deletion etc.

    Try substituting other words for ‘GreeNazis’ – I’ll let you think of some.

    “…if we had been more vigilant in 1945”, err… how about 1933? or 1917?

    The Labour government of 1945 was elected. It’s called democracy.

    • Democracy is only a process. It is the very-well-understood process of the mechanical appointment and dismissal of a “government”, using the “votes” of the “voters”.

      North Korea, Cuba, and ByeloRussia, are democracies.

      So is the UK: sadly, all the parties except one are fully agreed, all the time, on the “agreed agenda, the positions and lines-to-take (they’re called the “LTT”) by the Movers-and-Shakers, and the allowed terms of public discourse”.

      • You are not answering my points.

        ‘Democracy is only a process’. No idea what that means.
        ‘North Korea, Cuba, and ByeloRussia, are democracies’. You have been at the eggnog again.

        You don’t seem to like democracy. Do you just want to replace it with an autocracy based on whatever comes into your head? Anyone who doesn’t agree with you can be ‘got rid of’, ideologically ‘cleansed’, books can be burnt and websites shut down.

        Could you clarify the theory of government and representation that will make you happy? You in the Reichskanzlei?

        I consider myself to be a libertarian of the first chop, which is why I find this post so stupid, brainless and offensive. You should be ashamed.

        • George, do you deny that “democracy” as practized by “democratic states” is a process, or not? if it is not a mechanical and well-understood process for appointing and dismissing state-gubblentments, then what is it?

          Do pre-capitalist-barbarian outfits practize it? You’ll find that their warlords say “it gets in the way of proper maximalisational-utilisation of available-human-resources”.

          These “resources” are “other people’s” land, farm-animals and breedable-age-women and girls. What the GreeNazis are “fighting for” (and they are winning right now) will bring us back to that state. The Moslems will get all zapped first, all of them, for they were merely catspaws and didn’t see it coming. The FemiNazis will go next to the death-pits, for they will have kept no guns….They thought that to write in the Guardian would be enough.

        • Come on George! Don’t be a wimp! Where are you? Get out your eggnog then. Eat some, if it makes you write, and if you think it’s what you think makes me write.

  3. David, that has to be one of the more chilling pieces I’ve read in the last 66 years. Thanksabunch. *sour expression*

    Unfortunately, it fits right in with that short video 10:10 or whatever it was called, doesn’t it.

    This is by way of agreeing with the writer’s implications, the poster’s (David’s) implications, and everybody who understands that this “Greenie” business is serious–deadly serious.

    A very good posting.

  4. It seems to me that the EcoNazis will never be banished short of some kind of conflict that will inevitably involve violence. The EcoNazis, Greens, whatever you want to call them, have elevated science to the status of religion, blind to the fact that religion and science operate in separate domains. (Note: I’m not saying science is incapable of falsifying religious claims, I am saying that the facility of science to falsify specific religious claims doesn’t mean science can substitute for religion.) Additionally, their version of “science” is arguably not science anyway because it has become so perverted in adaption to substitute for religion.

    Even worse than this, a deep misanthropy exists at the heart of the green movement. They are despicable people not fit to walk the Earth alongside those of those of us with some compassion and respect for human life. The misanthropy is no doubt also why they’re collectivists so ready to use violence to impose their evil philosphy.

  5. Good stuff in today’s Daily Mail about Thatcher and the Poll Tax:

    “Much of the commentary on the poll tax remains wide of the mark. This tax was an excellent idea in principle. Practice was the problem. It aimed to ensure that voters in local elections could make local democracy a reality by holding overspending councils to account. This required that every voter paid his or her share of the cost of local services. Mrs Thatcher explained it as a ‘ready reckoner’. What actually happened was that it came unstuck as Left-wing councils heavily overspent then successfully blamed central government for the resultant large bills, before the system became accepted.

    Contrary to what’s been written, the evidence in the newly released papers confirms what I know to be the truth: that the poll tax was introduced in Scotland before it was in England because the Scottish Conservative Party, reflecting Scottish opinion, insisted upon it. The reason they did this was because Scotland had recently endured the effects of a full-scale rate revaluation. This had been very unpopular, leading to large and inexplicable increases in bills for many households. The Scots believed that introducing the poll tax would mean an end to this misery. But it only created more, and heightened the sense of Scottish victimhood into the bargain.

    The Scots have now become so used to having their paranoia indulged that they insist on rewriting not just the British constitution but British history. They shouldn’t be allowed the luxury of arguing that the poll tax was forced upon them by a wicked Westminster government.”

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