An Easter Message

David Townes

The indominable spirit of the individual person rises on this day, showing for eternity that it cannot be surpressed by temporal power.  Temporal power exercised against the person is Satanic and evil.

The Romans crucified Jesus because he was seen by them as subversive to their power, but he rose from the dead showing for all men for all time that the evil of tyranny cannot kill the individual spirit and its knowledge of God and the truth.

This year, never has Satan so thoroughly, stealthily and dangerously fastened his fangs on the throat of mankind.  The lethality of Satan this year is masked by falsehood coming from every established source. These falsehoods crowd into our brain and cover over the truth.  The truth is hidden from mankind by Satan and his ubiquitous agents who mask who they really are by wrapping themselves in false respectability.

Only through hope, faith and love, love of our fellow man, love in Christ’s image, can we collapse the monster all about us.

I pray that we all receive this message of love, hope and peace on this Easter d

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