Nationalists or Nazis? What England should do about the SNP

David Davis


This is a libertarian blog. I have written on it for almost nine years, so I ought to know. So also do the other writers, some of whom have been here a long time and some have not; we increase all the time. The problem with life however comes in when people that want to simply rub along normally with other people next-door to them get interfered with by GramscoFabiaNazis and the foul designs of thee foul people, who simply want to destroy and not build.

The Scottish and English People have been (more or less) together since long before even the Romans tried to add the Province of Britannia to their empire. The Romans slightly succeeded for almost 400 years but ultimately failed; the reasons for their failure are also down to socialism but that’s for another post, and entails some kinds of economic theory which I will leave to the Director of the LA to explain possibly better than I can.I have never pretended to be an economist; merely a sort of scientist, that tries to observe and conclude.

In the meantime, the Scottish sorts kind-of-rubbed-along with the more southerly-based English sorts. This must have been the case, more or less.

Modern alchemists and suchlike people even find it hard to discern more than subtle differences between Scottish and English DNA. A largish island with more-or-less-uniform topography except at some of the edges, and which is a largish distance – say more than 20 miles – from any nearby landmass, must inevitably end up with a human population like this one over the course of thousands of years. Discussion of unpopular and proactive-GramscoFabiaNazi-driven “immigration” from “vibrant populations of very-very-high-ethnicity”, which is to say that these blokes are very-very-highly-ethnic and also very religious, is another matter totally.

I come now to the Scots. Like us, the Scots People, being white and so on, are not in this century defined as ethnic.There is no biological or psychological reason why their cosmological view ought to differ from ours.

But….in the last couple of decades, a Scottish Nationalist movement has become a not-negligible force in UK politics. Put simply, I put this down to people deciding to vote for people that say they’ll give you, the voter, an ever-increasing proportion of other people’s money. It is quite natural for an uncurious person to decide this is a good thing for himself. The generalised-British LabourNazi party has been saying things like that for more than a century, which is why it has been quite successful and in effect destroyed the Old Liberal Party, which only wanted really to give people not quite so much of other people’s money and only really what it thought people would put up with being taken from them. The LabourNazi party then spawned a breakaway called the “Social Democrats”, which sounded a bit commie-bastard even then, so it changed its name to the “Liberal Democrats”. But the same individuals would still like to “Rule By decree”. I know, for not just one or two but more here often tell me so. They are [as one said to me the other day only] “so fed up with people not listening to the best advice and acting on it!”

The Scots now have a Nationalist Party that is effectively fully-socialist. It’s likely that this party, the SNP, will take the majority – if not almost all – of the 50-55-odd LabourNazi seats in Urban areas of Scotland. Simultaneously, it is also possible that the LabourNazi party in England, Wales (and Ulster) may lose some of its marginals, possibly to the Tories but also possibly to UKIP. This will put it in a theoretical position, if Scotland was a separated nation, of never being able to form a majority government in England and Wales again. This would be a good position for the English and Welsh People to be in, and it’s something to be wished for.

There are rumours that a Scottish First Minister, on getting such a result, will state that (she) will assist, in some way, the constriction of a coalition comprising what’s left of the British LabourNazi party and her SNP – possibly with additions from the GreeNazi Party and other fringe ones like those blokes at “Free Wales”. This would be then able to form a majority government in Westminster, and be able to get legislation passed, all of which would be injurious and damaging.

The best way to get out of this awful jam is for the current Prime Minister to announce a Referendum of the English People Only, to take place between now, today, 10th April and 6th May. There is time enough to organise it. The question should be:-

“Should the SNP be allowed to form any majority coalition, in Westminster, with the Labour Party, to be able to pass unpopular socialist legislation against the wishes of the English People?”

As you can see, this is a completely unbiased and fair question, which both poses the problem and the danger, and indicates the deleteriousness of socialism simultaneously.

Update: some representatives of the fringe “nazi” parties are resorting to ad-hominem attacks.

(I would add, for the avoidance of doubt, that I say the following; “nazi” is not a party-political term, at all,  – not even where I use it liberally (ho ho ho) –  but merely describes a geostrategic political view that is fully-fully socialist. The undoubted fact that to be a socialist is a wrong thing to be, because “wrong” and “right” are objectively distinguishable things, does not compromise the neutrality of the Libertarian Alliance in electoral terms.)




  1. It’s difficult to really analyse what’s going on in Scotland and the astonishing success of the Scots Natzis, but I cannot help but wonder whether it is so much about nationalism or even socialism per se, and more about a deep disillusionment with Westminster government. The complaints about being ruled by a distance and disconnected elite are not so different in themselves from the similar populist sentiments among UKIPpers.

    That the Scots are cleaving to a damnably hard authoritarian socialism is very troubling, but what we might be looking at generally may be more about populism than anything else, which if so is not surprising in a country whose political class has become very demonstrably isolated as the new elite has cemented its grip.

    I remember saying (but cannot remember why, heh) on LAQT that I think we are in an historical moment when the ruling class has lost its legitimacy, which one can argue has not happened in Britain since the 17th century, which is why we have had stable government when most everyone else has had revolutions, and totalitarianisms and that kind of thing.

    I think politically, the near future in the UK is radically unpredictable. Will LibLabCon try a “national government”? If the Tories don’t get a majority they’ll have few coalition options. If Labour don’t, partnering with the SNP will be curtains for Labour. Interesting times.

