Paris: The Wages of Victim Disarmament


Expressed in their simplest form, the ingredients for this atrocity can be expressed as follows:

mass migration + armed interference in Middle Eastern affairs + civilian disarmament = successful terrorist attacks in Western Europe.

The chances of this happening again could be much reduced by addressing even one of the elements on the left side of this equation. Unfortunately, given the vested interests involved, the chances of this happening must be nil.

In the case of civilian disarmament, which has long been pursued across nearly all of Europe in one form or another, it is worth bearing in mind that this carnage was wrought by just seven men. Just think about that for a moment: not even enough to fill one large taxi.

One of the most ghastly images of these attacks is of defenceless people being herded about prior to being murdered. Given even a smattering of armed resistance, it is almost inconceivable that these terrorists could have carried through their plans.

But of course current policies will no doubt continue (or, more likely, intensified), and the “response” will simply be more pressure to create a full spectrum surveillance state. The fact that terrorists don’t plan their activities on Facebook etc will not be much discussed.

Which all begs the question as to what this developing regime of surveillance really +is+ about. Some have suggested social control and tax collection – and they may not be wrong.


  1. Well indeed, the disarmament of the public is tragic and ruinous, as we see in these kinds of situations. It is the myth of the contract with the State, that one need not protect oneself because the State has professionals to protect you instead. But of course, they aren’t actually there when the shooting starts. At best, the State arrives some time later to clean up the mess.

    And having been in a mosh pit or two myself, looking at that photo of the carnage reinforced what sitting ducks they were, and not one person in the venue had the means to defend them.

    I still maintain though that this is a religious culture war aggressively waged by Islamist (“Puritan”) Muslims and not reactive to Western (State) actions. I know that as Libertarians we like to blame governments, preferably our own, for everything, and thus cleave to theories that support that condemnation, but ultimately these people are waging war because they (not unreasonably) know that in the long run, their social system cannot survive the cultural onslaught from the West, so they’re trying to wipe our culture out.

    And they’re not doing a bad job of it so far, it has to be said.

  2. You should look at the ISIS news release. I have decided it might not be entirely a good idea to publish this here, but it gives some support to your case.

  3. Excellent and concise point. Formula is outstanding. I totally agree. Consider for a moment that Europe has been the victim of all sorts of terrorism, revolutionary tumult, partisan warfare, etc. It has even been the victim of such attacks from foreigners like Paris was recently. But, almost all such attacks were handled locally. Ultimately, a combination of resolving legitimate grievances, ruthless coercion against unlawful attacks, the the continued immediate response by local civilian and deputized civilians ensured home grown terrorism became rather arcane and unusual. Meanwhile, as national European armies expanded their influence and force projection overseas, similar attacks from foreigners, almost always Moslem ones, faded into memory.

    What is happening now is a devolution to something privimite and sickening. European armies have deliberately, with malice aforethought been disarmed. Simultaneously, the civilian population has been disarmed. Finally, the civilian population has been told it must conform to a new set of un-European principles. Its almost has if an alien and invisible enemy has seized control of the institutions of power and begun occupying Europe. Now, it is importing foreign enemies. The result, a civilian population cowed, disarmed, and paralyzed, armies to small to effectively challenge raids from off-shore, and a politically enforced set of cultural values which makes no sense. The result: CARNAGE.Somehow, someway, the European nations must grow some, and throw out their current ruling class, rearm individually and collectively as civilians, and initiate a massive military buildup. If it isn’t done in the next 10 years, it is unlikely European civilization will survive.

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