Farewell Anna Raccoon

By Dick Puddlecote

Farewell Anna Raccoon Last week I wrote about Anna Raccoon and how she had been badly treated recently while receiving palliative care in a Norwich hospice.

She had been fighting a nasty form of cancer for six years despite doctors saying she would succumb in less than one, but sadly that last fight that she would undertake in her illustrious life ended yesterday morning in the early hours. She passed away peacefully in the beautiful riverside cottage on the Norfolk Broads that she and hubby Mr G had returned to from their previous home in France once the cancer was diagnosed.

Ironically, I heard the sad news just as I was about to set off to the same area in France for a family holiday, but after the long drive the first thing we did on arrival was to raise a toast to her and the marvellous Mr G.

The Blocked Dwarf (aka Jack Ketch) has spoken with Mr G and he is heartbroken but cheered to hear that his wife had so many online friends and admirers. Jack has agreed to pass on any kind messages so do feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments here.

Anna was most recently in the news bedbound, but I prefer this fantastic picture which is one of two on the wall of the annex G built with great views of the Norfolk wildlife and river boats especially for her. Taken in 1973, it is of a 25 year old Anna smoking Camels with a cup of tea and a slice of Battenberg cake. Beautiful, carefree, and with a world to take on in her future. I think she did exactly that, with integrity and skill.


RIP Anna, it was wonderful knowing you.

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  1. I used to read her blog avidly but never commented (wish I had). It was very good. Her posts were always very well done. I have always been very suspicious of the Savile saga and the other child abuse scandals, and her writings struck a chord and made me feel very sorry for Jimmy Savile, She did valuable work, really. I had wondered why she disappeared – and have now just looked her up again and note her posts are back. Very sorry to hear about the circumstances and, for what it’s worth, my condolences to the family. Very sad.

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