Libertarian Alliance Conference 2010: Mark Pennington, The Mirage of Climate Justice

laconf2010, Mark Pennington, The Mirage of Climate Justice from Sean Gabb on Vimeo.

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  1. “Climate Justice” – a variation of “Social Justice” (as is “Racial Justice” and “Gender Justice”) an excuse for robbery and tyranny.

    Many people may be totally sincere with their fears about the terrible things increasing C02 may do – but, yes, as soon as someone (with approval) comes out in favour of “Climate Justice” one knows one is dealing with someone who is under the influence of an evil doctrine

    By the way – a quick way of telling of someone is sincerely worried about C02 emissions.

    Ask them if they are in favour of nuclear power – really in favour of it (in favour of deregulation and so on).

    Some Green types are sincere – for example James Lovelock. But most fail the test.

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