I thought this was quite interesting.

David Davis

This is about Gideon Bibles being put in people’s rooms that they live in, in Universities.

Firstly, we could discuss the dilemma faced by those wondering whether Aberystwyth actually “has” a university.

But perhaps this would be slightly below the belt as we are not just here discussing the volume-based-degradation of the “University Concept”. Aberystwyth is a fine town, and there seems to be a university there. We’ll see about that later on.

But in the meantime, the “Universitas” is an essentially West-European-Christian institution; and it is therefore by definition nothing whatsoever to do with post-modern GramscoFabiaNazi fads and their inevitable resulting pogroms. These pogroms, being essentially atavistic, zombie-raised and anti-liberal and pre-capitalist-barbarian phenomena, ought to be isolated and quarantined in the first instance by shutting-down almost all Western “universities”.

It’s sad, and I’m sorry, but if the “guv’nors” of all those 645,675,497 “universities” had been awake, then this  _shut-down_   act would not be necessary. It’s however necessary to turn out the “teachers” and the “students” into the real world, to see if _any of them are any good at anything _ . I’m not trying to out-do Pol Pot; merely to show how wrong the bastard was.

Here, the real issue is about overturning established tradition for the wrong reasons.

Secondly, nobody is forcing  _’students’_ at Aberystwyth to read anything whatsoever, let alone any copies of the Bible that might be left lying about in drawers and stuff. They can simply ignore it, and the problem if there was one, would simply go away as the thing got covered with PowerPoint-printouts of lecture-notes etc.

Thirdly, WE SAY, to two groups of people:

(a) The White Ethnic British GramscoFabiaNazis, and

(b) Offended Moslems*** and “others” :-

Now look here, dudes. We made this world as it is with our own hands and minds. …You lot _did nothing_ . It functions like it does because _we made it_ and not you. If you like it and use it as it is, and you do – because we see that you do – , then live within it and respect the others here.

If you don’t like this world as we made it, then you can leave and find another one. Nobody will hinder you on your travels.

*** This begs the question as to whether any, or even many, British Moslems are offended by bibles in people’s University rooms.


  1. Agreed David.

    And it is a sad thing to see the plague of Political Correctness (or “Critical Theory” if there are any pedants reading this) manifest itself in Wales.

    Anything that is traditional, or just good, the left seek to destroy.

  2. On the general issue of universities and the broadening of the attendee numbers / lowering of the quality of entrant, I accompanied someone to Canterbury Christ Church University library yesterday. Being a vocationally oriented (teaching, nursing) uni it’s admittedly low in the national rankings but I was still shocked to see a big display here, with leaflets outlining to students grammar tips, such as one on adjectives, another on nouns, others on a paragraph or how to make notes. Astounding indictment, not necessarily of the university as they receive students at a certain level, but very much so of our education system and the type of person we push towards getting a degree. With the cost to repay a student loan (apparently) recalculated at 62k, it really underlines the insanity in our present system.

  3. I was always really glad of the Gideon bible when I was a student. Its printed on that really thin, cheap paper, so is excellent to keep in the bathroom for when you’ve spent all your grocery budget on Guinness in the Student Union the night before.

    By the end of my third year I was most of the way through the book of Mormon, too. Couple of nice fellas in suits left it for me (that was a fun chat). Much more entertaining to read than the bible, but printed on a far harsher grain paper. The lord gives and he takes away, I suppose…..

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