Three verses to welcome 2017

By the Darn-Poor Rhymer

Economy is to ecology
As astronomy is to astrology.

Left is theft, and right is might, and never the twain should meet;
Yet both agree that we should suffer cameras on the street.
And both desire to tax us hard, and shrivel us with fright;
My friend, tell me the difference between the left and right.

When politics has met its doom,
Ten billion human beings will bloom.


    • Well, the Tories certainly do – though I suppose you could say they aren’t “the right.” They may try to keep the “headline” rates down a bit, but they keep on making new taxes. Like insurance premium tax (which started at 2.5% a few years ago, and is now 10%) and a new tax this year of 7.5% on dividends. As well, of course, as “cracking down” on existing ones. The state’s maw is insatiable, whoever is in power.

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