Helen Szamuely RIP

I have just learned that Dr Helen Szamuely, erstwhile Head of Research for the Bruges Group, organiser of the Rally for Freedom, a founding member of UKIP, and longtime star of the Eurosceptic movement has passed away. On behalf of the Libertarian Alliance, I should like to express my condolences to her family and friends at this difficult time. Requiescat in pace. 


  1. She was also the first kicked out of Ukip by Alan Sked. A silly decision since Sked hates anyone who isn’t a “tolerant” liberal like himself.

    • Not sure she’d have been happy at its direction. She was closely allied to Dr Richard North, co-author of Flexcit, who believes we are headed for a “trainwreck Brexit” that will destroy us economically thanks to the incompetence of the Government.

  2. So sad, a life full of scepticism, a seemingly brilliant mind wasted with inward lookers and Little Englanders – what a waste

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