No more taxes, no more wars

By the Darn-Poor Rhymer

Neil’s Note: My good friend the Rhymer (who bears much the same relationship to me as Mr. Blake does to Dr. Gabb) has kindly written this little ditty, with which I plan to end my next major essay. As the essay itself is not yet complete, I thought I might release this tidbit in advance for your delectation. It is modelled after the school playground song “No more Latin, no more French.”

I should perhaps explain at the outset the acronym “AGG” in line 2. AGG stands for Area of Good Governance. Its definition is: “An area in which the political state has been, or is being, replaced by governance which maintains peace, defends the rights of civilized people, justly resolves disputes, and does no more.”

In a few years, how will things be,
When England is an AGG?
No more taxes, no more wars,
No more scheming behind closed doors.
No more lies or propaganda,
No more “justice” without candour.
No more politician prats,
No more bossy bureaucrats.
No more weasel words from moanies,
No more cushy jobs for cronies.
No more barriers in the way
Of those who want to earn good pay.
No more stealing of earned wealth,
Whether obvious or by stealth.
No more cameras all about,
Spying on us to catch us out.
No more tracking of our bytes,
No more trampling on our rights.
No more stops without good cause,
No more bad, politicized laws.
When England is an AGG,
Then all its people will be free.


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