Godfrey Bloom: A Presidential Spat

Our Honorary President, this morning spoke in a debate on the BBC Radio Kent Breakfast show, about the proposed visit to the UK of President Donald Trump.

He spoke second in what became a ‘lively’ debate. If you would like to hear his contribution, please click on the audio link below. He starts speaking at 54 seconds:

Yesterday, Godfrey Bloom also spoke on the Jonathan Cowlap show, on BBC Radio York, about changes to the UK’s driving test regulations. Click on the audio link below to listen to this:


  1. “Self-confessed sex offender” – he is nothing of the kind.

    I agree that that woman with the American accent should clear off back to where she came from. I’ve had quite enough of foreigners telling us how Britain should be run.

  2. LOL

    The radio host is about as smart as a door knob, and the yank a few notches below that even. Hysterical lunatics.

    They’re also ignorant about Clinton, against whom there are allegations of more than just a little impropriety, and Trump. It’s frightening to think these fake news spreading dimwits are paid to speak.

    Trump never admitted to grabbing a woman by the nether regions – he said women will LET people famous enough do so. So this is just low grade fake news.

    I’d call this arrogant, dumb, loud, obnoxious piece of crap a slut too, but she probably belongs in the antiques section, and no doubt would make a camel’s arse feel pretty if put next to it. Bloom has every right to challenge this arrogant foreign bint’s personal delusions.

  3. Amazing how these people who claim to be in favour of democracy change their minds when it doesn’t produce the result they want: either it didn’t happen or it wasn’t really democratic (or the Russians rigged it). Being an American as well as a Brit (I’m a Canadian, so I can criticize both equally…) unless she doesn’t even have half a brain (which is certainly possible, given what I heard) she knows perfectly well that the US President is not elected on the basis of straight popular vote and never has been. The founders put in that whole Electoral College thing (which I’ll bet she’s counting on her UK listeners neither understanding nor even knowing about) to prevent mob rule by at least trying to make sure that whoever got elected had representation in the widest possible area. (Interestingly, in 1992 Bill Clinton got only 43% of the popular vote but won in the Electoral College. I’ll bet the Democrats didn’t find anything “undemocratic” about that.) 8=77There is a very interesting map on Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:2016_Nationwide_US_presidential_county_map_shaded_by_vote_share.svg) showing the breakdown by county (and their other equivalents) and while the DNC may have been able, with illegal alien and other falsely registered voters to rig most of coastal California, virtually everywhere along the Mexican border, Las Vegas – while even most of Nevada went for Trump, southern Florida, and, of course, the highly socialist northeast, not to mention Chicago, where all the cemeteries have voted Democrat since at least 1960 (see this article: http://newstarget.com/2017-08-10-proof-that-hilarys-popular-vote-victory-was-a-total-fraud-local-voter-registrations-found-to-exceed-population.html)(see also https://www.vinsuprynowicz.com/?p=4983) Trump won handily in virtually all other areas of the country. Also, there are many other such reports to be found, but I suppose since they were undoubtedly written by, and Trump only “won” in areas that are mostly populated by “deplorables” this Marsha person thinks their votes shouldn’t count anyway. It is very annoying, but at the same time hilariously enjoyable listening to people like this talk.

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