At the risk of bringing opprobrium

David Davis

It appears that pre-capitalist-barbarism is often accompanied by what we used to call, when we used to beallowed to speak as if we were sane, “sense of humour failure”.

Some -for it must be – or they are in the pay of other – Moslem blokes (shouting “The Prophet has been avenged” and “God is Good!” in whatever language these dudes use) have shot up and trashed the offices of “Charlie Hebdo”, a newspaper not unlike, I guess, “Private Eye”, in Paris, killing a number of the staff, including, most interestingly, cartoonists in particular.



There’s not much I can do about it right now, but here is what I briefly said here and there:-

I merely attach links like that in the interests of velocity.





  1. Not cowardly, as their President has said, but an outrage deserving of a punishment that is unlikely to be imposed. What makes these people so dangerous is that, unlike the IRA, they are willing to take risks with their own lives.

  2. Agreed David. And there have been a series of Islamic attacks in France recently. Neither being opposed to the Iraq war, or condemning Israel every five seconds (the policy of the French government) makes any difference at all.

    What some of our libertarian brothers and sisters (good people who mean well) do not understand about the forces of Islam is that they do not want infidels killed or exterminated because of something the infidels have done (the cartoons in the newspaper are irrelevant – the other recent Islamic attacks in France have been essentially random). The forces of Islam (the faithful followers of Mohammed – following his teachings and the personal example in his life) act in the way they do, because it is their religious duty to do so.

    I have an old reference book upstairs (written before the “Political Correctness” cult gained control in British academia) – just a record of what happened over the centuries (very brief and general – just a chronicle of events, no agenda). And over the centuries (every century) there have been Islamic attacks on Europe – it just happens, sometimes whole towns or cities are destroyed.

    What is special about our times is that an honest discussion of these matters is now forbidden. People such as Gladstone or Winston Churchill would be arrested for some of things they said about Islam.

    I do not believe anything will change with the attack with Paris today – the establishment elite will not learn, they refuse to learn. Already the standard elite voices are sneering at people who “confuse extremism with Islam” and saying that the “ignorance” of people will be “exploited”……..

    On reflection everything I have just written is a waste of time (although I might as well finish it now). Our culture, or rather the elite “gate keepers” of the education system and the media, has a death wish – nothing can change this or save us.

    Any action taken by ordinary people will be pointless – indeed it will be used to discredit them, taken as proof of “Islamophobia” – the standard “medicalization of dissent” (treat opposition as proof of a form of mental illness – “authoritarian personality” or “paranoid style of politics”) that the Politically Correct (or “Critical Theory” – for people who say that “P.C.” is the wrong term for this) people do – and have done ever since the Frankfurt School of Marxism taught them to do it (see Jonah Goldberg’s book “Liberal Fascism”).

    And, before anyone points it out, I do know that many of the leading figures in the Frankfurt School of Marxism were of Jewish origin – ironic as Jews are now being driven out of France (and Sweden and ……) and in academia the modern “Critical Theory” people (now mostly NOT of Jewish origin – the movement has “gone mainstream”) want Israel exterminated – and also blame “money Jews” (remember the Marxist German B.M. gang of the 1970s – “we are not anti-Semites – we are only against Money Jews”) for the problems of various Western countries (including the United States). “Occupy”, the “New Black Panther Party”, and on and on….. are not nice groups, not nice at all.

    Extortionists (“pay me money or there will be trouble for your company”) like “Rev” Jesse Jackson and “Rev” Al Sharpton (the person who started out his life of extortion by making up rape accusations – and went on to push riots, and has been a guest of Mr Obama on at least 80 occasions in the Whitehouse) are actually the LEAST harmful face of this movement. Criminals (the Jacksons and the Sharptons are essentially after money, but do nor want to work for it) are a lot less harmful that sincere warriors – whether for Marxism or Islam.

    “Tell George Soros that he is funding a threat to Jews”? He already knows – and it does not bother him, like many “clever” people he thinks he can stir up hatred (by funding the “Tides Foundation” and so on) without it ever coming back to hit his own family. Mr Soros, and people like him, are very clever at making money – but they have no common sense, none. Warning them, about Islam or anything else, will do no good at all. Any more than warning the establishment elite, of France or America or Britain…., will do any good.


    There is none. At least none that I can see.

  3. I’ve decided to get rid of the “University of Oxford” link on my facebook. I was not aware that it comes up all the time. I think in my old age, increasingly, that it is naff and chav to talk about such things. So it’s going, as soon as I can modify it to something less triumphal-looking.

    • I have just dropped mention of my doctorate for the same reason. John Kersey has more academic credentials than I have, and he doesn’t mention them unless they are relevant. So why should I.

  4. What can we say that has not been said already?

    I am actually of the persuasion that this is not the only nature of Islam. Unfortunately, it is a very strong part of the nature of Islam right now. Saying that Islam can be other ways is like standing in the middle of the Thirty Years War saying Christianity doesn’t have to be like this. A moorish observer would say to you, “Maybe, but it is what Christendom is right now. Please do not send any of it to our part of the world”, and he would have a point.

    Who would have thought that being a cartoonist would put somebody in the front line?

    I sometimes imagine an alternate history from around 1960 onwards. In it, there is some migration but no ideological mass immigration. Social mores gently loosen up from the overly tight 1950s. The economy is gently de-socialised, and the growth of government slows to a stop and then, gently again, goes into reverse. And the happy peoples of Europe do not stride, but do wander, into the broad sunlit uplands of a free, safe, happy society.

    And then I look at the carnage wrought by the Neo-Progressives, the Marxists with their Puritanism, or Puritans with their Marxism, however we characterise it, and I weep.

    Cartoonists, dead because of our societies in the grip of a cohort who think “making the world a better place” must be achieved, no matter how much ruin it incurs. Bastards.

    • Yes, now is the time to ask more and more who has bought these people into our countries in the first place. It didn’t happen by accident, it was deliberately planned and carefully executed.

      Furthermore, we should challenge the politicians and lawmakers who have given them more rights than the indigenous peoples, a process which has emboldened them to a point of arrogant contempt for us and our way of life.

      I watched part of a TV programme recently about High Court bailiffs. They went into a Pakistani household to collect a debt for which they had a High Court Writ. They were threatened and told there would be a ‘riot’ if they didn’t leave. Having a lawful duty to recover the debt, or remove goods, they stood their ground and were again threatened with physical violence. They rang the police and explained the situation, only to be told, rather pathetically, that they didn’t have anyone available to come out. I rather get the feeling that if the bailiffs had used certain words and the occupants of the house had called the police and said they had been ‘racially abused’ the police would have been out like a shot.

      This is 21st Century Britain, and it won’t stop where we are.

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