Ron Olden

The behaviour of the West (including the media), in the persons of various Neo ‘Conservatives’ and liberals, in our dealings with the Middle East since 2001, has been a disgrace. And it shows no sign of abating.

This chaos was entirely caused by the West when it reduced Iraq to anarchy. You cannot remove all civil authority in a country and then abandon it, and especially not, when it is surrounded by pseudo religious murderous suicidal lunatics, and self interested dictatorships of the nature that inhabit the region.

You either have to do nothing, or you have to take complete responsibility for the people in whose environment you are interfering. From the point of view of the people of Aleppo, the presence of Russia and Assad is the least worst option. And it is measure of the appalling conduct of the West that leads me to make such an assertion.

The people of Aleppo’s suffering is at least abating a little, insofar as they are either now dead, or living under an, at least rational, tyranny rather than suffering continual intense Civil War. If I were a citizen of Aleppo I would rather have what they have now, than be where they were three months ago. I hope the Civil War in the rest of Syria comes to a rapid conclusion.

Yet the USA, the UK and others persist in condemning Russia whilst offering no alternative solutions. The West seems intent on standing on the sidelines shouting abuse at all sides whilst doing nothing, and inciting further violence. The West appears unable to comprehend that the best solution in conflicts like this, is for one side to win, and to win decisively. Only then can the winner show magnanimity.

Any schoolboy who’s read Hobbes’ Leviathan should know that, and given that the political elite claim to be so clever, one would have thought that they themselves would have read a political work which has been around over 350 years. Most men in the street whom the elite deride and sneer at, would be able to work it out for themselves without reading any book. They know how to avoid fights. But they also know that if they have to fight it’s best to win or lose quickly.

But if Neo Conservatives and liberals had their way the West would now be bombing all sides in the conflict simultaneously. This attitude arises from the childish ideological characteristic they all possess, namely, that they don’t like either side, so can’t bear the thought of the lesser of two evils prevailing. Instead, they promote the worst evil of all, anarchy, which results in both sides behaving at their worst, and prolonging the conflict.

These have been the worst crimes perpetrated by the West in my lifetime. Even in Vietnam there was, at least some coherent strategy. And the worst thing is that nothing whatsoever appears to have been learned by the politicians They would do this again if they thought the public would tolerate it.

Whatever anyone says about Donald Trump, there is at least a remote possibility that he will stop interfering and causing more trouble. But don’t count on it. On the other hand the likes of Hillary Clinton, Obama, George W Bush and Tony Blair seemed a dead cert bet to cause chaos, misery and death. They are like the four horsemen of the apocalypse.



  1. Well said Ron Olden on Syria. Syria of course is the latest victim of the “regime change” by criminals in Western governments. (SeeTheresa May speech 2014 Conference)

    Will all readers immediately go to the UK Column website. click on Video archives and select yesterday’s News broadcast 16th Dec.and listen to the heroic young lady Vanessa Beeley.

  2. I agree with your basic points. But I do wish that you wouldn’t use “the West” to stand for particular politicians and coalitions of them. You and I are part of “the West,” but you and I, and millions of others, don’t condone the handling of Iraq, etc.

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