Godfrey Bloom: The Missing Brexit Files

Our Honorary President, Godfrey Bloom, spoke this afternoon on the Roberto Perrone show, on BBC Three Counties Radio. He was interviewed about the latest Brexit spat in Westminster about the current UK government’s unwillingness to reveal certain Brexit papers dealing with their expectations on Britain’s post-Brexit economy.

If you’d like to listen to his comments, please click on the audio link below:


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  1. I don’t understand the fuss. If I want an economic model for the consequences of different Brexit options, there are opinions and analyses to choose from all over the web. Take your pick.

    I state the obvious, but it is always worth restating: economics is not a science: it’s a normative discipline, and even its basic tenets vary depending on the individual economist or school of economics, depending on what is believed to be a good or bad policy outcome or ideological position. This leads to a basic problem with economic discussions in that they always necessarily touch on politics, and given the political nature of the discipline itself, there tends to be a lot of argument from authority. The whole discussion about the Brexit papers is rooted in that fallacy. It will be no surprise to learn that civil servants have decided that the impact of Brexit will be minimised by remaining in the Single Market and the EU Customs Union. They would think that. The studies will reflect this.

    The government seems to have set a trap for itself. It would have been better if they had just quietly released the documents a year ago in the House of Commons library or on a website, and probably few would have noticed.

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