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And of course, ‘Mother Theresa’s new script is rather a good one. Let’s hope she sticks to it. The Republican majority in Congress loved her speech, and they see her more as ‘one of themselves’, than they do Trump himself.

And regardless of whether they like or loath one another, the relationship between Trump and Theresa, has the potential to be rather productive for both sides, without either actually having to do, let alone deliver, anything to each other.

All they each have to do is agree in private to say the right things in public, including (if necessary) hurling (carefully contrived) fake ‘insults’ at one another.

Trump is an Anglophile, and thanks to the SNP’s stupidity, mendacity and behaviour towards him over the Golf Course/Wind Farm saga, and Nicola Sturgeon endlessly slagging him off, before (and initially even after), they all realised he would be President, we have the advantage of Trump also hating the SNP.

But in any event it’s useful to Trump to have excellent relations with at least one major strategically pivotal and important, foreign country. The UK fits the bill to a tee. Even Trump’s most fervent ‘America First’ Blue Collar voters, have a soft spot for the UK, and they will easily be persuaded become fond of Theresa. Perhaps an invitation to Trump to come and see the Queen might not go amiss either. He’s nothing if not vain.

And regardless of what’s said in private, or what actually emerges from it all, it’s valuable to Mrs May to be able to make out to the EU that Trump is totally on her side in the Brexit negotiations. And from what I’ve seen of Trump he doesn’t give a toss what the EU thinks of him, and would probably welcome the chance to antagonise them.

Meanwhile however, Lady Miliband has emerged from his political coffin, to inform us that he’s concerned about Theresa having ‘allied herself too closely with Trump’. But he doesn’t give a single detail as to ‘in exactly what way’.

So unless Miliband disagrees with Theresa’s comment that ‘the US and the UK should not return to failed military interventions’, (in which case he should tell us what new ‘failed military interventions’ he proposes we get involved in next), I assume he merely means that Theresa has rejected the ‘liberal’ ‘diplomatic tactic’, of impotently shouting abuse about Trump from the sidelines, and alienating him completely.

It looks very much to me that we are near ‘Game Set and Match’ to Mrs May, which is not surprising, given that thanks to Miliband, the EU Remain Camp’s Referendum defeat, and Hilary’s ignominious defeat etc etc etc, Theresa has been dealt all the winning cards.

I expect an election soon, and I can’t see a single sane voter flocking to vote Labour on account of Mrs May getting on too well with Trump. Any voter with anything approaching normal brain power will appreciate that when it comes to negotiating Brexit, which Britain voted for, we need all the friends, (whether we like them personally or not), we can get. And even if we have only one set of allies, Trump and the American Republican majority in Congress are the ones to have. Our ‘Trump Cards’ so to speak.

If someone had told me two years ago that the Tories would be in the electoral position they are now, that we were on the verge of invoking Article 50, and that all these advantages were in place for the UK, I’d have invited them to try on a straight-jacket jacket and offered to give them a lift to the nearest lunatic asylum.

The conventional wisdom two years ago, was, that by now, Miliband would be Prime Minister, Ed Balls Chancellor of the Exchequer, all supported by an ‘agreement’ with the SNP and Nick Clegg. God almighty!!

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