Godfrey Bloom: The Queen & Tax Havens

This morning, on the Jonathan Vernon-Smith show on BBC Three Counties Radio, Godfrey Bloom, our Honorary President, defended the Queen’s personal right to invest in overseas locations, given the recent press coverage on this topic.

After Mr Bloom’s opening remarks, Graham Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of the Anti-Monarchy campaign group, Republic, and a frequent contributor to the Guardian newspaper, also spoke, after which Mr Bloom replied with his concluding remarks.

If you would like to listen to the exchange, please click on the audio link below:



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  1. I neither know nor care how or where the Queen invests her personal wealth. She can invest in tax havens, dictatorships, the North Korean cinema industry, the arms trade or any enterprise she likes. She could invest it in sex toys and Smarties for all it could matter to me. If the Queen is to set an example for the rest of us as head of state, then it should be prudent personal financial management, which I assume is the case.

    I’m a British Republican, but can’t say I support the Republic pressure group: their website regurgitates the usual banal leftist twaddle about the Monarchy being “undemocratic” and their reasons for wanting a Republic seem shallow.

    What I do care about is how the failures of this particular Monarch demonstrate the general flaws with constitutional monarchy as a system of government. I would favour a return to the Anglo-Saxon practice of the Crown being held by elective members of the aristocracy. What I certainly don’t want is another Calvinist xenophilic liberal Tory on the throne. 65 years of Missus Windsor has been quite enough, thank you, though no doubt the old girl has a few more years in her, which means more of those dreary Christmas broadcasts to “enjoy”.

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