The Pretty Façade of ‘Freedom & Democracy’

By Andy Duncan

One of the most wonderful things you can do, just before Christmas, is to visit the street markets of Vienna, one of the grandest old cities in Europe. As well as being able to buy an endless supply of glittering colourful things, the best aspect is that every third or fourth stall you can fill up a copious mug with a delicious draft of hot mulled wine, simply to keep out the icy cold you understand.

What you might also see, if you were to visit this year, is something that looks like this:


What could this oddly-sized Christmas-wrapped thing be? A super-sized electric railway set? A particularly large racing bike? A gift perhaps from God Himself?

Well, if you stand up on your tippy-toes and peer over the edge, this is what you’ll find lurking under the otherwise rather tasteless gift wrapping:


So what’s this ugly-looking monstrosity inside?

Well, it’s a concrete block designed to prevent terrorist truck drivers rampaging down crowded pathways to mow people down.

It’s been ‘prettily’ camouflaged as some kind of mysterious Elven Christmas Gift, to hide the brutal ugliness of what it represents.

So why are we seeing these dreadful things popping up all over the place, with many formerly graceful European cities beginning to morph into more northerly versions of Beirut? Because of the West’s dual-headed policy of trying to bomb the Middle-East back into the Stone Age (for mysterious reasons too long and too complicated to debate here), and its ugly twin-sister policy of decades-long forced immigration from the same region.

To my mind, the concrete block represents the repulsiveness of the modern democratic state, and the fancy Christmas wrapping represents the slogans with which the modern democratic state wraps itself to disguise that repulsiveness. These are the usual Agitprop phrases such as, ‘freedom and democracy’, ‘we the people‘, and other such platitudinous Goebbels-esque nonsense, endlessly repeated on mainstream media news programmes by talking heads.

So why do I find democracy so repulsive? In this particular case, because if we subscribe to its mesmerising tenets, we admittedly subscribe to the view that a voting majority of freeloaders can inflict compulsory taxes upon everyone else, taxes then used to finance, bomb, and slaughter innocent people in whichever part of the world the western bloc’s ‘leaders’ currently think ‘we’ need to invade and endlessly bomb to ‘defend’ freedom and democracy for these selfsame people.

As we’re all taxpayers, we all pay for the bombs, and so terrorists come to think in their twisted minds that it’s now okay to mow us all down with stolen trucks. Hence, these concrete blocks get installed, to ‘protect’ us, while we sip our mulled wine and fill up our shopping bags with glorious shiny baubles. That some of these terrorists now actually live in Europe to inflict this horror upon us, is itself courtesy of the policies of these ‘leaders’, especially the former GDR Komsomol Leader, Frau Angela Merkel. The Western democratic states randomly bomb a community from 15,000 feet, then forcibly integrate its surviving victims into our societies, to quite nakedly fracture these societies, within an eternal game played by state gangs to divide and rule.

As Hans Hermann-Hoppe recently stated in his anti-communist manifesto, within point two, he believes that the western world should ‘Stop attacking, killing and bombing people in foreign countries’ . I agree with every word of this.

This mess caused by the ‘West’ will still perhaps take many decades to resolve, even after such a move. However, at least it might be a good start to stop killing people and to stop proactively invading their countries for spurious reasons made up by budget-hungry spy bureaucracies. And then eventually, one day, we might be able to take down these appalling concrete blocks and to replace them instead with Christmas trees.

I’ll even tolerate plastic elves, so long as you buy me a mug of mulled wine to lull me into a state of benign acceptance.

Andy Duncan is an Honorary Vice-President of Mises UK and also the Chief Technology Officer of Finlingo.Com. (Photographs used with permission.)


  1. The reason we have this terrorism in our own country is not because we bomb foreign countries, it is because we have enforced diversity in our own homelands. If that ended, and the racial aliens were deported back to their ancestral homelands, the terrorism would stop.

    I agree with Hoppe sentimentally, but “attacking, killing and bombing people” is not strictly what Western governments do. They are in fact seizing resources. The attacking, killing and bombing of people is collateral. Once this is understood, it is unclear how Hoppe’s sentimentally appealing view could be implemented practically, given the realities of (among other things) human nature and geopolitics. I think it’s doubtful that ending states or statism would end foreign intervention. Military adventurism pre-dates the nation-state by some distance and we would need to take an interest in overseas developments as part of our national defence. Anybody with a modicum of sense knows this.

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