Godfrey Bloom: The Gender Pay Gap

This afternoon, on the Gayle Lofthouse show on BBC Radio Leeds, Godfrey Bloom spoke about the alleged gender pay gap highlighted by a recent report by the Fawcett Society.  If you’d like to listen to his interview, please click on the audio link below:


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  1. I can understand why Bloom wants to deny that women tend to earn less, but in fact they do, and there are reasons: different biological imperatives and average gender differences in career choices.

    Not clear if the BBC interviewer is playing Devil’s advocate or is just stupid.

    It hasn’t escaped my notice that when a statistic suggests that women are paid more in an age cohort, this is not seen as discriminatory and is even assumed to be a good thing. Nobody seems to want to consider whether equal treatment degrades society or the benefits of paying men more in order to encourage healthy family life. The debate, as here, seems to be narrowly about money and whether people are being treated ‘fairly’ or not. We are, in short, at or approaching the apotheosis of the liberal dispensation. Wisdom has been ditched in favour of treating each individual as akin to a calculus.

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