A Minor Clarification

I may, from time to time in the present century, have referred to the United States as “The Great Satan America,” and called for it to be smitten by God as He smote the Cities on the Plain.

If I ever did such, the words must be understood as a merely rhetorical flourish, not to be taken seriously. For the avoidance of doubt, my true opinion is that the United States are the last and best hope of humanity. And I look devoutly forward to a world everlastingly at peace under the wise and benevolent sway of President Trump.

Mind you, that’s what I think today. Come his inauguration, I may be back to recalling those regrettable events of 1956….


  1. As I have always said, what happened in 1956, the Suet Crisis, was a deeply regrettable incident, but the pudding shortage was eventually resolved and we’re just about over it. I’m glad the two countries did not allow such a trivial matter to harm ongoing relations.

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