Mass Murder with your Cornflakes

By Andy Duncan

Above is a photograph I took in Beirut, in 2012.

At the time, I remember thinking how terrible it must be to live with these ugly things on a constant daily basis, to perhaps feel a higher level of personal safety. And yet now, with mass murder facilitated upon us by stolen vehicles a constant global news item, less than five years later, all of us now appear to be living in Beirut.

Just as with the causes of the First World War, there are many forces at work here which drove us to this dreadful situation, developed over many decades. However, to my mind, the largest personal contributor to this disastrous situation has been Tony Blair, with his deliberate lies to drag the UK (and thus the rest of the western world) into invading Iraq.

Tony Blair’s lying actions set off a domino chain of events that eventually led to this morning’s appalling mass murder spree in Melbourne, in Australia. And who knows how many more such murderous attacks are to come?

We could spend a long time trying to examine why His Tonyness told us all those lies and then generated all those cover-ups to ultimately create this gigantic global mess. However, to my mind it was simply to boost his personal political career and to fill his trousers with hundreds of millions of dollars in cash.

Whether there is also some globalist conspiracy of ‘divide and rule’ going on, I will leave to others better educated in the policies of how the Roman Empire, the British Empire, and other empires, managed to rule over such vast territories with only a relatively few thinly-spread troops required to enforce their domination.

However, what we need right now is a solution. We need to stop all of these global atrocities from happening, and we’re going to fail if we think we can do it with untold mountains of ugly concrete blocks scattered like confetti around us, and with heavily-armed police wandering between these blocks whilst holding automatic weapons pointed at the ground to prove they’re loaded.

If we could wind back time we would prevent all of those invasive aggressive unsubstantiated Middle East wars from happening. But given that we are where we are, we need a road out, even if it’s simply the least imperfect road available.

Fortunately, that solution is at hand upon this very website. It’s contained within Hans Hermann Hoppe’s recent speech at Bodrum, which I like to call his Anti-Communist manifesto. You can find the most important part of of this speech by searching for ‘One: Stop mass immigration’. Here is a link to that text:

Will we see the current idiotic ‘leaders’ of the western world adopt Hoppe’s approach? I would hardly think so, with such inept gaggling quislings and morally vacuous halfwits as Theresa May and Angela Merkel still set loose upon the world. Though as we can potentially see from recent elections in Austria, and elsewhere, perhaps we can replace these fools and get some other less disreputable people in power instead who are actually prepared to reverse the damage that these current bumbling leftist imbeciles have caused?

We can but hope.

Andy Duncan is a Vice-Chairman of Mises UK and also the Chief Technology Officer of Finlingo.Com

Here is the video of that speech:


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