An Appeal from the Libertarian Alliance (UK)


We humbly ask our supporters to help us improve our website, blog, and archive. Already a big “thank you” goes out to Derek Bernard, Nick Russell, Tom Rogers, Neil Lock, and Hedley Lester for supporting our appeal.

The Libertarian Alliance currently has two websites ( and, the former used as a Blog and the latter as an Archive).

There is here a mass of original high-quality libertarian, anarchist, and conservative literature published over the decades since our establishment in 1979 which needs to be better organised and more widely available. There is also a need to merge the old website with the new one. In addition to more than a thousand essays in our archives, there are also multimedia files of lectures at Libertarian Alliance conferences, along with our appearances in the media. 

But who are we?  The Libertarian Alliance is an educational charity which exists to further the British Liberal Tradition. We are the oldest and most consistently radical libertarian organisation, with charitable status since 2015, in the United Kingdom. Both our longevity and our quality make us an integral part of the modern libertarian movement. However, since 2000, our on-line presence has grown on an ad hoc basis. We now find that our websites, an archive and a Blog, need some cosmetic work.

Our old site,, contains:

– A static archive of over 1,000 PDF pamphlets which have accumulated since the 1970s. These include key, original texts published by the Libertarian Alliance of important thinkers to the libertarian movement including: Lord Harris; Arthur Seldon; Murray Rothbard; Hans-Hermann Hoppe; and Enoch Powell.
– More than 500 multimedia files of conferences including speeches from Hans-Hermann Hoppe, David Friedman, Walter Block, Tibor Machan, Madsen Pirie, Anthony Flew, and Alfred Sherman, along with our appearances on programmes such as The Wogan Show, The Moral Maze,Newsnight, and international news and comment programmes.

Our new site,, is a Blog with over 6,000 articles and over 30,000 comments. This Blog is contributed to by Sean Gabb, Ilana Mercer, John Kersey, Godfrey Bloom, Keith Preston, and many more.

Therefore, we ask for funds in order to do the following:

1. Convert our old site from Drupal to WordPress.
2. Merge the two sites at (still retaining the old site to redirect to the new).
3. Then restructure the site through better categories, new plugins, and the removal of duplicates and so forth.


  1. How about setting up an Amazon Associate link, too? Amazon pay you a percentage of the purchases made when you ‘send’ people to their website. I currently funnel all my Amazon purchases though a link which supports another libertarian organization. Would gladly use a new link to send those funds here instead!

  2. Can you elaborate a bit on how the money will be spent? Will you be contracting someone to do this work?

      • I suppose we should have specified all of this at the outset, but I assumed most project descriptions like this simply specified the end rather than the precise means. The appeal is to pay for a couple of monkeys to paste and integrate all the LA Notes documents into the LA Blog. It is also to tidy up the Blog, so that all redundant posts are pulled out, and everything has proper category classifications. We have a couple of students ready to work under supervision and whatever money is raised will go to them for their trouble.

  3. This work is more than just necessary. A year ago, I could give people links to LA papers from the past. Just this evening, I wanted to give Martin Cruttwell a link to my (prize winning) essay from 2007. But it doesn’t seem to be there any more. I can get as far as, but can’t find how to get to the text. It looks as if there has been a botched update to that site. Was a back-up taken before that update?

    These days, I do software QA for a living, so I guess I should offer my services to test what the monkeys eventually produce.

  4. One possible issue in connection with web development that has just occurred to me is that write a few of us add our comments here on articles. I put a lot of thought into mine and might want to come back and save some of them if they are now going to disappear. Will user comments be saved and remain under articles on the new site, or will they be deleted? It would be useful to know in advance – thanks.

    • Nothing will disappear. That is not the intention. Indeed, it would be nice to have a search plugin that gave equal prominence to posts and comments, especially since the comments are often better than the original posts. If anything does accidentally disappear, I have everything backed up. For your information, every time you post a comment, it is sent to me as an e-mail, and, though I was rather casual with these things until 2010, I now have about 30,000 in one of my e-mail folders.

      If you want, I can send them to you – though it may not even now be a total record.

      • No, that’s fine, thank you. I don’t want to put you to any more trouble than necessary. Just wanted to check in case I needed to copy and save my existing comments. Thanks.

        • The general rule is that nothing gets blocked or edited. The exception is if it seems likely to get us into trouble, when we have so far just asked people to desist. Nothing has ever been taken down. In the past ten years, we have blocked only one person from posting, and that was after repeated warnings and exhortations.

          The benefit of this approach is that people feel confident to put effort into writing long and elaborate comments in the surety that they will appear unedited. As said, sooner or later, we shall upgrade the blog so that everything is searchable. When this is done, the comments will shine in all their assorted glory.

  5. Please let me know if the payment went through. The information I am receiving from is a bit vague. Do I need to do anything else?

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