The Libertarian Party Goes Gestapo, Supports Mass Surveillance And Federal Snitching

Shane Trejo

The worst Libertarian Party Presidential ticket in history is at it again. This time, infamous globalist gun-grabber and LP Vice Presidential candidate Bill Weld is doubling-down on mass surveillance and the federal police state to supposedly solve the problems of mass shootings and radical Islam.

A Jun. 13 Washington Post article elaborates on Weld’s decisively anti-libertarian sentiments:

Bill Weld, the former governor of Massachusetts now running as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for vice president, called today for a 1,000-agent task force to combat Islamic State adherents in the United States, and for a tip line where Muslims could inform on radicalism.

“Let’s face it: The United States is under attack right now by ISIS and ISIS copycats,” Weld said. “They have a deep pool to pull from. There are over 3 million Muslims in the United States — maybe Mr. Trump will want to deport them all, but the better approach is to work with the community.”

In short, Weld thinks that encouraging more snitching to the federal government along with empowering the Department of Homeland Security or a similar agency to expand and take more control is how to go about keeping us safe. This is the polar opposite of what Ron Paul, a true libertarian, preached throughout his valiant career. It was his consistent message of peace, freedom and prosperity that galvanized millions to fight for the cause of liberty.

Fast forward just four years later, and the liberty movement has degenerated a great deal. The LP rolled out the red carpet for Weld is to undermine the hard work of the Ron Paul revolutionaries by promoting the same old, same old under the Libertarian banner.

Contrary to the lies and the deceptions of his apologists, it is clear that Weld hasn’t made any kind of act of contrition for his statism. He didn’t have a ‘Come to Jesus’ moment like Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina and other sincere converts to the cause. He is still an elitist Massachusetts liberal gun-grabbing, big-spending globalist. Weld is the great friend and confidant of Mitt Romney, the Iraq War and Patriot Act supporter who endorsed Bush, Obama, and John Kasich for President before washing out to the sad, sorry LP.

The new Libertarianism of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld is pandering, half-hearted, wishy-washy and uninspiring. Pictured in the WaPo article, Weld is wearing a rainbow tie to show solidarity with the LGBTQ community. This empty, meaningless platitude is supposed to be impressive, in lieu of solid libertarian ideas. It is a fantastic example of the type of ‘social liberalism’ that is meant to replace truth, integrity, sound economics, and bedrock principles. This new era of Libertarianism that is being ushered in by these two GOP has-beens is nothing short of an abomination.

It is no surprise why staunch leftists like Stephen Colbert and Lawrence O’Donnell are so quick to embrace Johnson and Weld. It is no surprise that they are getting press coverage that Ron Paul never received. It’s apart of a national attempt to bury of the cause of liberty, and it’s being done to satisfy Johnson’s delusions of grandeur. This spineless, attention-starved egomaniac doesn’t belong anywhere near the big stage, and had to bring in a consummate insider low-life onto his ticket to do the heavy lifting. It is tragic on so many different levels.

At a time when the public hates standard politicians more than ever before, the Libertarian Party puts up a Vice Presidential candidate that is a stereotype of just the politician that Americans are fighting mad toward at record levels. This strategic blunder may be unparalleled in its clueless, tone-deaf stupidity. The Libertarian Party has really proven all of its critics to be correct. The LP is, without a shadow of a doubt, a feckless bozo operation worthy of derision, contempt and scorn. The LPers are falling over themselves in an attempt to sell out right now, but nobody is buying.

After this ticket inevitably crashes and burns, it is time for liberty activists to get serious about policing our ranks. We have let a bunch of desperate backstabbers tarnish our good name, and that cannot be tolerated. In the mean time, every principled liberty-minded activist must vehemently oppose the Johnson/Weld ticket. Let these bums go down in a ball of flames. Let them be an example for what happens to carpetbaggers when they try to make fools of us all. From there, a legitimate liberty movement can be built where this type of garbage no longer flies.


  1. Wow, that’s a lot of words flowing into one person’s mouth he didn’t exactly say. What he said sounds sensible. The only thing tarnishing the Libertarian party’s good name is anarcho-extremist that haven’t been happy with a nominee ever. If you want your liberty back, you have to take it in small steps just like it was taken away. Is this the rock star dream ticket big L’s have been looking for, for over 4 decades? No, and it will never happen. The base is too fickle and ready to tear down anybody they even slightly disagree with. This is your best shot. Eff it up like ya know you will.

  2. The author of this POS article is so stupid he makes Sarah Palin and Dianne Feinstein look like Marie Curie and Albert Einstein. If there was a retarded scale from 1 to 10, he’s 100. If stupid were a disease he’s the poster boy. If consistency in argumentvand philosophy were money he’d make the poor house look like Beverly Hills and he’d be the new poor house. He makes outhouses seem fragrant by comparison. In general, he’s a clueless waste of food and oxygen.

    And BTW, he’s so wrong that there’s no way in infinite time or knowledge that he could ever be right.

  3. Well that didn’t last long. Many Libertarians including myself were especially concerned that with Weld’s background that he would bail on the LP platform pro-gun stance just as soon as something like this occurred and we were just proven right to do so. I just wish that we had somewhere else to go. The Republican party has the become the party of the pro war Neo-Cons while the Democrats are the party of Marx and Lenin. As soon as I can I’m leaving America and going to go where freedom and liberty are more than lip service and watch from afar as America destroys itself.

  4. Isn’t the real problem here money? In order to mount a viable campaign based on purist libertarian principles (in a particularly American sense) Ron Paul, who seems to be the only viable such candidate in the field, would have had to disassociate himself formally from the Republican establishment and would have had to run against his own party.

    Although caucus allegiance in the United States doesn’t mean what it does in Europe, it would still be strange for him to do that. I can see why he would think it better to be aligned with the GOP and promote libertarian policies using that mainstream platform.

    I confess I don’t know much about the LP candidates on offer this year. I am impressed with the Libertarian Party in the United States and hope they can make progress, but the problem is that once candidates secure office, or start mounting serious campaigns, they have to mediate between their purer principles and the political realities they face.

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