Fourteen Reasons not to Bomb Syria

Tim Pendry

Fourteen reasons against bombing in Syria … there are many others … pick the one you like most … it may be your kid and friend turned into mush by the arrogance of our rulers so take responsibility …

1. It is grandstanding by a posturing Prime Minister who wants to be ‘up there’ with Thatcher and Blair

2. It is a not-so-cunning plot to try and split the Labour Party while weakening Corbyn-critical loyalists

3. It represents desperate competition with France to be ‘top dog’ in a flailing Western alliance

4. It is Cold War pique at the decisiveness of the Russians who actually do have an interest in Syrian terrorism

5. It is a continuation of the failed policies undertaken since Blair’s malign 1999 Chicago Speech

6. It is militarily futile and mere posturing without a ground war in which regional states are engaged

7. Russia is doing a better job than we can and we should be working with it and not competing with it

8. The French bombing provided the incentive for the Paris killings: people will die in London … or Birmingham … or Tunbridge Wells … or Glasgow.

9. Killing from the air has been a brutal war crime from long before Guernica … civilians will die. War from the air is also cowardice.

10. There is no national interest in a weak air response that stirs up a hornet’s nest …

11. It is a gross misuse of our national defence budget which would better serve domestic security and social cohesion.

12. It represents yet another primitive short term reaction to a problem that was created because of foreign policy short-termism

13. It is typical of the British Crown in being tactical rather than strategic – pique combined with pride, typical of these clowns and comic singers

14. It is quite simply stupid – a duff idea from cynical posturing second rate half wits


  1. War nearly always means the injuring, and even the killing of children. Nothing could be more hostile to liberty. Liberals rarely were pacifists, but there is hardly anything more iliberal than war; so it needs to be the last restort.

    Terrorism is a policing problem. Less innocents will suffer that way.

  2. Reason #12 is a perfect way to summarise it: another short-term reaction to a problem created by previous short-termist reactions. Yes.

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