New Year Greetings

Sean Gabb

I believe Keir will be writing a more extended review of 2015. All I will say is that nothing really and truly awful seems to have happened in England during the past year.

The Conservative election victory was probably the least bad outcome. The election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader may indicate a movement away from the slimebag generation that has dominated our politics since about 1987. Honest lefties are an improvement on Blairite scum. It is regrettable that we are back to blowing the arms and legs off people in the Middle East. But, thanks to cuts in the armaments budget, our masters are able to kill fewer women and children than used to be the case. We end the year barely more enslaved than we were at its opening.

2016 offers much the same, except that the liberating potential of new technology will continue to make itself felt. The Establishment media is in freefall, and even the Libertarian Alliance is able to produce decent audio and video content. In general, our masters know that we are watching them, and that we despise them, and that there is nothing they can do to restore the top-down media system that kept us in line until just a few years ago. The days when they could press a few buttons and spray us with uncontradictable lies appear to be over.

Do not expect radical swings in any direction in the year to come. Only bear in mind that, whatever threats and promises we may be made, we continue to weather the storm.

Asking you all to be of good cheer is rather a lot, especially since I have had none to offer since about 1966. But things could be worse.


  1. This is a couple of years old, but I think it’s worth a re-publish.

    You spend your life defending liberty,
    You uphold reason, truth, prosperity;
    Yet no-one notices your fervent prose.
    And tyranny’s not lessened. No, it grows!

    The climate’s changing, though. And, meme by meme,
    People are learning things ain’t what they seem.
    Slowly are rising tides of rage and hate
    Against the privileges of the state.

    A house without foundations cannot stand;
    The state’s philosophy is built on sand.
    All politics today is forged from nix
    But violence, theft, fraud, lies and dirty tricks.

    The work is long and wearying, my friend;
    Sometimes, you think the pain will never end.
    But darkest is the hour before the dawn,
    Till vanquished by the splendour of the morn.

    The Justice Clock inexorably ticks
    Towards the Final Fail of politics.
    Meanwhile I wish you, with much Christmas cheer,
    A happy, prosperous, free, just New Year.


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