    • An SNP/Labour partnership of any kind, provided that we could have another General Election at any random time in the life of its Parliament, might not be a complete disaster. Trouble is, I fear that the enemies of liberty are far cleverer than a waggonload of monkeys, and will know that they must do the most damage that they can as soon as they can.

      For example: in the promotion of liberty for all…and something that’s the opposite of what would happen in the forthcoming unlikely scenario…
      …Sean and I are agreed that, on the appointment of the Lord Protector – which must be less than two seconds after any pertaining result-declaration, the entire BBC has to be shut-down by pulling the electricity for each and all of the transmitters basically. Then, simultaneously, P45s and final-salary-cheques (to the correct date) have to be issued by text to about 80% of public employees. (That’s merely the first tranche. Other layers will rapidly follow)
      At the same moment, all the fired-people’s workplace-door-opening-swipecards have to cease to work totally. There is no more reason for any of them to get into their workplaces, from that second onwards. All their private belongings inside their “buildings” will be beginning to be collected from their drawers in their offices, into labelled binliners to be lined up outside on the street.

      The damage that a Labour/SNP “agreement to govern with or without the aid of other and minor leftist parties” , or a “confidence and supply agreement” – whatever that is – I will have to look it up (it sounds like something I wouldn’t like) – could do, even inside a few months, could be mortal.

  2. [Start disclaimer]

    This article, of course, is a personal view, and is offered only to begin a discussion of abstract issues. The LA takes no side in electoral politics.

    [End disclaimer]

    • Of course.

      I only said what I think is right for individual people to do. Some of us may think this right, others may not.

      The LA as an organization takes no specific party-political line itself, as is correct, and indeed now it should not.

      I apologise if I didn’t make that fully clear; that I was in fact articulating a personal view, and that this is does not indicate, nor should it suggest, any set view held by the Libertarian Alliance as an incorporated body.

  3. The mixture of Nationalism and Socialism is certainly not new – with the all the old attacks on “the capitalists” and “big business”, one expects an pledge to abolish department stores, and an end to “usury” (although the government Central Banks, around the world, already seem to have got the “zero interest rate” policy).

    But it is an odd sort of nationalism does NOT want an independent Scotland, it wants Scotland to be ruled by the European Union (much as the German National Socialists did – accept that their common European Home was to be dominated by Germany).

    Also it is has a deep hatred (yes) hatred of Scots culture.

    Ask a SNP activist what they think of the Highland Games.

    “Boo-Hiss – TORY”.

    Or great Scots writers such as Sir Walter Scott.

    “Boo-Hiss – TORY”.

    Before the rise of socialism the average SNP activist has nothing but hatred for Scots culture.

  4. “This will put it [labour] in a theoretical position, if Scotland was a separated nation, of never being able to form a majority government in England and Wales again.”

    Maybe for one or two election cycles this would be the case but political parties can shift their position. It seems to me that we have 3 major parties clustered around a sort of average opinion (‘taking the centre’ in strategy parlance). If Scotland were to leave, the centre would move and the parties would move with it. The average politician seems far more interested in power than principles.

    The fragmentation of the vote in this election is certainly an interesting phenomenon. An average generally only makes much sense if the thing being measured is relatively continuous (e.g. a normal distribution). However, in this election things seem to be becoming increasingly polarised. People will just not engage with any argument from the other side, discussions generally descend quickly into abuse and personal attacks. Maybe it has ever been such but it seems to me worse this time round.

    Personally, I think the echo chamber effect of social media and online discussions may be driving this. If things become very polarised, then the break up of the uk or worse will surely follow.

    • From what I hear, it’s a more interesting election than usual, if only for the awfulness of the all the contenders. I may start reading newspapers again, and possibly watching the television news.

      The things I’m required to do for this Movement of ours!

  5. I live in Edinburgh. SNP supporters actually run the whole gamut of the political spectrum but you’re stuck with the SNP if your primary belief is in voting for independence. I don’t see the SNP policies as other than slightly exaggerated versions of the way the mainstream parties are going – England will catch up before long.

    • Scarily, I think you are right, John. When you look at initiatives like the SNPs ‘Named Person’ state-appointed parent for all people under 18, I shudder. Yet this is just the kind of policy that Labour would wave through on a whim for the rest of the UK when they get a chance (‘think of the children!!’). And if Scotland is successful in implementing the licensing of air guns, then the rest of the UK will be a pushover, and all the main parties will be falling over themselves to do it. The Tories are currently spouting election promises that wouldn’t have sounded out-of-place in the mouth of Michael Foot or Tony Benn a generation ago (so no kickback there!), and potentially 50+ SNP MPs will occupy Westminster in a months time, potentially able to spread their policies to the rest of the UK if they become a minor partner in the next government…….s**t creek sans flat-bladed implement.

  6. The SNP maybe very strong but they are not invincible. They are introducing policies which frighten me in terms of the use of Big Brother. They have somewhat become very good at brainwashing people who are very vulnerable in terms of poverty and need and all they have done is exploiting it. The only way to stop this is by fighting fire with fire and that means belittling them, embarrassing them with home truths and to talk to people as to how Scotland is better than the SNP that has infected them.

  7. Despite what the media and polls say, the SNP wont clear the board to the extent that is being reported as people have forgotten just how entrenched the silent support is for Labour. There are people up here who would literally commit suicide rather than vote for anyone else…

    I intend to vote SNP, let Britain burn I say. It has become a nasty horrid little country run by nasty horrid little people. Somalia mark 2 would be a material and moral improvement over this bankrupt liberal fascist sh*thole.

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