Voices of Liberty: Interview with David Marquand, 1991

1991-vol-marquand from Sean Gabb on Vimeo.

In and around 1991, David Botsford (d.2013) recorded a series of interviews for a programme that he called “Voices of Liberty”. Those he interviewed included many in the British libertarian movement, together with several prominent critics of libertarianism.

DavidportraitThe programme was never made. In December 2007, however, David handed the analogue tapes of the interviews to Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance.

Beyond making a few obvious joins, where interviews span more than one tape, Sean decided not to edit the footage. This means occasional comedy and much dullness. But these are now important video sources from the moment when some thought the libertarian movement was on the point of political breakthrough, but it was really on the verge of decline.

At the time of filming, David obtained signed permission from all persons interviewed to use their contributions as he pleased. He assigned these rights to the Libertarian Alliance.

We take this opportunity to regret David’s early death. In the 1980s, he was a prolific and important writer for the Libertarian Alliance. He was also good company. He has been and will be missed.

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  1. An interesting man. An example of how a sociologist is not necessarily a person who believes that all human tradition is without value – something the noble collectivist state should sweep away to remake society (and the human beings that make up society) in some supposedly ideal image.

    It is often forgotten that the collectivist vision of Francis Bacon can also be found in Aristotle (whom Bacon detested) as well as Plato.

    The idea of a mighty “Law Giver” (as Rousseau called the ruler) remaking society and humanity in some supposedly superior way (with both tradition and voluntary civil interaction crushed) is very much the “treason of the intellectuals”.

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