Libertarian Alliance Conference 2010: Malcolm Hutty, Freedom and the Internet

laconf2010. Malcolm Hutty, Freedom and the Internet from Sean Gabb on Vimeo.

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  1. It is tragic that the United States government this year (2015) has adopted the same powers over the internet that the Chinese government claimed when this talk was delivered (in 2010).

    The young people who welcome the ICC take over of the internet (under the disguise of “net neutrality”) baffle me.

    I know there is an internet convention against comparing people to the German National Socialists – but they really are (to an extent) the young people who welcomed the victory of the National Socialists in 1933.

    An old professor stopped one of these young people (and it should be remembered that the National Socialists dominated the Student Unions even in the 1920s – when the ordinary voters were giving little support to Mr Hitler and is gang) and asked him why he was celebrating.

    “Now we will be free” answered the young man.

    But I do not understand, said the elderly Professor, surely the policy of the National Socialist German Workers Party is to take away individual freedom – under the principle that the interests of the community come before individual rights.

    “Yes – you do not understand” replied the young man “now we will be free NOT TO BE FREE!”

    The terrible burden of individual moral responsibility had been taken from the shoulders of these young people.

    They felt “free” in the same way Martin Luther felt “free” when he rejected free will (moral choice) and adopted the position that all human actions were predetermined by the Supreme Leader of the Universe – in the case of Mr Luther, God rather than Mr Hitler.

    The young wolves were now “free” to do anything they were ordered to do (no matter how evil) – whereas their enemies were the “slaves” of shame and guilt, of moral responsibility.

    This, not boiler plate propaganda against “greedy capitalist” owners of cables, is why some people welcome the government take over of the internet.

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