Libertarian Alliance Conference 2008: Alex Stansfield

laconf08-c-stansfield from Sean Gabb on Vimeo.

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  1. Yes – one of the great corrective works of British social history is “Education and the State” by E.G. West (1965), showing that ordinary people were educating their children in 19th century Britain.

    Copying the education system of the 18th century Prussian ruler Frederick the Great was NOT necessary in Victorian Britain (although the “cult of Prussia” eventually won out).

    Nor was copying the 19th century German minister in health and old age provision necessary – for example 80% (and rising) of British industrial workers were in mutual aid “Friendly Societies” by 1911 – but, again, Germany was copied.

    As for India and so on.

    Inspire of the great poverty caused by the “Permit Raj” of the socialist Congress Party after independence in 1947 (although British rule was also highly interventionist economically – a fact that is often forgotten), Indian parents were making great sacrifices to get their children a good private education by 2008 – by which time the “Permit Raj” had been partly rolled back (the Congress Party no longer being fully socialist).

    However, by the time this event was being held – the Congress Party in India (with the support of the usual suspects in the “international community”) was already planning “free” government schools for everyone and government welfare.

    The present BJP government in India is not really rolling things back.

    In Kenya and so on “free and compulsory” state education is also on the rise.

    Parents will be taxed to provide these schools – whether their children go to them or not.

    By the way…….

    I can not hear these recordings – just the odd word here and there (lots of static and so on).

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