Open Letter to Charles Elphicke, Member for Dover and Deal

Dear Charlie,

I write this open letter as one of your constituents to express my great displeasure at your conduct during the Referendum campaign. Backing the Remain side was a betrayal of our country at large and an insult to the people who elected you. I have no doubt you will be aware that more people in Dover and Deal voted to leave the European Union than voted for you, and that virtually everyone who voted for you last year voted this week to leave the European Union.

I have not finally decided to vote – and indeed to campaign – against you at the next general election. In the meantime, however, I and many other of your constituents will be watching with unusual care how you speak and vote during the disengagement process. Your atonement will include the following:

1. You will accept the verdict of the people, and resist any attempt at yet another “renegotiation” followed by another referendum;

2. You will work for the fastest, cleanest break with the European Union, and resist any attempt at keeping our membership in all but name;

3. You will work for the full restoration of the liberties handed down to us by our ancestors.

Do any less than this, and I suggest that you will share in the wreckage of political careers that will be achieved at the next general election. Please be aware that hardly anyone nowadays accepts the Burkean idea of a Member of Parliament elected to follow his conscience. The choice before you is to act as part of a political machine hostile to our existence as a free people in an independent country, or to act as the delegate of those who elected you. We have now spoken, and we look to you to follow our clearly-expressed instructions.

Yours sincerely,

Sean Gabb


  1. Excellent letter. Fortunately I live in a very ‘Leave’ part of the country and my (Conservative) MP joined the Leave campaign early on.

    It might be a good idea to identify those MPs from ‘Leave’ areas who nevertheless voted Remain and use the above as a template letter to send to them. I wonder how a list could be quickly compiled?

    • I couldn’t find the reply. Your link leads to your letter, but not to any reply. Is this perhaps because you need to be a Facebook user to see it?

      Be that as it may, you are lucky to have an MP who actually bothers to reply to letters. Mine doesn’t.

  2. Bozza is obviously to ready to maintain the heart-warmingly high rates of Third-World immigration overseen by Lord Feldman, Grant Shapps, Robert Halfon, Danny Finkelstein, David Cameron, et al:

    It is said that those who voted Leave were mainly driven by anxieties about immigration. I do not believe that is so. After meeting thousands of people in the course of the campaign, I can tell you that the number one issue was control – a sense that British democracy was being undermined by the EU system, and that we should restore to the people that vital power:–and-alw/

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