Godfrey Bloom: Sex, Interest Rates, & Stock Market Crashes

In a wide-ranging interview, our Honorary President Godfrey Bloom spoke this afternoon to Jon Gaunt about several interrelated topics, including sexual scandals, the overseas aid budget, the raising of interest rates by the Bank of England, and the possibility of an economic crash brought about by central bank money manipulation, as predicted by Austrian Business Cycle Theory.

If you would like to listen to the interview, please click on the audio link below:

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  1. I have absolutely no sympathy for politicians caught up in this fake sexual misconduct scandal. I say it is fake because almost-all these women are lying – women nearly-always lie about sex and being raped and assaulted – but as far as I am concerned, these male politicians can rot in prison anyway. I hope all those involved are convicted and they throw away the key, innocent or not.

    Julia Hartley-Brewer is manifestly a lying narcissist, but it seems to me that her lies are enough to convict Fallon of sexual assault.
    So why not? Let’s get him and the rest in prison and on the Sex Offenders Register.

    These are the people who have helped create this state of affairs and in most cases have voted for legislation that would put the rest of us on the Sex Offenders Register if we were to behave in the same way. To hell with them. Let’s give them a taste of their own medicine.

    And I disagree with Bloom: I DO care what politicians get up to when drunk because they are hypocrites who do not hesitate to stick their unwelcome noses into our lives. They have also ruined the country and are trying to destroy Brexit: and I want revenge. And if that means false convictions on the say-so of sluts, then so be it. I’ll take whatever means are available: that’s why we have a gutter press.

    Foreign aid is theft and is an example of a self-interested group within and close to the state defending its economic interest at the expense of the rest of us. The answer is not to abolish foreign aid, but to minimise the state. Otherwise, the money that is being stolen would still be stolen and just be wasted elsewhere.

    I don’t care about the state printing money. This is a fiat monetary system and the state can legally and legitimately print money to bail itself out. It’s not a good idea because of the inflationary risks and the possibility of hyperinflation and deflation, but this is the way the system operates: you print money until the currency is debased beyond repair, then you devalue or collapse and just set up shop again, sometimes under a different currency. OK, so what?

    The real solution is to shrink the state, but what’s needed for that would amount to a genuine political revolution.

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