Godfrey Bloom: Led Zeppelin & The Universal Winter Fuel Allowance

Our Honorary President Godfrey Bloom discusses the contention from Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant that some of the UK’s state pensioners should not be receiving a ‘winter fuel allowance’. This interview took place this morning on the JVS show on BBC Radio Three Counties. If you’d like to listen to Mr Bloom’s thoughts, please click on the audio link below:


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  1. I agree with the Conservative policy. I don’t agree that benefits should be universal. That defeats the whole object. For once, the BBC interviewer is right and actually makes good points, whereas I think Godfrey Bloom has got this wrong.

    The root of the problem here is the conflation of benefits with entitlements, which has happened due to a weakening of the moral resolve of individuals and demographic changes resulting from immigration. An entitlement is a benefit received as a result of contributions. That covers unemployment ‘benefit’ and pensions, which used to work as a form of social insurance. It wasn’t ‘universal’. Gradually these entitlements have become ‘benefits’, handouts from the state to anybody regardless of contributions. I believe that is wrong. It’s important to understand that the British welfare state, including the NHS as well as the benefits system, was not intended to be a free-for-all. It was in fact a social insurance system based on mandatory contributions.

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