Quick not to all our writers

David Davis

Please from now on, could you all put your by-line in blue Italics, as shown by mine just above, just at the top of your post and ideally as the first item, or the first after a title in the main box? It will please me, as an old old man, and will also please the chimpanzee type-writors in the freezing nissen hut. It will also help to standardise the look of our posts.


  1. So basically you are imposing your own system on the rest of us. I thought this was a libertarian blog. Your diktat is worthy of the CCCP.

  2. I’ve been thinking. The chimpanzees aren’t getting any younger, and as there’s no minimum wage for non-humans, and as their job could literally be done by gibbons, why not phase them out and replace them with the gibbons from Chester Zoo? They’re a nice family and willing to work for a pittance. It’s either that or employ the bonobos but I fear that a) they’re rather overqualified for menial work and b) they would attempt to shag the typewriters. (The Orangutans are already employed part-time by the Socialist Worker’s Party.)

      • I hear some of the gibbons are mutualists and some are Randroids. That’s the closest we’ll get to libertarianism from the primates: the orangutans are, I can confirm, employed part-time by the Socialist Workers, while the bonobos and the gorillas are all in the Green Party.

  3. It may be one of the early signs of Alzheimer’s that I often wonder about, but I can’t find how, in the WordPress editor, to change the colour of text. I will continue looking, however.

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