From Our Correspondent in Costa Rica

Sebastian Ortiz

I went to the relaunch of the local libertarian party. There I stood up, asked for the microphone and said:

“Sebastian Ortiz, Property and Freedom Society.

“First of all I would like to reproach Mr. Guevara for his modesty (this is regarding some comments he made on some drop in votes in the past election) for after all having once achieved a 5th of the electoral vote, he is the most successful libertarian candidate in history, more so even than Ron Paul.

“Secondly I would like to thank his comments on the ICE (a public company that is being granted a monopoly on state constructions when it’s an institute of electricity) for they reflect the principle of legality, article 11 of the general law of public administration and of the constitution which says that the state, its entities and civil servants cannot do anything but what the law expressly states and the principle of due process which says this must be followed.

“A propos of this principle, in the famous ruling by the supreme court, justice Rodolfo Piza Escalante mentions England and the Magna Carta, where the barons get together and tell the king, wait up you cannot do anything such as raise taxes without asking us. Well, I don’t plan on dying tomorrow, or the next election, nor the next decade so I look forward to the 40 congressmen, libertarian majority (minimum of 38 out of 57 seats) needed to call for a general constitutional assembly and thereby repeal parasitism.”

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